Still Virgins & havent even had a first kiss!!! Help

Ok me & my friend are 15 & we are still virgins & we havent even had our first kiss yet! We dont know what to do! Is it a bad thing all of our other friends have done it all! We dont know if we should do it now or wait we dont want to wait to long! But we dont want to end up being pregnant at a young age! But we think its stupid that we havent even had our first kiss! & we have gone out with tons of guys! tell us what you think we should do we really need someones help!

Answer #1

ummm im 14 and I’ve had sex and im bi,how have you not had a first kiss yet I got mine when I was 6 I lost my virgenity win I was 13 and I regret that I lost it so early but I dont regert the second time :) and its good that yah waited:)

Answer #2

there’s nothing wrong with waiting, in fact, it’s better than jumping right into it because you will end up regretting it. I’m 15, and I’ve sworn to be abstinent until AFTER marriage. Also, a lot of guys like girls who are abstinent, I do. The point is: you shouldn’t worry about having sex because everyone else is. Don’t submit to peer pressure.

Answer #3

DON’T JUST DO IT BECAUSE YOU WANT TE GET IT OVER WITH!! I swear to god, if you wait for someone you REALLY like, you will be happy you waited. I speak from experience here okay? I’m still a virgin, but my first kiss was in a dumb truth or dare game. Seriously, I know its really hard, but wait.

Answer #4

I just got my first kiss this year, it was kinda making, out, its not true that you cant breathe, you can not breathe though when he is putting his tonge in your mouth lol

Answer #5

it’s okay trust me well I’m thirteen and I haven’t had my 1st kiss or had sex ( not going to til married) it’s okay to be different. guys like differrent. if every girl was the same and had sex and kissed and stuff then it woukdn;t be much fun learn to respect your self and what you believe because obviously if you had dated lots of guys that’s plenty of chances for a kiss. something is holding you bac

oo and ps if you r an aquairus then it’s part of aquairises to wait for the right time lol hope I helped :]

Answer #6

Ok im getting annoyed with men bashers. Its not just the guy who makes the decision to be intimate, or if it is, then thats the only guy you can get because of your crap attitude.

And as for the question, you guys dont have to want to kiss and have sex just because! wait till you have someone you care about and then experiment. Im 14 And getting into that phase shortly. Just have fun!

Answer #7

Don’t be in such a hurry. You should wait until you are about 25 or 26 years old before you start dating, so you will be more mature. 15 is just a small child, although you are probably close to 20, since you asked this question over 4 years ago. Anyways just wait until you are about 26 years old and then start dating

Answer #8

wow these replies are all argueing its really funny … im 14 I would definatly say you can kiss someone , but bout virginity stuff keep it to yourself im planning on waiting til im 21 … witch is hard considering I live in vegas … Hit me up if you wana chat

Answer #9

I don’t have much to say about this except don’t worry about it so much! I didn’t have my first boyfriend until I was 18. And he was the first person I kissed. And don’t worry about what everyone else is doing… it’s YOUR body and only you decide what you do with it. Do not feel pressured to do anything you’re not ready for. Best of luck!!

Answer #10

I’m 18 and never kissed anyone

Answer #11

kiss eachother…get it out the way

Answer #12

Ok, nothing wrong with keeping your virginity. I’m waiting until I’m married -- (no comment) but theres nothing wrong with kissing guys. I had my first kiss when I was 3 -- (no comment again). You don’t have to worry about saving your kisses, just save your virginity. Virginity is something you should be proud to still have. It tells the other girls that your not a sl*ut and that your proud to be one.

Wait on virginity. Don’t wait on kisses.

Answer #13

well you should go to a party and get wasted then im pretty sure your first kiss will happen… or even more if you want it to

Answer #14

OKAY It doesnt matter! Just live you life because it is nothing to be OBSESSED about. When the time comes it will happen with the right person, trust me, you will regret it if you just kiss some guy you don’t know or make out with someone while youre drunk. that ‘hottie’ chick is so far from right its wrong.hello issues! anyways. go at your own pace and don’t you worry about it, don’t rush yourself either just to be like EVERYONE else, that is NOT cool. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF, BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT ANYBODY THINKS!

Answer #15

Ladies, there is no hurry to get intimate. Men at your age are nothing but trouble and most of them are probably jerks. I know you feel; like you should have at least your first kiss by now, but I was 16 before I kissed a guy. I had plently of guys interested in me too, but you want to make sure the guy is worth kissing. Trust me guys get nicer with age so why not wait.

Answer #16

Just have your friend dare you to go up to a hottie and give him a good kiss lol or just get a boyfriend and after you’ve been going out for a while kiss him then later makeout with him when the time is right and make the relationship last enough to give him a handjob or blowjob and have him finger you.when your ready or on prom loose your virginity with someone you love.(: lol. But if he does finger you make sure sperm isn’t on his hand bc that’s one way you could get pregnant!

Answer #17

this question is 4 FOUR years old

Answer #18

IM TOTALLY AGREE WITH “michelle 23 31 me” you have to wait for the right person, look, im 14 and I had my first kiss when I was 12, I dont even know the person, we were in a free shop and he kissed me, it was a sorprice cause I didnt know who was that person, ok…that boy was really hot, but he wasnt the right person cause I didnt love him…

now i´d kissed a lot of boys but im still virgin, I think im going to get my virginity till my marryage…it doesnt matter, its your life and you have to do what you think better for you, if you want to kiss him, go on and kiss that boy and if you want to have sex, just go and have sex but you have to be carreful, use protection and all those things ok???

Answer #19

I’m proud that I still a virgin because I’m have so many thing to do in my life and I’m 16 in half almost 17. And I waited.You should be proud that you a virgin, because it a lot of people that made a mistakes wish they can take it back so be proud of yourself and dont let nobody tell you different.

Answer #20

What makes you think you need help because your a virgin?

Your going to get more respect from a guy if you don’t give it up at the drop of a hat.

Answer #21

I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 18, it’s not a big deal. My fiance was a virgin until he met me and that was when he was 22 years old. It is really not a big deal and nothing to rush into, believe me. We were both so happy to be virgins when we met.

Answer #22

The only anwser is don’t do anything unless you yourself are ready. Don’t be a follower and don’t give yourself to any dude. I know from experience with myself amd people I know that you shouldn’t do anything sexual with anyone you don’t have true feelings for and if the person doesn’t feel the same you’ll just end up in a world full of heart break. Although the kissing thing go ahead an kiss all you want but there is a chance of getting STDs through sex of any kind and kissing just to let you know. Good luck and use a condom when you two decide on doing anal or inter…

Answer #23

Hey Im 16 I will admit I have kissed a guy before but dont rush into it trust me guys arent all that great dont have sex till you are ready dont do it just because your friends are all my friends hae had sex and I am still a virgin its a good thing it means yo have something sacried trust me and please girl to girl dont do something just cause everyone else is be a leader not a follower

Answer #24

I didn’t get my first kiss until the age of 21, at the end of my first date. I say if an opportunity comes along to kiss someone or have sex with him, take it. you don’t want to have to live with regret the way I have and have to live with the secret shame I have over not getting kissed til I was 21 years. old.

Answer #25

I personally think that if you are 15 and not sexually active is good. You could have atleast had your first kiss but if your not ready then your just not ready. That desicion is on you and you only.

Answer #26

ok I was going to put a lot of stuff down but it looks like other people have said it all for the most part. just wait it out and dont rush it. I did not have my first tell I was 17.. did not even have a date tell then acutally. You do not have to be in a rush at all k.

Answer #27

Stay pure until marriage, you will be so blessed!

Answer #28

kissing is fine. but LEAVE THE SEX ALOOONE.

Answer #29

hold on, when I was your age I thought the same thing. But what you have to realize is that everybody doesn't have sex at that age. When I was 15 all I wanted to do is have sex because all my friends were having it. I am 19 now and believe it or not still a virgin. I still have the same friends and they tell me everyday how they are so proud of me. They regreted every second of it. You need to have sex when you are ready. Run your life how you want to. Sex is everything is not what is meant to be. Make sure you love this person and that you are ready because if you're not then it's not going to mean anything. Not now, but later in life you will not worry what other people think of you. You will realized that feeling like that is just a part of growing up and I will tell you that I wish at your age I knew what I know now. Take your time because that's all you have.

Answer #30

for kising no problem but sex no you still young for that virginity is so much better

Answer #31

you should go ahead with kissing. wait til your older to have sex. I regret having sex. cause it wasnt with the right person.

Answer #32

I recon you dhould do as you feel. I’m a guy who is turning 19 and I have never kissed a girl properly nor screwed one . my first girlfriend (last one as well) cheated on me twice in 3 days with 2 different guys.

Answer #33

I can understand the first kiss thing but there is nothing wrong with a virgin really. if you have sex now when you get older it wont be speacial and it will look easy to other guys(you would’nt wanna wipe your nose in some strangers used tissue would u?)im a vigin and will be till my honeymoon

Answer #34

Wait. I’m 15 and a virgin too

All my friends regret it.

It’s that simple. lol

Answer #35

well you dont need to worrie you’ll get your first kiss and its wise to wait for sex you’ll like it a lot better if you wait

Answer #36

must girls don’t know some guys at youg age want to just do you and leave its the truth why not let them wait cause if you do it will be more saticfiying when you lose it to your one true love then some next door nabor or a friend you knew for a while cause after you have sex with them they leave just like that and there off to the nexted girl I’m a guy take it from me save it

Answer #37

I’m almost 16 and I have never been kissed. I’ve just simply been waiting for the right person to kiss. Don’t rush into things and then regret the fact that you kissed someone only because you wanted to get kissed. Honestly you have nothing to worry about. The sex thing however… be careful. Don’t rush into anything. I have a friend who has had sex with 2 guys. She claimed that both of them loved her and that she loved both of them. Then when she had sex with them they weren’t interested in her anymore. The second guy she had sex with she thought she got pregnant.
Sometimes guys(not all guys… keep that in mind)just say stuff to get what they want and once they have it they don’t need you anymore. Being 15 and still being a virgin is the least of your worries. Whatever choice you make choose wisely and be careful. Remember not everyone is doing it. I haven’t done it and neither have a lot of my friends. I wish you the best of luck in all your future decisions.

Answer #38

from a guys perspective- I’ve noticed that girls I really like, and feel a sort of strong connection or something, I want to wait until marriage. And the worst thing I could posibly think of with this is getting ready to get married and being told that she has already had sex, because that leads to more questions like STDs, and pregnancy. believe me- im a guy and want to have sex so badly and have almost had sex but I know that I cant because it will cause problems later in life. And if you are looking for a good guy (There are actually good guys out there) then he would wait.

Answer #39

me and my friend also and were going to highschool this year and every one else in my class arent virgins and there younger then we are so dont fell like the only one

Answer #40

dont worry, im almost 17 and I HAVENT had my first kiss or have had sex. I could kiss some guy I know, he would love that, roll eyes but the truth is, its my first kiss and I really want it to be special because youll remember it forever. also, if you get horny, just think of something thatll ruin it, or make a promise to yourself to wait til marraige, thatll be special too, plus, youll want to give your virginity up to someone you love. think of it as a gift, the ultimate gift, along with your love to the guy you marry, itll be all that more special. there is a guy I would LOVE to kiss, problem is hes my best friend. im not just going to kiss him either. if hes going to be my first, then I want it to be special. just wait, please you be thankful you did.

Answer #41

You and your friend don’t need to be concerned with what other people are doing. You’re pretty smart to not jump into things just to experience them. It will all come in good time - trust me, you won’t be spending the rest of your life as a spinster just because you didn’t have sex or make out with a guy when you were 15. It can be really overrated if it’s not with the right person - even a kiss. My first kiss was when I was 14. The guy was like 5 inches shorter than me, he was pretty much stalking me and had wicked braces. He kiss like a weirdo. I was horribly disappointed. My next kiss was just as bad, only this one wanted to lick my entire face. Gross! Do jump into anything. You’re fine just the way you are. The right kiss will come at the right time. And don’t let all that making out lead to sex if you’re not ready for that, either. You’re young, so you should give yourself plenty of time. You have the rest of your lives to experience all of that stuff.

Answer #42

well…im 16 now and I got my first kiss at 15..but when I didnt have it till I was like in the 10th grade and all my friends had there first kisses since like the 5th grade..I felt so embarrased like it was a must that I have to do…then my crush from the 7th grade asked me out in the 10th grade lolz…and a month later he kissed me…it was natural..even though a lot of our friends were pressuring us to kiss and stuff..we did it when we though we were ready and 3 days we were making out like crazy :p so just let the kiss come to u..instead of waiting for’ll find it more fun that way…and sex..well me and boyfriend have talked abt it and a lot of my freinds have already done it..but he’s my first boyfriend and I’ve been w/ him for 1 year and a month and we decided that we were going to get married first that way if we wouldnt have to worry abt me getting preg…take your time girl…

Answer #43

don’t feel bad, I lost my virginity when I was 15 because I was ready and with a guy who at the time I loved very much and he loved me, neither of us felt pressured and it brought us closer together. I’m now 16 and one of the youngest in my group of friends, and some of them at 17 are still virgins, I even know an 18 year old guy who is still a virgin. It all depends on when you are ready and have found someone you want, not just settled for some dog, lol!

Answer #44

i know how u feel. i didn’t have my fist kiss untill i was 18 believe it or not. It seemed like i would never gert a bf or a kiss but one day i was like what is there to be scared of? so i put my self out there, i was confident and boys started to see that within a week a guy asked me out and i had my fist kiss. now as far as sex goes…WAIT!! just wait untill your ready and you’ll now when your ready. i waited and i have no regrets about my decision. in fact im still with my first. i love him and that why we decidedto havce sex not just because we were horny.

Answer #45

Listen honey, virginity is a sacred thing that should not be thrown away like garbage. Nor should your first kiss go to any old guy, just so you can have some street cred. You’re 15. You’ve got decades ahead of you in which to find a life partner. And if he really cares about you, he won’t care a smidge if you’ve never been kissed before. In fact, he should consider it an honor! I kept my virginity until I was 19, which was last year. My first time was with my boyfriend of 2 years, and we are still firmly together today. I think you should keep your virginity until you have a partner who a) loves you unconditionally b) knows and cares about safe s*x c) is cool with your family and d) won’t try and pressure you into it before you’re ready.

I hope this helps! <3

Answer #46

First of all that hottie is just rude and mean..n e ways do what u think is right trust me i want to have sx with my bf too but you have to wait til everything is right and make sure u don’t get pregnant is a HUGE thing to worry bout so theirs more to sx than what you think and my friend had sx when she wuz 9 then her bf broke up with her cuz she wuz crying bcuz it hurt so plz think bout all this first but still i’d have sx right now so its truelly and really up to you guys and ur bfs so have fun!!

Answer #47

why dont you girls try to get a group of your friends together to hangout..then plan that each of you will gat dared to kiss someone your interested in.. or just play a fun game of spin the bottle if you really dont care who it is. as far as the s*x issue. you will have plenty of time to do it. dont be a follower be a leader and be proud you girls are virgins because you said it yourself if everyone else is doing it.. dont do it because everyone else is..if a person comes along and you really want to ..then go for it.. im 16 ((not a virgin)) but im not one because i decided it on my own terms not because someone pressured me or because i followed the crowd. i dont recommend it for may think your ready but you may not be. just think about it before you act on it. goodluck and i hope this helped a little

Answer #48

no its not a bad thing that all your friends have done everything. trust me…thats why im in the position im in now! fourteen years old and pregnant. i thought i had to be having sex because all my friends were but really sex isnt all that great sometimes! maybe it is a little silly that you havent had your first kiss but if you havent found anyone you’d want to kiss or be with sexually than its okay! i know im just another stranger giving you advice but unless your with someone you really love sex isnt amazing at all. ive been with five guys and im only fourteen. that may sound horrible to you but only two of them were the ones i loved!!! my babydaddy and the one im with now. so listen closely when your with the guy you may want to lose your virginity to…make sure he’s the right one!

Answer #49

You’r 15 stay a virgin you have a long ahead of you first kiss ok…WTF you’r should be beteen the ages of 13 and 18 ok… me I was 14…but you do have ‘sex’ be smart and have a condom ok smart sex is safe sex

Answer #50

Having sex is not important at your age. Beilieve me when i got into highschool two years ago, it was the IN thing to be a virgin, otherwise comming into highschool not a virgin you got used. Losing your virginity isnt something you want to rush incase you do something you regret. Just go with the flow, My two best friends are still virgins and they’re graduating this year with me. Dont sweat it. Your fisrt kiss will be amazing.

Answer #51

ok…no problem. u dont have that big of a deal. girls i had my first kiss @ like 5. it wasnt a good idea cuz i didnt find someone special to give it to. u want to wait 4 the right guy and thats wat ur doing….thats good. i am young too i havent had sex and im proud of it! i know alot about it…i mean ive done things but i havent had sex. dont rush anything…take ur time.right now guys ur age r compleatly evil….thats the only way to discribe them @ all…they r evil. all they r lookin 4 is to fuck u and tell all their friends. they dont care about u @ all. wait till ur older to give it up. guys around 19,20,21 wont hurt u unless u find em @ a wild ass party. the thing about sex is us girls will get atached, guys dont. the kiss, just wait 4 a guy who u know u will always remember no matter wat! i gave my first kiss to my best friend and we still talk. he is special to me and always will b. find someone u know u will always remember and have good thoughts about b4 u just give it away. and wen u think u have found a guy he just wont kiss u, hes not making any moves… it yourself.if u feel like kissing him in mid-conversation then go 4 it!! surprise him and let it go. but i wouldnt say go far just a peck….nothing more.then later ask wat he thought about it if he said he liked it then u go girl if he says it was ok but he doesnt want u to do anything cuz he doesnt feel that way….BACK OFF!!! just do it wen u feel like its the time to do it then ask later. dont let it carry on. after the kiss keep talking…ask a ? about wat he was talking about b4…just let the conversation roll on. later! blondie

Answer #52

Ok. Stay virgins. There is really no reason to rush that. But as far as kissing, that&#039;s different. And you know what? Everyone is nervous about kissing at first. But it&#039;s really not that hard. All you do is go with the flow. It&#039;s not rocket science. It&#039;s more of what you feel like doing. It&#039;s only so many variations that you can do. Kiss the lips, put your tongue in his mouth and roll it around. Kinda feel him out to see what he&#039;s doing and then just mimick that. The only real advice I can say is don&#039;t use too much spit and make sure that your breath is fresh. The more you do it the better you&#039;ll get and sooner or later you will develop your own technique. Have fun and keep it sweet.

Answer #53

lol im 15 and had my first kiss and make out last wednesday and d/w bout that it came so naturally, and about sex well just because your friends did it doesnt mean you have to I mean your 15 like me and I know that I am know where near ready for sex and I would want to be with my boyfriend for a long time before

Answer #54

Ok Im 17 and a guy and I’ve never even gone out with anyone, personally I want about the same thing out of a girl thats a big turn on. Plus When Two People Who Kiss For The First Time In Their Lives The Other Cant Tell You If You A Bad Or Good Kisser. And Being A Virgin Is A Big Plus… Guys Dont Want Someone Who’s Been With God Knows Who… Personally If I Knew You And Knew This Id Almost Ask You Out For Sure.— My Opinion :)

Answer #55

I had never even kissed a girl onthe cheek or lips till my 17th birthday, and it should matter what age you lose your virginity just because kids nowadays are losign it early and earlier doesnt mean you have to , your time will cum

Answer #56

My best friend is 19 and a professional model. She still has never been kissed. She has had more then her fair share of guys after her! She is waiting for the right guy, and guess what? I think she is dating him! He still hasn’t kissed her, and he told me that he wants to make sure everything is just right for her! My first kiss was stolen as I like to say. I was pushed against a wall and kissed. My best friend pulled him off of me. But I still feel like it was stolen. Both her and I are adults, we are both virgins, haven’t willingly kissed someone. Not that we haven’t had a lot of guys try. There is nothing wrong with you or your friend. I believe that when you have the right person, the right time, it won’t m.atter if you know what your doing or not, it well be too special of a moment to notice any of that

Answer #57

Don’t be a prude if you’re 15 and haven’t kissed. If a guy hates anything its a tease or a prude girl or the worst, a girl who is a prude and a tease.

Answer #58

I think that you shouldnt be pressured to do anything especially have sex just because everyone around you is. Keeping your virginity until you find the right guy s the best thing to do. It will mean so much more to you then losing it to some idiot guy who just wants to bone smthing. Trust me 15 is also way to young to be stressing about things like this, enjoy being a kid, having fun and not having the added stress of “omg my periods late could I be pregnant??” So once again enjoy your youth you have the rest of your adult life to worry about sex and boys. I know your curious and what not but take it from me its sooo much sweeter when the right guy comes along and your both in love. (ull know when its the rite guy) About your kiss dont sweat it, it will come when you least expect it :) just dont try to find it 24/7 good luck

Answer #59

Okay. I think that if your a virgin at 15 your fine. I mean if you haven’t even found the right person to kiss yet then you shouldn’t just go off and have sex for no reason. But I think you haven’t kissed anybody yet because your just waiting for the right person to come along. Theres nothing wrong with that.

Answer #60

its ok….having sex is a big deal. dont do it just because you want to be like other people. wait until its the right time. and when it is the right time youll know. i always wanted to have sex because all of my friends had and i wanted someything more in commmon with them. but then i realized that i dont need to have sex to have more things in common with them, because i already have a ton of better things in commmon. but i respect you for not having sex or even a first kiss because when you have it, it will be so much more then you thought it could ever be. so save both of them for someone truly special.

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