What do you think life with god is all about?

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Praising God for providing a WAY - Jesus Christ - to have an eternal home with Him in Heaven - God loved us that much - I am richly blessed, Amen !!

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im a christian. Life with Jesus is meaningful. I have peace deep down inside of me. God's peace and love has set me free. God is great!!!. He is wonderful!!

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im christian and I know God is amazing and my life saver and I dont know where I would b rigth now if it wasnt for him. JESUS IS COMING back SOON!!

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I am forever grateful that God became a part of my life in June of 1985. I do not regret a moment that I have spent serving him. He is my life. He gives me purpose, and a reason to get up in the mornings. He renews my hope. He sends encouragement. He hears and answers prayers. He helps me when I am down. I can't even imagine life without him. I love him with all my heart, and it is my desire to lead as many to him as possible.

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kind of a vague question, but I'll take a crack at it. for me, life with God is about living my life and following the gospel of Jesus Christ to the best of my abilities. often times I fall short of perfection, as the Lord has asked me to be, but with his help I can repent and try again. when I leave this earth, hopefully I've lived my life in such a way that I'll be worthy to live with him again. for me "life with God" all about learning and growing and experiencing life. -but I think it's different for every person.

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