Why do I have to starve myself to maintain weight?

D: I don’t understand. >_<

Answer #1

You can work out too…. <33

Answer #2

You don’t have to, you choose to (:

Answer #3

no I have to starve myself to stay the same. I cant just eat and stay the same.

Answer #4

You can work out too…. <33

Answer #5

Have you tried exercising?

Answer #6

I did.

Answer #7

Starving yourself actually makes you gain weight after awhile, your body will naturally store fat because it knows it’s not getting food. You need to eat 6 small meals a day and exercise to maintain the weight you want. It takes work.

Answer #8

Well its been working for over 6 months so. Who on earth has time for 6 dang meals a day >,> I exercise but that just makes me gain it seems cause I feel like eating more. xD Except this one time I had swinging for 2 hours 3 times a week. When I did that I lost weight o.o

Answer #9

sorry I’m used to writing swinging lol I meant swimming xDD

Answer #10

You lose weight at first but after time you just keep gaining weight. 6 small meals, which is like breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Just carry around a muffin, cereal bar, carrots, celery, apple or something around in a purse, pocket, anything when in between meals so you can snack on it. You’re gaining muscle not fat though, you just have to keep up a daily routine and there’s nothing wrong with gaining a few pounds here and there.

Answer #11

Ohh lol swimming works just about every muscle in the body, I heard it was the best exercise someone can do. If you want just swim for a couple hours a week then do another exercise and you should maintain your weight if your diet is healthy.

Answer #12

lol No I was gaining fat trust me… and if I hadn’t eaten I would have still been starving myself and trust me I eat really healthy so that’s not the problem.. I will just live like this forever I suppose. Maybe I get hungry more than I should. lol

Answer #13

Just eat at maintenance. If you starve yourself, your metabolism slows down to conserve energy (survival mode). If you’re eating in excess, you’ll gain weight.

Not saying don’t eat under/equal to maintenance at all, but don’t don’t do it for an extended period of time because it may mess with hormone levels.

Answer #14

Well if you wanna have a nice toned stomach like i do do the following

sit ups biking running keep doing those until you some results

but do not over do them or you will have abs D:

abs on a women is kinda creepy D: like insane ripped muscles D:

Answer #15

Until you get some results i might -_- i hate typos D:

Answer #16

starving urself well u gain weight by it ur top goes skinny u can see ur ribs so dont try it stop

Answer #17

And did that work?

Answer #18

I just gained weight :/ Only time I ever seemed to exercise enough was when I did hours of swimming each week but I can’t anymore.

Answer #19

Your Suppose to Maintain A Healthy Diet, not starve yourself! And You ned to be active for atleast an hour a day!(: Make sure you eat 3 Meals a day, with small healthy snacks in between!

Answer #20

im use to do that but i ended up in the hospital….and trust all of us starving ur self just make ur self fat bc it starts to eat of ur fat and but it just makes u fat. just try walking,runing , working out, and if u eat on a normal bass’s ur weight may stay the same bc mine did then now im gaining and losing weight so if u want to stay at that weight then eat healthy snakes and eat healthy food too it might work if u eat healthy thats what im doing. Just dont starv ur self theres no reason on doing it….

Answer #21

Okay lets not call it starving lets call it leaving myself hungry because I refuse to overeat.

Answer #22

okay then but why do u want to do that why wnt u just eat Nutrion bars , or an apple

Answer #23

How about talking to your doctor?

Answer #24

lol apples are painful xD and I do. but after I eat the apple or whatever.. I am still hungry. lol why am I always hungry -.-

Answer #25

A person trying to maintain weight needs 2000 calories a day. To loose you need 1500, to gain anything over 2000 should do it. 2000 is equal to three healthy meals a day, with portion control and lots of fruit and veg. If you are eating based on this healthy template and still gaining, then either 1) your scales are wrong 2) you have a food allergy/intollerance or 3) you arnt being honest with yourself. I know all this as I discovered I have a dairy allergy and a predisposition to overeat and not do excersize. I have lost 5 stone (uk measures) in 3 1/2 years through a balanced eating plan and excersizing three times a week. I feel great.

Answer #26

sounds like you need to eat food that takes longer to burn off, or high gi foods. Portidge for breakfast, oatcakes as a snack?

Answer #27

porridge not portage

Answer #28

Oatmeal? lol

Answer #29

Unfortunately, those caloric needs are false. Caloric intake depends on age, gender, height, weight and activity level. I cannot maintain anything above 134lb. at 2000 calories, I need minimum 2800 calories to maintain my current weight. The 2000 calorie intake applies to average inactive induviduals no more than 150lb.

Answer #30

and I’m 90. lol XD I don’t think I eat that many everyday o.o

Answer #31

er……im still 200lbs and its working for me.

Answer #32

Plus this information was provided to me by a Dr. I know many people using this model and its working.

Answer #33

Actually your body has become accustom to your weight…..the more you starve, you lose muscle and replace your body with fat……..,just eat rite

Answer #34

Don’t you lose the fat before you lose the muscle. o_o

Answer #35

actually you lose muscle first before fat…..fat is consider to be stored….like a freezer….muscle comes and go……..

Answer #36


Answer #37

No offense, but doctors aren’t as bright when it cones to intermediate/advanced nutrition. They know the basics which only apply to ‘average’ people. Activity level plays a part in what calorie range you fall in based on metabolism. A few months before I got my job, I could gain weight at 3200 calories, now due to my activity level from work, I eat 3800 just to see a half pound increase a week.

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