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I am starting aa silver and chocolate lab kennel. Dont tell me not to.. I love dogs and really truly want to.My dogs are very well taken care of I meanI run them up my drive way twice a day it is a mile long and I have a giant kennel run. They can play. We are not a puppy mill. I mean we love all or dogs they ahve giant kennels and one dog per kennel and Ac and heated. Also I am training my males to be champions and agilety show and agilety dogs.

My dogs: Gracey- a silver factored chocolate lab 2 yr old female Allie- a silver lab 3yr old female Marley- a white 14 wk old female Gunner- a silver lab 12 wk old male (looking for 2 more females and 1 more male)

If you look at my picture that is Gracey as a puppy! And give me some ideas how to improve my kennel?

Answer #1

Don’t mind those idiots who are putting you down! Just make sure you have a personal vet at hand when you need them! Also do your research and make sure you are not taking in more than you can handle! Also most importantly when you are looking for homes for your puppies make sure you screen buyers to make sure they will give only the best homes for them and make them sign a contract saying they cannot breed(non-breeding contract)! Also get them to sign a contract which specifacally says that they cannot sell, give away or abondon the animal! Any responsible breeder would take back any of their animals no matter what age,medical condition,or any other reason If the buyer feels they no longer want or can care for the animal!

Answer #2

Well I mean like mixing a sh!t souix with a poodle. Why would you want them…Im not saying all dogs are retared I own a lab/german shorthair pointer mix named Penny an awesome hunting dog. And a purebrerde boxer named miley

Answer #3

Are you kidding me? Purebreds rock, mutts suck? Do you know that most purebred dogs have genetic disorders because they are so inbred (which means they are mated with their mothers, fathers and siblings to produce babies).

Mutts are actually some of the smartest and healthiest dogs out there because there is such a better chance of them not being inbred.

You wouldn’t look down on someone just because their mother is Irish and their father is Italian would you? Its the same thing with dogs, what is the big deal if a lab is mixed with a retriever? It still has a loving disposition and is just begging to be accepted into your family just like any other dog would.

You obviously are not into starting a kennel for the love of animals if you really think that and you obviously just want to do it for the cash. How can you say you love dogs if you say mutts suck? Do you know how many mutts give pleasure and love everyday in hospitals working as service dogs to cheer up people sick and recovering, as well as to loving families? You should have your dogs taken away.

I totally agree with everyone else SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS! It will save many animals lives from a horrible existence on earth and a shortened life.

Answer #4

purbreds rock mutts suck who needs them they are worthless

Are you a fricken idiot? Seriously. You have issues. Just because a dog is pure doesn’t mean it’s better. You sound like a brat. Grow up.

Also, dulllikeglitter, way to go!

Answer #5

Wait do you mean kennel like boarding kennel? Cause in that case great! Or breeding kennel? In which case I say shame on you.

Are all your dogs registered? Do you have experience in animal medicine and behavior? Or are you just trying to make a quick buck on selling puppies at breeder prices?

A breeding kennel is one in which all the dogs are registered and have their papers so you can follow their breeding line. Are they top show quality? Do you have a bunch of extra money lying around…because your going to need it if you are going to start a kennel right.

And again, why breed when there is so much animal over population? Every litter of puppies you produce is leaving many helpless dogs stuck in a shelter that could have been adopted by a loving family that is going to be buying a puppy from you instead. If you really love animals you would be looking at the bigger picture than just your own.

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Answer #7

charliefarlie…right on !!!

this world does not need one more person making money from breeding. Millions die each year, dumped in landfills. Adopt..DO NOT buy!

Spay/neuter your companion animals…

Answer #8

I have money lying around and I love animals! My dogs are top quality and cost well over 1000$ a pup. with akc registrstion. well we dont need mutts a;ll that is is helpless breeding. purbreds rock mutts suck who needs them they are worthless stick to purbreds, and my dogs got millions of toys and bones

Answer #9

just seems like your just trying to make money out of breeding!!! I hate people like you. protect their health and get them nuetered and love them as house pets. why dont you do something good. you have 1 mile drive s im guessing you have land or lots of room for these dogs.. why dont you take in strays and rehome dogs!! stop causing the problem we have with over populating with dogs and help fix it

Answer #10

How to improve your kennel?

Shut it down… Millions of companion animals are killed in the U.S. every year… We do NOT need more dogs just so someone can make a dollar by breeding…

And right on to dulllikeglitter…

Answer #11

it sounds like you are doing great! make sure they have toys, you give them love, you feed them and have water, and if there are two dogs that dont get along that well dont put them by each other…good luck!

Answer #12

* purbreds rock mutts suck who needs them they are worthless

what a jerk you are…

Answer #13

Got some more dogs

  • Chester- a 18mth old male silver lab Very Pretty! *Blaze- a 4mth old chocolate lab female
  • Lil bit- a 2yr old silver lab! female
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