When do you start packing your suitcase/s when going on holidays?

I tend to leave the packing to the last few days before I’m due to fly out, not a good practice on my part.

Answer #1

Me ? About 1 hour before…

Answer #2

LOL and I thought I was bad.

Answer #3

I start a month before. Just throw everything I buy in the month for traveling in. it’s makes it so much easier when I’m packing. Most of the things I want are in there. Just a few days before I start packing my necessities like bathroom products.

Answer #4

That is a very clever idea. Your necessities are still being used before you leave. Good thinking 99 :-)

Answer #5

I pack at the last minute, but I wouldn’t recommend it. hahaha

Answer #6

Haha, not surprised. My baby brother is the same age as you and he leaves things to the last minute and very happy to wear his clothes over and over again whilst on holiday. :-) eweeee.

Answer #7

30 min before trip

Answer #8

The night before. How can you pack more than a few days in advance anyways? Wouldnt you need those clothes?

Answer #9

I do agree with you this time Ty… LOL. Great planning is fine but packing things even two weeks before is way to immature. I start making list three days before and start packing it two or a day before the flight. :)

Answer #10

Ty, you must either have very limited spare clothes and shoes etc or is a light, non-fussy traveller. I certainly never had the problem of needing to take the clothes I’m wearing that week or month with me on domestic or overseas travels as I have cupboards full of clothes and stuff I can take (it is a matter of deciding which item to take with me is the problem). Necessities items I can understand, hairbrush, toothbrush etc but clothing? How many girls out there have only a few sets of clothing that they pack the night before as they need to wash, iron the clothes they have on their backs?? I don’t know about you, but I’m got more shoes and clothes then a small mini boutique.

Answer #11

I definitely dont have a month’s clothing to spare. I’m not terribly high maintenance…

Answer #12

I usually start packing a day or two in advance, but it really depends on how long, and how far you are going an how many extra pairs of clothes you may need.

Answer #13

It is not with the number of the clothes, but one month packing before the day? too excited LOL.

Answer #14

To be honest there isn’t really a right or wrong method when a person needs to pack. Everyone has their own time-frame so for the three of us to try to argue our point is fruitless. Anyway, I do think Alison has hit the nail on the head, she said it depends on how long one is travelling. If it is for more then a few months, I would think one wouldn’t leave it to the last minute. If one is travelling for a couple of weeks, a few days or the last night one is due to fly out would be reasonable. Anyway, I think this post has it used by date by now; it is like flogging a dead horse and trying to make it run.

Answer #15


Answer #16

About a week before so I have time to reduce how much I’m taking. Fewer clother, fewer problems. Depends on where you’re going, but unless it’s the Oscars, less is better.

Answer #17

Hmm, I prefer clean clothes. But that may just be because I’m a clean freak. haha

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