How can i start in the baby sitting business?

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take a baby and sit on it. You may not make much money in this business, but if you did something like watching people's kids for them, you could make some easy money depending on the behaviour of the child you are watching. Start locally ask friends of your parents. Advertising in community centres is another good way.

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I know a girl that actually took a course for babysitting. She learned how to take care of babies from as young as a couple of months old and CPR. Then she got a certificate that proofs she knows how to do it and about a month or two later she was taking care of a 5 month old. It her aunts baby though so defenently start out with family.

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Baby sitting is a great way to make money, and gives you a lot of experience with babies/children, for when you get older.

The best way to start out in babysitting, is to watch after your own family for a while first...(little sisters/brothers, little nieces/nephews, little cousins, etc...) This way, you can get used to it, and if you choose to start babysitting other peoples children/babies, you can say you have some experience...The parents will be more likely to allow you to watch their kids if you have some experience.

After you have some experience, and are ready to move on to babysitting for strangers...then you can start advertising.

A good way to advertise babysitting is to make fliers, or ads in the paper.
For fliers, make sure you include your phone number so people who are interested can contact you. You can write you phone number vertically, down the bottom side of the paper, and cut slits in between each number so that people can tear off your number. Also, include any information you have regarding your experience, and any references you may have... Make sure when posting your fliers on buildings, and in windows, that you have permission from the owner to do so.

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take a babysitting course at a local ymca or community center, get yourself cpr certified for infants and children. start with that. Get some references that state you are a safe person. as a mother i need to know my kids are in good hands and want proof. then advertise! newspapers, craigslist,

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Advertise in the community ask you family if they have any friends that needs a baby sitter. They will be more likely to employ you as your their friends daughter

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I agree with everyone else as well. if you have younger siblings, or friends of the family with children or even if you attend church, church families. If you start with people you know... your client base will grow upon that!

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if you have a house put up a sighn in your front yard saying (name)"s babysitting call(1847829) then get a website tell your friends put up some sighns (grand opening bring child,free play day.) put posters on tellaphone poles...put sighns on store doors put some in peoples and also get some skills facs (family and children servecies if you are 16 and older heres a whos moms and dads cant take care of them go into care and my mom waches them for a couple years they live with you maybe months it depends on the parents behavior...hows that?and trust me my life is hard im surounded by two babies and an evil toddler.1 year old and a 3 year old and a 5 month old

hope this helps............

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newspaper, or go around and knock on doors, or stick babysitting cards in mailboxes or tell ppls,,

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Get certified in CPR and first aid that is a major plus

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sit on it?its a human child not chicken my friend, u been watching too much tom and jerry

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so true

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