What is a good age to start baby sitting?

Im 13, and would like to know what a good age is to start baby sitting? Its the start of the summer holidays here in Oz and I would like to get a job. Baby sitting is popular with teens around here, some of my friends baby sit. But I have a few questions.

~How much should I charge per hour? ~What age group is best for me? ~Is it a good way to make money? ~Do you baby sit? ~How much do you charge?

I do have some experiance, my cousin is 2 and im good with her.My brother is 10 and I can keep him entertained for a while.

Kind regards, Saz.

Answer #1

I think you could because I am twelve and I am consider staring soon. Good Luck

Answer #2

~How much should I charge per hour? well if you are not a licensed babysitter they do not have to pay you more then $7-$8 a hour

~What age group is best for me? it depends. do you know how to change a pamper properly (because if you don’t it is bad for the baby)? can you hold a baby correctly (because they can’t hold their own body at a specific age and need you to make sure they do not fall apart)? do you know how to do CPR (since little kids are always swallowing things)? can you feed a little kid (without letting them chocking them or else you better know that CPR)?

~Is it a good way to make money? any work is good because not only are you getting money but experience to make more money in your next job

~Do you baby sit? yes I do :)

~How much do you charge? I do voluntary babysitting for family and friends … so nothing lolz but I use it on my aplications for other jobs you get to say: you are responsible, patient, and good with kids

(SORRY if I freaked you out with the question bombing but those are really important things you have to take in consideration if you are planing to baby sit if you are not with someone else who does know all those things.)

Answer #3

Thanks for the advice wayke. I agree that I am still young, but I was looking ahead as well as now. But still, pet sitting seems cool.

Thanks again, Saz.

Answer #4

I would first say that someone who puts double letters in their paragraphs doesn’t deserve to be babysitting, and should probably be babysat themself. I’m not trying to be mean but juslykecandii wtf is up with all those ii’s…Gah! Anyway!!

I started babysitting at 15-16. It’s easy to babysit your own brothers and sisters, because if anything happens you wont get in super trouble like you would with someone elses kid. Watching someone elses kid is a LOT harder to do , because you can’t just plop in a movie and let em watch it while you talk on the phone.

Also, I know it’s nice to think of a job that YOU get to charge them how much to babysit their kid, but normally the parents choose the price, because they usually let you eat their food. 1 kid usually goes for like 6 bucks an hour, 2 kids goes for like 8, and that’s being generous. If you don’t charge much, and they are nice people, they might even give you raises, and allow you to babysit their kids more, so don’t be greedy when it comes to other people’s kids.

It’s not THAT great of a money making job, but you are making money so there’s no down side there. If a parent lets you watch their kids at your age that parents shouldn’t be a parent, because no offense but your still a baby yourself. Not “technically a baby” but your still young, so I’d say about 15-16 at least to babysit a kid. Good luck with your babysitting job. Dog sitting is a lot more fun though, Cat sitting for old people is easy mode, and old people usually pay you a crap load of money if they are the type of people who travel. My friend used to pet sit, and she’d get 20 bucks a day for watching this old couples pet while they went on a week vacation on a cruise. Just for a cat, and if I recall, cats don’t do much of anything compared to a dog. All she had to do was feed it, water it, change the litter box, brush it and give it a daily kitty vitamin (it was an old cat). I wish I coulda worked for them =(

Answer #5

yes! you should charge like 2.50 im 13 too and startedbaby sitting it is a good way to make money becuase you cant work at mc donlds or what have u

Answer #6

well ii started babysiitiiin at the age of 14 actually … ii used to babysiit mii two lil niieces when they were only a couple of months … siince you are 13 years old ii wud recommend you to babysiit kiids who are more at the ages of 3 and older … iits more easier for you to keep up wiith because they are potty traiined and they can do more stuff by themselves … also what you charge depends on the age group … iif their 3 or older ii thiink you should charge them less liike usually for a newborn - toddler people can charge up to 100 per week or more … but iit also depends on the amount of hours …

Answer #7

I would suggest checking out the Red Cross’s Babysitting Course (Just Google “red cross babysitting course”). It will build you confidence and also be reassuring to the parents of the kids.

Answer #8

I started babysitting when I was 11

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