Get annoyed by girls drinking starbucks?

Ok so I was at the store with my dad the other day and this preppy girl who never says anything to me is standing in front of me in line. SO she has this tiny starbucks drink and is sipping on it. I went to get ice cream, and I come to the store with this mondo cup of cold chocolaty goodness, and Im downing it. Does anybody else get really annoyed by the fact that most girls are now skinny lil coffee drinking chicks?

Answer #1

I dont know because I never went to starbucks because its like five miles away and im not gonna drive five miles just to get coffee that I can get at the hess but I really dont care because if they wanna look discusting let them if you hate them dont look or just dont go to starbucks

Answer #2

not really just pretty stupid some of them do it because they actually like to drink coffee but most of them, including celebrities do it to surpess there hunger instead of eating a meal, theyll drink coffee and dangerously loose more unessessary weight

Answer #3

lol. well I do notice peoples new found love for coffee. sometimes those preppy people are pretty cool. my best friends is an “oh my gosh” polo wearing chick and I love her to death! some are annoying though. and I would get ice cream over coffee any day!

Answer #4

by the way: the reason preppy b!tches dont talk to ME is because I dont like them. AND I am skinny too, no matter how much I eat. -yea, im uh lackin’ in the ba-donka-donk department!-

Answer #5

Well I don’t believe in stereotyping. But I do understand your irritation torwards these ‘preppy girls’. I just think coffee is a bit of a craze at the moment and it is especially with a minority of teenage girls. Perhaps they think they are being sophisticated and grown-up by drinking coffee instead of a hot chocolate. Who knows? I don’t get annoyed at them. People can drink what they like.

Answer #6

I totally feel for you. But I love Starbucks. I’m what people classify as “scene” and I hate prepy people, but my best friend is a prep, and she doesn’t drink starbucks. And I’m only 102 pounds but I still eat, so im like you, I eat and eat but I don’t gain weight. Don’t worry about starbucks, my whole family drinks it, even though I love it my drink costs 5.45$ twice a day. So you are the smart one, by not drinking it.

Answer #7

Well I prefere coffee tbh. Yeh you can say your fed up with prep girls but not ‘skinny’ prep girls.

Answer #8

I totally get where youre coming from. theyre just doing it for the “look”. I doubt they even like coffee.

Answer #9

I’m kind of preppy and drink coffee. I am a straight A student and I weigh 106 and im only 5 feet tall so im kind of tiny 2, but I hate that people think that we’re so prissy and stuck up and have 2 look good all the time so we starve our selves if we feel that we’re fat. it is true though that most preppy girls are even more insicure than mental patients, or obesse people, or even emotional people. they are pressured so much to look good and get good grades and be beautiful, and when they don’t, they feel out-casted. so I think people should have open minds about others because they never know how bad their feeling on the inside.

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