what is one thing u can't stand about a grl?

i can’t stand it when there 24/7 touching there hair..it kind gets annoying anyone?

Answer #1

Girls who fish for compliments. Its super annoying to see “am i pretty” questions all the time or photos that say “i look horrible”. If that were the truth they wouldnt have posted the pictures.

Answer #2

I can stand the ones that talk like valley girls. “like omg!”

Answer #3

OH forgot to add that..yeah i can’t stand it when they pose a pic of them posing hard and saying “i’m i ugly?…ppl finishing for compliments or bragging i lose respect easy for them

Answer #4

OMG I KNOW, oh, wait i am like that:(

Answer #5

I hate it when my girl isn’t confident. She doesn’t look for compliements but she’s always doubting whether she’s pretty or if her hair is ok. It’s always ok from where I’m standing! :]

Answer #6

so true..i hate that about girls..!!

Answer #7

ALOT of girls do that..even myself from time to time..lol

Answer #8

That’s a self esteem issue, though.. that doesn’t bug me. The ones that look for compliments get under my skin though lol

Answer #9

I hate when girls are catty and competitive. Just plain evil and put other girls down to make them feel better. I don’t like when they whine and complain about getting dirty and doing manly things lol..

Answer #10

yeah mine too

Answer #11

omg i was about to write that..lol..i hate that so bad about girls..lmao..

Answer #12


Answer #13

When they constintly say they are too fat, or if they are so talkitive you can only get 3 words out of each sentence o_O

Answer #14

honestly, i think almost every girl does that low self-esteem thing… unless they are plastics -_- or on mtv

Answer #15

no offense doll. Its just something that bugs me.

Answer #16

me and my friends make fun of them in the annoying high pitchet voice

Answer #17

Really? I think it’s strange when a girl doubts her looks, not many girls I know do it. Hmm.

Answer #18

I hate when girls who are stick thin say gosh I am so fat. I’m going on a diet. And girls who are just plain evil! Hate when they are stuck up and think their poo don’t stink!

Answer #19

Eh nothing really, there’s a reason behind everything with girls and before I categorize something as my pet peeve I’ll see why it is they do such things.

Answer #20

Maybe because everyone from the UK is hot. :P

Answer #21

well one thing i cant stand is when they do not tell you what is on their mind. like when you know something is wrong with them, and you bring it up, they always say nothing. then we the guys always starting thinking what did i do wrong when its always something so small and stupid.

Answer #22

Meh xP Probably cos we’re too busy trying to not be bombarded by plastics to care really. xD

Answer #23

oh and yeah i also hate when they say they are fat when they arent haha.

Answer #24


Answer #25

Amen Sista!!!

Answer #26

Amen Sista!!!

Answer #27

When they get rlly b*tchy…

Answer #28

when they say there fat, i hate that so much you have no idea…it just makes my blood boil. and i hate it when they say there ugly and stuf, ugggh its so annoying!…well unless they are ugly, then they can say it as much as they want :)

Answer #29

lol…that would be called pms XD

Answer #30

lol…some girls need to grow a pair…most of the little grade nines at my school are like that…hair dyed blonde, fake french mani’s, chewing gum like a cow, makeup caked on their face, stick thin, screetchy faked high pitch voices and revealing clothes and they whine about the little things that arent that bad ( cafeteria duty, having to walk to a bus stop, being told to put a sweater over their strapless shirts that pretty much show over half of their pretty much non existing t!ts, breaking a nail and that kind of stuff) it gets so annoying!

Answer #31

I hate it when girls are 70 pounds and say ‘I’m so fat!’. I was in the mall once and this super skinny girl was like ‘hold on, I can run! I’m fat!’ I was like, oh my God are you serious. I hate it when they think they’re better than everyone else. I also hate it when they have a new boyfriend every week.

Answer #32


Answer #33

The main things I can’t stand is when some of them think they are better than other girls when yet they are just like them, just different body, different family, etc.

Answer #34

hate that too:P

Answer #35

lol i seen worse

Answer #36

attention grabbers makes my BLOOD BOIL

Answer #37

pssh atleast u get 3 words..my friends talk and talk i don’t even member if we are still in the same yr

Answer #38

I hate that as well, especially when their way smaller then me saying there fat.

Answer #39

u took the words right out of my mouth!

Answer #40

i ask my friends how do i look everytime i get out but thats cuz i get dressed when getting out

Answer #41

I dnt like how girls think there hot sstuff an if like one girls hits on the others best firend an the two girls fight bout who gets them i also hate girls whoo thrive for attention 24/7 like shakin there hips an makin a laugh that isnt cool when they think its sexy

Answer #42

you guys are all high… ‘ll take a girl who thinks she is fat over one who is ACTUALLY fat every day of the week. you know 70% of women are overweight in the U.S. and 35% are actually obese? If only we could get the fat girls to start saying “omg im so fat” then we might be getting somewhere.

To answer your question I hate the fat ones that are like “Im the bomb, Im “thick” et cetera” STFU you are fat lose weight already.

Answer #43

I hate girls who think theyre fat when their not(i say im fat cause I AM overweight. like for a fact, even my doctor say it), attention hogs, loud girls, and backstabbers. never has one guy backstabbed me! only girls.

Answer #44

Oops sorry sometimes I touch my hair a lot when it keeps getting into my face. Gotta try and stop that habit lol. I also hate it when girls fish for compliments or think they’re better than everyone else. It also annoys the hell out of me when real skinny chicks call themselves fat. That happened once at a sleepover where a real skinny chick, skinnier than me called herself fat. I just said to her, “Does that mean I’m fat too cause you’re smaller than me.” lol

Answer #45

no no thats another thing removing the hair off ur face but what annoys me is when grls are chewing gum playing with there hair.. twisting there hair, petting there hair, there hands are ON THERE HEAD THE WHOLE DAY LITERALLY.

Answer #46


Answer #47

I talk like that O_O

Answer #48

I hate it when girls are like REALLY butch…I know like YAYYY BE YOURSELLLLF and shizz but to be honest butch girls scare the f*ck out of me and they just bother me so much O_O no offense…

Answer #49

Hahahaha one of those nasty things hit on me before. I was like…..0_0

Answer #50

Oh I get what you mean lol. Yeah that’s pretty annoying. I don’t get the point in girls twisting their hair. It just makes it seem like they’re trying way too hard to be cute

Answer #51

There is nothing wrong with someone having high self esteem. It may be a good idea for overweight women to lose weight for health reasons, but there is absolutely no reason they shouldn’t think they are “the bomb”. I’ll never forget Tom Arnold’s statement on one of those late night talk shows. He said “I’d rather be with a fat chick who thinks she’s skinny than a skinny chick who thinks she’s fat any day!”. You obviously are bothered by a physical attribute that has nothing to do with personality. Being overweight is not really an attribute that is overwhelmingly expressed in one specific gender. There are many overweight men out there too you know.

Answer #52

well i have a habit in twisting my hair..i dont do it to be cute..usually it means im thinking about something..lol..but i know what you mean when the girls do it to try to be cute and its sooo obvious that they are just doing it for that reason..you can tell if someone is really doing it out of habit..lmao..like me..but i should try and quit that..lol..

Answer #53

I kind of just… Don’t like girls in most cases. I have a few female friends though, mostly because I can categorize them under “sane individuals.” As opposed to most of the female population. Misogyny for the win…

Answer #54

How a lot of girls over analyse every situation and comment a person makes. Most things us guys do have NO deeper meaning!!!!

Or how girls try to give hints about things. Sorry girls, but guys (for the most part) don’t take hints, we don’t take bold hints. You want something FLAT OUT SAY IT!!! But no, the girl just gets angry because you didn’t pickup on the hints.

And how girls take every minor slight (whether intentional or not really even a slight against them) as a personal affront to themselves. (this kinda goes withe the first one).

Last (but not least) - I know girls think completely opposite (for the most part) of guys. And there are a lot of times I have a hell of a time wrapping my mind around how someone of the female gender just described something. And I’m sure girls have the same problems with males. But why do girls have to get so cranky and take it as a personal insult when I don’t understand what the duce you just said.

Answer #55

omg yaya connor

Answer #56

Not cool…that’s a shallow attitude to have.

Answer #57

When they cannot have an intelligent conversation. I cannot see how talking about your hair and make up for hours on end is even remotely interesting.

Answer #58

I cant take the ones that have to have everything! Like going after the guy I like just because I like him when she doesnt even like him.

Answer #59

i hate wen girls likk care all about themselves. likk, they wear the skinnest jeans and their lik super skinny. and lik when they speak with the highest voices, and they try to flirt with the cute boys. i also hate when they go out wit the cute dudes. lik this cute dude i lik who already has the girls flirtin with him. (i would perfer making friends with dudes, and i hav good girl friends already) and i also hate when they think there better than the fat girls. there not all they hav is the diff body, etc…

Answer #60


Answer #61

I know! and you’re like well if you’re fat what am i? and they just say no you’re skinny, I KNOW YOU’RE LYINGG lol

Answer #62

i hate it how girls seem to be more b*tchie And the imature ones that find the most stupid things funny

Answer #63

okay so they say “i am ugly” u say “no ur not” then they say “ya i am ugly” then u say “okay well then u r ugly” them “thats not nice” u “well then take my compliment” i hate it when they say they r so ugly it annoys me do they not know how much they have and what other people dont have

Answer #64

girls who make up little lies without realizing it because they just love attention! seriously, it bugs me so bad.

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