Do you think you will spend forever (or close to it) with the person you're with now?

Answer #1

Until death do us part :)

Answer #2

i kinda hope so…just as long as my bf aint always a douche ;) lmao

Answer #3

Probably not. Then again, I have no one right now.

What I mean is though, don’t be too optimistic about the relationship. In the blink of an eye, something bad might happen that might tear you two apart and no matter how many promises you two had, it’ll be over. I’m sorry if it seems sad, but it’s partly true that it could happen.

On the other hand, if you both control the relationship equally, then yes, you will spend forever together. Enjoy the past memories, and the present moments, even if it’s a fight. :)

Answer #4

I am not sure but I hope soo

Answer #5

Ugh. NO. \:

Answer #6

Yes. I am in love with my bf. :) Next month will be our 1 year anniversary, and I hope to be with him for a long, long time. ♥

Answer #7

i have to agree…when we meet someone & feel comfortable we hope/wish & pray it lasts forever that is why we actually wind up getting married. Now it doesnt always wind up that way. Yes you took vows…and yes they were legit…and yes you wasted a damn fortune on it all…but somewhere along the line it just changes….they seem to want different things people come into the picture that werent there prior to…a fight turns into another & another & another while one sucks it all in trying to say maybe i deserved it…intil one day that person says you know i am tired of being the one that has to suck it up…maybe its time to say what is really on my mind…and one thing leads to another while the other is playing around behind their significant others back & of course they are the last to know…so unfortunately they have the balls & say look this isnt working for me…the other tries to offer counseling but of course the other has his lover so who cares, easier to just give up & walk away starting new while leaving all the baggage on the other to swallow up still in shock after all that trust they gave to that person and then what there is nothing left to do about it…you both part & one is happy as pie while the other is dead inside & life goes on…like it or not! :(

Bottom line, Nothing & I mean Nothing other then Diamonds…last forever! Friends come & go…Lovers come & go Husbands come & go…even Kids come & go…sad but true! :(

Answer #8

Na, if Im realistic. It is a shame but I will try make it work!!!!

Answer #9

I love your optimism =P

Answer #10

Well since I’m not with anyone , no lol

But if I do get with the guy I love right now , I hope so :)

Answer #11

Yes, i honestly do. We’ve been through more in our relationship then most will ever go through in a lifetime. Hes stuck by my side through my drinking and problem and going to ja!l and helped me stay sober. Weve started a family together and are expecting a new addition next year, and through it all i can still look at him every night and smile and fall in love all over again.

Answer #12

Awww, thanks hon!

Answer #13

In my case yes. He’s the only guy I feel completely comfortable with and he’s looks and take care of me. Cannot imagine being with another bloke but him.

Answer #14

Well if she is serious about me (I know i am about her) then I think it could work out that way, a relationship is full of ups and downs if you make it through it all then its a great feeling to know it was all worth it :)

Answer #15

You give me hope. :)

Answer #16

Try not to thinbk on those terms.

Answer #17

why the question ?

Answer #18

Yes. My relationship with my boyfriend is so comfortable and natural, and it has been like that since I first met him. We have had our issues and disagreements, but I know that he is always there for me. No one has ever made me feel as special, or as beautiful or as loved.

Answer #19

Hmm single now.But i have planned to stay with the guy until death whom my parents and I will choose together.

Answer #20

For me.. no. Honestly no. I mean, I love my boyfriend but who knows.. he’s a senior im a junior. I see him behind my mom and I always need to lie on where I’m going just to see him. I can say I hope I last a year with him to see if we can still go out when I’m in college when I drive but other than that I don’t know. In a way I secretly hope so :) but yeah hah :l

Answer #21

yes :)

Answer #22

I would think and hope so. We’ve been together long enough for it to really count and we even get through the tough times.

Answer #23

Honestly Im unsure..because me and my bf are together for now but idk about when the baby gets here…

Answer #24

No not at all. I’m being honest. I believe in true love tho. I believe that there’s that speacial person 4 every1 but I think that not every1s lucky enough to find them… I know 4 a fact I don’t love my bf. But maybe I will evenchally(:

Hope u find ur love<333:P

Answer #25

no hes just really good for now but theres always a future..

Answer #26

idk about me and him

Answer #27

My husband and I have lived in car a few times ( i can laugh now was not at the time) lost two children in less then a year in whom we look forward to holding in heaven some day, battled health issues on my part and our three month old daughters first week of life( she is now doing better then most children her age hits miles stones early, we have battled infertility and docotrs saying we would never be able to have a living child. Heartache few will feel it is uniqe. we come from two very very VERY different worlds it seems like at times as our clutures are so VErY different and yet we found love and aceptence even when we dont aways understand. marriage like life can be hard though it seems to go through it is season. But in all my short life one thing I no for sure I wouldnt want to go through it alone and there is such beauty in waking up next to some oen every day that sees the worse in you and the best who is there for you and with you in all aspect of life it is hard some times VErY hard but it is so worth it if you stick it out and love enough to some times start over with eachother. THere is NO dought in my mind and heart that we wont stay together till death do us part. Life can throw anything at us and God can try us over and over but we wont give up. we have our faith and eachother we dont need anything else and when you look at life what is it really but God and Family nothing else matters and it is worth everything.

Answer #28


Answer #29

That’s amazing..

Answer #30

I certainly do hope so. We’ve been together for several years now. We truly do love eachother. We stuck to eachother through many fights and arguments, and other problems. We never gave up on eachother once. Now our final obstacle would be going to University. But I guess, we are only 18 still, a lot can change, but I hope we don’t.

Answer #31

Is the word drug banded from the website? You put a period between dr and ug.

Answer #32

That’s truly beautiful :) I’m happy for you both ★

Answer #33

i sure hope so cuhz i love him

Answer #34

if you really love them you will

Answer #35

if you really love them you will

Answer #36

thats great.. I cant wait till i find that

Answer #37

Forever is a long time, I live for the day rather than the future.

Answer #38

no i dont

Answer #39

Well maybe, but I’m just 13 so who knows

Answer #40

i used to until he dumped me 4 days ago, truely gutted. pain is unbearable and i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy.

Answer #41

hoping for the best!

Answer #42

I cant believe I said this! Was going through a rough doubtful patch, but Ive sorted myself out. I was the problem, I cannot imagine myself with anyone else. Hes faithful honest and caring, and hotttttt!! I love him loads and if we arent together forever, I’ll die!!!

Answer #43

nope… i like a different pie filling each week. last week is was steak and kidney this week its chicken and mushroom.. soon ill be having minced beef and onion. i cant even begin to think about settling down with just the same stuff on my plate daily

Answer #44

Of course, otherwise I wouldnt be with them<3

Answer #45

i would like to think so but i kno theres a possibility it wont… its funny how when ur heart is broken u feel like youll never love again, but thats the time ur really learning how to love and learning from the pain…

Answer #46

depends, on how you treat each other. :D

Answer #47

i hope so. we have been talking about it a lot O:)

Answer #48

Yes. i definately think so, everytime i see him i get excited like its one of the first times even though we have been going out a long time. i just cant believe how lucky i am and what he would do for me. he makes me smile so much.

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