How do i clean my spa filter?

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It makes sense to invest in another filter which ensures that when you remove the dirty clogged filter for cleaning, you can always install the clean filter and your spa or hot tub is ready to use.

As mentioned above, filters should be cleaned every couple of weeks and soaked in Filter Cartridge Cleaner every 8 uses. Make sure that you allow the soak-clean filters to dry out completely before you re install them as this process makes the filter totally clean and they last longer too.

You should be extremely particular in changing the water every 8 weeks and simultaneously opt for cleaning the cartridges too. Cleaning the cartridges should be done with a garden hose ( not a pressure washer ) while the water stream should be kept steady at a 45 degree angle which ensures a thorough dislodging of the waste matter.

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Your local pool/spa shop sells what's called "Spa cartridge cleaner" You take a 5gallon bucket, fill it with the spa cartridge cleaner then soak the filter overnight in it.

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