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If I wanted to start the soprano sax, could I use a tenor sax book. I'm preety sure they are the same key ((Bb)soprano one octave higher)), but do they use the same 'buttons'?

P.S. please don't say to start out with another type of sax, just give me the answer. I already play alto sax and clarinet.

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They would say that because soprano is supposed to be harder.

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Why would anybody tell you to start out with another type? That's just silly.

All saxophones use the same fingerings not matter which one they are. Soprano sax and tenor sax are both in Bb. You could read all saxophones out of the same lesson books and they'll sound okay because of the key signature of the song/etude but they can't all play at the same time because it would sound horrible because bari sax and alto sax are in Eb and play in parallel 5th when played with tenors and sopranos.

To be more simple, you could read any sax out of any book because the fingerings are all the same.

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