Does anyone on here write poems or songs? If you write poems I would LOVE 2 read some. If you write songs I would also LOVE 2 read some. If you wanna read some of mine just message me & I’ll see what I can do.

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I write sometimes, yeah. Here’s one of mine:

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I write some poems… I haven’t decided if I want to post them or not…

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Mom’s are important, but daddy’s leave an impression,

    to a growing little girl

his strength is the obsession.

Sitting on his lap and kissing
      his manly cheek, 

remembering all the memories

of me dancing on his feet.

Wrapped around his finger like

most of daddy's little girls,
for this bond we've made 

will never fade because I am

    my daddy's world.
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I write poetry, but I wouldnt wanna post them where people can copy and paste them and stuff like that…not syaing anyone would want to, but yeah…

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WHO CARES IF SOMEONE WANTS TO COPY AND PASTE IT.. isn’t that what poetry is for? so people can enjoy them? they are your “copy write” from the time you write them on you plan on writing a book? unless you do, I wouldnt worry about anyone else taking your poem to write their one poem book.. HERE YOU GO…HERES ONE OF MY POEMS..IM NOT WORRIED! what kind of poems do you like to, loss, family, here’s one I wrote the other day

For The Love of My Sister

I’d like everyone to meet my sister she’s beautiful can’t you see it might just be in the eye of the beholder, but it makes no difference to me

We shared a lot when we were young..the bed included too, and sis I remember the bond that was made, because I slept with my arm around you

Then one night mom said… “ kid go to bed” and it would be on this night you see, that I would cry my eyes out until it hurt because you weren’t going to bed with me

This would be the beginning of the end of an innocence that was so carefree, Because my tears dried up and washed away the pain confined in me

   "Time will heal a broken heart"..
  this saying is a fallacy..
 it merely added to the emptiness
of my emotional state of being.

Now we are grown, separate towns, separate homes, turns out we’re very different indeed

But sometimes when I’m feeling life has left me all alone, I I can feel your arms around me.

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We walked side by side
    she was my best friend indeed,
      she didn't ask for much
   and she returned her love to me.
       I never had to worry she 
      might not be home one day
      because in my heart I'll
  always know her love would of never 
    She would sit in the window and 
  wait for me watching the cars drive
  bye, but she wouldn't wag her curly
   little tail until it was me who  
            stepped inside.
     I'll never forget all the fun
   in my life when I had my Porky Pig,
    and I catch myself all the time
     wondering how the heck she's
Answer #8



There is too much emphasis we put on our color

        we need to get down to basics and culture
   Our children ask questions when they just don't
 know, the answers we give, they'll use as they grow.
It is a natural attentiveness for children to notice,
 the differences of those people that are living 
   amongst us.
   Thee eyes on that man! can he see out of them?
            a friend's child once asked of me,
 the man knelt down as he turned around and said,
               " That is cause I am Korean".
   While watching T.V my daughter noticed thee     
             difference between her and a man,
          she said, "Why is he darker than me?"
           I just told her he was born with a tan.
      And it was at this time we were standing in line, 
              amongst  the few whites in the market,
        when a little black girl took notice in her and 
             asked, " Why is her hair so different?"
       Curious children with innocent minds both go 
                            hand and hand,
        but if WE as their teacher's stop pointing our
       fingers the future generation would get along
                                  just fine.
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