Sometimes I feel like im dreaming

It doesnt happen as often as it used to. And I completley forgot about it til this after noon at my boyfriends house in the kitchen.

Its a really weird feeling. I cant feel myself moving. I smacked my boyfriend in the head, and I dont remember making my arm swing up and hit him. It just happened.

Then I walked and sat on the stool at the table. And I couldnt feel myself walking. And everything looked weird. I didnt feel myself. Everything was numb… But not the leaning on your arm and it falls asleep numb. I just couldnt feel anything. It happened for like 15 minutes.

And it was making my boyfriends mum worried. And asked if I was on any kind of meds. And im not. And she asked if I told my mum because I told her its happened before, and I havent. She asked if I’ve seen a docter. But we cant go to the docter because we dont have enough money.

What would cause somthing like this…

I thought it was because I cant stand without locking my knees. Because I’ve almost thrown up in a choir a few times because I cant not lock my knees. But it happens just walking.

Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be and what causes it?

I really need help. Its not nice to not feel urself mpving and randomly hit someone really hard that you love…

Answer #1

it happens to me when im still in a sleep cycle.

Answer #2

actually, it could be something very serious and I think next time that happens you need to be rushed to the ER. you are having syncope episodes and sounds like seizures. (muscles spasms is what happens when you have seizures) and while you sleep you go into rem sleep which is rapid eye movement (thats the stage where your body is numb to the world) the stages before beta, is actually where you sleep walk and can talk to someone and hold conversations and not remember because you were “sleeping” there might be something wrong with a part of the brain. seriously if what your telling me is the truth you NEED to go to the hospital next time that happens. I work in a hospital and just had a patient with the same symptoms.

Answer #3

Ok, I am not a doctor, and I am not remotely qualified to give you a conclusive answer, and this isn’t intended as one - just speculation.

But, it could be either physical or psychological, don’t assume that’s its just one thing in particular at the moment. The mind has huge control over the body after all…

Are you getting anything else? Or is it literally this ‘dream like state’

the ‘syncope episodes’ are normally secondary to an underlying problem, and other symptoms should be present, also, you’re quite young, it’s more common in the elderly…and aren’t accompanied with seizures or fitting. Syncope is related to circulatory and respiratory issues, however, lack of oxygen to the muscles etc could cause them to spasm??? And that would explain the dizziness but,… however, there are too many variables… (Sorry, got distracted there!)

Ok, compulsive daydreaming can be indicative of epilepsy; this would tie in with the seizures. Some people ‘black out’ when they have seizures, some have violent seizures (grand mal) and some small, they just simply ‘phase out’. To be honest, defining epilepsy is like trying to define autism, there are so many gradients that’s its not possible.

I appreciate that the cost may be a problem, but regardless of either physical or psychological, there is not one person on this entire website who should claim to give you a diagnosis, you need tests examinations, observations etc to try and define what’s going on… but even if it is epilepsy, they have medications, people often have ‘triggers’ so keep a dairy (my cousin it’s chocolate and red wine - how pants is that!) but you need to get checked out.

Do keep some sort of a journal, what you eat, how much sleep etc and see if there’s any pattern. try and remember what you dream about, and next time you have an episode get your boyfriend to just observe you (obviously if your having a seizure, tell him to make sure you haven’t got anything around you and you can’t injure your self on anything), but if it’s one where your ‘phasing out’ tell him to just observe you, any physical movement, if you say anything, what your eyes do (dilate etc) if you blink…or if they stay closed… this will be good because if there’s any change in what your experiencing, he will be able to detect that…

I will tell you one thing though, most symptoms can be attributed to some horrific things. When I started my training, we were doing digestion and looking at the oesophagus, and spent three days after convinced I was going to swallow my epiglottis! The point is, if you worry too much about this stuff, you can actually start to become ill, people do not get hypochondria overnight, it’s a learnt behaviour. You need to keep an eye on what’s going on closely, again, I appreciate it’s costly, but if your symptoms get worse you will need to see professional advice…pleeease!

do you do anything? a lot of people who phase out ‘pluck’ themselves…

Answer #4

It could, subconscious problems with your brain telling your body your asleep.

When you sleep your body watches itself without the direct communication with the brain, just like you don’t move a lot in your sleep (you wake up when you move around, toss and turn) the subconscious part of it is dreams/nightmares where you cant really comprehend it but you DO sort of get the idea of whats going on, which is why you moan/move/sweat in your sleep, your brain is trying to control the situation, if your having bad nightmares a lot, then something can trigger the memory in your brain and it will automatically try to fight it off even though its not even happening, most times you wont even realize whats going on, but also its usually for a few seconds not a long period of time. That’s the best I could think of for your problem, I hope I helped!

Answer #5

I used to get like that after long periods of time with no sleep, sleep deprivation does weird things to the body, and just being sick can do it, it’s a lot like being high (as in serious drugs) where you know whats going on but you don’t understand why or exactly what is happening (never did any hardcore drugs so I might be wrong) but when I went without sleep for a few days I would get like that for 5-20 minutes at a time till I slept. I’d talk to a doctor.

Answer #6

before today, it hasnt happened since march…

I forgot all about it.

Answer #7

oh yeah. you helped.

I just thought I was going nuts


thanks ^_^

Answer #8

oy missy - I said get it checked out next time - promise?!

and what you mean, locking knees? huh? thats so uncomfortable?! and how did it make you almost chuck? …

stop worrying about everything, honestly, worried rarely acts positivly in any area of life. it achieves very little, except stress, which has all sorts of implications!!


Answer #9

-sighs in relief-


so im not going to die


I worry about everything…

but I really wonder if its from locking my knees while standing.. that messes with me bad, I almost barfed while singing in choir

Answer #10

Also, I have muscle spasms.

usually muscles in my triceps will spasm. or ill just shake and shake and look like im seizing.

one day I was standing in the kitchen. and had no idea where I was. and my boyfriend got scared. so he layed me down. and I just held my hands together and shook and shook. necks, head, arms, hands… he said it was scary. but I have no memory of it.. he even used my video camera to prove he wasnt trying to mess with me… after he got too scared hed shake me to bring me back. and told him I wasnt sleeping. I wasnt doing anything…

its weird.

I’ve never done any kind of drugs. all I’ve taking in asprin for a head ache.

I go to sleep late. but wake up late… but I do have really bad nightmares. could that be a factor in anything?

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