Why are our soldiers on the battlefield in Afghanistan having to ‘Merandize’ captured enemy combatants/terrorists when they aren’t protected by our laws as enemy combatants?

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I know! It is amazing…To have that much hatred…

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War has its own laws.

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because they are in our custody they will be subject to our laws

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I was wrong, semantically, saying that the Constitution applies to all persons. The Constitution of the US and its amendments don’t even apply to US Citizens. It applies to the Federal Government, placing restrictions on what they might get away with.

The Constitution was written in a time where a technologically advanced occupying force was doing some pretty terrible things with their legal system, against the people they occupied. The natural response was to place limits on the legal system that replaced it.

That’s why they put the words “Congress shall pass no law” into the thing. Soldiers, as agents of the Federal Government, cannot legally detain someone without merandizing them.

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My son was in the military and he served our country, but he knows that we should not be in Iraq. This question is about the lie that cancer is trying to spread… All the conservative news sources say it is not true. The people of Iraq are paying the price every day also.

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All I know is that my best friend is in the Army. He is serving our country to help keep it free. Some of you need to realize that freedom comes at a cost and our soldiers are paying that price every day.

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Better question “Why are our soldiers on the battlefield in Afghanistan?”.

How does that make us safer at home.

to answer your question it is probably because in order to avoid the potential abuses of humans, we read them things that we believe to be inalienable rights (meaning they don’t exist only for a country, but are God given, and exist for all humans, including muslims, and including terrorists)

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Oce someone comes within 20 feet of a US citizen they automatically become US citizens. Thats the best excuse I could come up with, sure the liberal responses won’t be much better.

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The Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America extend to all persons, and details rights which no person can be denied by agents of the United States Government. The Miranda Warning is a mandatory warning issued by officers prior to interrogation proceedings, and the result of a civil rights lawsuit from 1966. Since military personnel in Afghanistan are agents of the United States Government, they are required to issue Miranda Warnings prior to interrogations of prisoners.

A soldier’s failure to follow proper procedures by refusing to issue a Miranda Warning could potentially open the United States Government to civil liability with significant precedent. Since there are many Afghani lawyers, and the average American Soldier lacks a law degree, it is better to air on the side of caution.

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BS frey, they are constitutional rights and those only apply to US citizens. You do not want to say they have constitutional rights, and here is why: The US constitution is to protect us from forein law. Now if you have some dude that is the citizen of another country and they are protected by the US constitution then we have to liberate them. Because it is the governments job to uphold the constitution and protect it from foreign rule. Thankyou, you just justified the Iraq war.

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Wow look here a website!!!

Looks about right to me Utopia. Justice Department admits that there may be no policy to do so, there are cases where it is being done. So once again you lie about us evil fox crap spewing idiots. Is Neville Chamberlain a role model of yours or something?

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Really? Looks about right to you? Cancer states that SOLDIERS IN THE BATTLEFIELD are having to mirandize enemy combatants… Yet YOUR own source states… “U.S. commanders told FOX News soldiers are not reading Miranda rights to detainees”

I also gave the entire quote and what you fail to mention is that the cases where high-level prisoners have been mirandized was to “preserve the quality of evidence” The quote from the justice department also states there has been NO policy change… The author of the initial report, The Weekly Standard senior writer Steve Hayes states “There are reports that this was happening on specific bases as going back as early as July 2008.” Additionally, on Special Report, Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported that “[t]he Justice Department saying tonight that detainees at Bagram have been Mirandized in the past.” Griffin also stated that Justice Department Dean Boyd stated that “[t]here has been no policy change nor blanket instruction issued for FBI agents to Mirandize detainees overseas” and that “there have been specific cases in which FBI agents have Mirandized suspects overseas at both Bagram and in other situations in order to preserve the quality of evidence.”

SO this occasional mirandizing was happening DURING the Bush Administration…And that fact is being reported by FOX, The Weekly Standard and lol, Newt Gingrich.

Wow, I guess you are an evil crap spewing idiot… just not an evil FOX crap spewing idiot…because FOX says that this started during the Bush Administration…

Unless what you right wing nut jobs is mad about is that BUSH started this… Maybe that is it…you are MAD at BUSH for starting this occasional mirandizing operation…

…”O(n)ce someone comes within 20 feet of a US citizen they automatically become US citizens.” excuse me?

Answer #13

the meranda statute has never applied to prisioners of war. They have always been tried by military courts not civilian. Meranda does not apply to enemy war combatants.

Answer #14

first off I am not reporting anything from FOX, I am stating fact, being prior military and serving during war time I am stating from facts not fiction or oppinion. So utopia you need to get your facts right.

Answer #15

Wow, well my son is a disabled veteran from this war. He was in special forces serving in Afganistan and Iraq. He knows of no instance where a field soldier was mirandizing enemy combatants.

My FACTS are correct according to the U.S. Military, the Department of Justice and several conservative reports.

Your “facts” were not correct…no soldier in the battelfield is m”I”randizing enemy combatants…

and as my answer stated the Bush Administration started this practice of mirandizing high-level prisoners…since you have such a big problem with this, you must be really upset with the Bush Administration for starting the practice.

One additional question…if this, from your implication, is your experience, did you REPORT these actions of mirandizing in the field of battle?

and I bet you did pull this from a right wing source…especially since it was discussed on FOX by Gingrich and the article appeared in The Weekley Standard less than two days before you posted it…

lol, there is only one thing that I like less than a conservative, right-wing, whacko who tries to spread half-truths and that is a lying conservative, right-wing,whacko who tries to spread half-truths…

Answer #16

sheesh… Even when faced with facts from THEIR OWN SOURCE, they still try and spin it the other way. These two are so wrapped up in their ideology, they can’t see anything but their hatred of Obama and liberals in general.

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*“our soldiers on the battlefield in Afghanistan having to ‘Merandize’ captured enemy combatants/terrorists”

Cancer…if you are going to “report” on something you heard on FOX at LEAST post the EXACT thing they said… It is bad enough that amblessed and tseirpeht just throw the FOX crap out constantly, but you can’t even get the FOX rumor correct…

The right wing blog sites state “Justice Department has quietly ordered FBI agents to read Miranda rights to high value detainees captured and held at U.S. detention facilities in Afghanistan” I found that on several conservative, right wing websites… Where in that does it say that “soldiers on the battlefield”…

Now, to take it even one step further…The entire thing is A LIE…

“The real rumor is whether our forces were reading Miranda rights to detainees and the answer to that is no,” General Petraeus said.

The Department of Justice release… “There has been no policy change and no blanket instruction issued for FBI agents to Mirandize detainees overseas,” spokesman Matt Miller said. “While there have been specific cases in which FBI agents have Mirandized suspects overseas, at both Bagram and in other situations, in order to preserve the quality of evidence obtained, there has been no overall policy change with respect to detainees.”

My lord, the lies you try to spread…


Obviously not…

Answer #18

I would not believe anything I hear or see on Fox, that refuge of slimeball, war warmongering, right-wing, neo-nazi, neo-con manipulators of the simple and uneducated.

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