What is there to know about softball?

I need to know everything there is to know about the sport!!

Answer #1

bat, run , slide to home , catch .

Answer #2

oh no actually I use to work at a baseball park and I know all about the sport but I ask a diff. question about softball and they said its nothing like baseball but thankx tho

Answer #3

Umm its exactly like baseball just with a bigger baseball. umm O.o… what else… theres a pitcher, catcher, batter, first/second/third baseman, outfielders, shortstop. hitting out of the field is a homerun. If you miss the ball as batter its a strike. 3 strikes you’re out. “balls” if you hit the ball but it doesnt go into play counts as strikes besides the for the 3rd strike. 3 outs= end on innings has a bunch of innings(number of times through a team plays) I think 9

… It’s best just to watch it and you’ll get it just by looking

Answer #4

Positions: Pitcher , Catcher , 1st2nd3rd base, Short stop, Right, left , center outfield.

Batting: Swing& miss= strike, dont swing when the ball is where you can hit it= strike, Strike out- When you get 3 strikes you can no longer bat until it is your turn again. Hit the ball and run to first and your safe*= single, Hit the ball and run to first then second and are safe= double, Hit the ball and run to first then second then third= triple. Hit the ball and run to first then second then third then home= home run, If there are players on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and you hit the ball and they all get safe to homebase and you get safe at homebase= Grand slam. Slide- when you steal a base or are running towards it you bend one leg under the other and slide onto the base. (you are safe if you end up under the tag. Steal- when the catcher drops the ball or once the pitcher pitches the ball, you run to the next base. (you cant do this if there is a person alrady on the next base unless theyre stealing another base) Pickle- when you steal the base and they get the ball to the base your stealing and you turn to go back to the base you were running from. The fielders throw the ball to the base you turn to . The runner runs the opposite direction the ball is thrown.)

Fielding: Pitcher- Throws the ball so the batter can hit it (they want the batter to strike out) Catcher- catches the ball the pitcher throws if the batter misses or dosent swing at it. 1st2nd3rd base- catch the ball while standing on the base to get the batter out, or tag the player to get them out. Short stop- Backs up the play to second or third. Out field positions- Catch pop flies and back up plays to the bases. Pop fly: A ball that is hit into the air (if it is caught in the air the batter that hit it is out) . To back up a play- To stand behind the play that is being made to make sure the fielder dosent drop the ball or anything. Play- ex- a ball being thrown to third to get the runner out.

Other things you may need to know: Dugout: Where the players that arent batting or playing sit on a bench. To be ‘resting’- When you dont play in the field during the inning. Home team/away team- Home team is the team who owns the field, They bat last in the inning. Away team is the team that is playing against the home team from a different field. Inning- one of nine divisions of play during which each team has a turn at bat then the other team is fielding. There can be 6,7,8 or 9 innings in a game. Top of the inning- the away team bats Bottom of the inning- The home team bats. Mit/glove- the thing you put on your hand to catch the ball with. Bat- the stick used to hit the ball while batting.

Ok thats pretty much everything ! I hope this helps ! (:

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