soccer in europe

is it hard to become a professional soccer player in europe?

Answer #1

Very I play for my he team and started varsity which is a first for our school no1 ever plays up… I also play cup for northstars

Answer #2

FOOTBALL…its extremely hard, easy to get into the lower levels and the people who can do something “special” on the pitch will be selected to move up in football. But to advance to the highest stage of them all takes brilliance, passion, determination and innovation…not forgetting years of hard work.

Answer #3

belive me its hard but when you trained for it everyday since you wer a child its worth it.. b/c in a few weeks im going 2 be playing for the biggest club in the world. (manchester united) and im absolutely ecstatic about it. but im starting in the youths but hopefully I will move 2 the reserves quickly.. but yes its probly the hardest thing in the world 2 do. :)

Answer #4

English football is one of the hardest places to get noticed in football, I personally had trials at two clubs but never made the grade. gutted I was. My nephew who’s 14 is currently in the ipswich town academy as a goal keeper and we have high hopes as a family for him, However its a real cut throat business and kids can be made to feel awful and rejected at a very young age. I dont know your background, but if you have an ounce of talent then you would have already been noticed by club scouts.

Answer #5

In England, as you probably know, it’s the most popular sport, tons of people try out for it each year, so it probably is quite hard to go into football professionally, but, you can only give it a go. :)

Answer #6

Yes, in general it’s very hard. Throughout most of Europe, soccer is the most popular ball sport, so the competition is fierce.

Answer #7

there is different ones … you can go into lets say … Manchester United’s under 21’s and if they think your good enuff (which you have to be mega good) they will move you to the main team

but you need a lot of skill

Answer #8

Very hard, I play for a youth team at my local club (Cheltenham town) and im not close to getting into the reserves. I have a job but football is my passion, be realistic though it depends on your talent. Sorry to tell you but the word soccer implies your american and yanks are generally not good at football. So yeah hard

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