Should football (soccer) in Europe have a salary cap like the NBA?

I think this would make the leagues more competitive just curious about what u guys think and whether it would work or not cause of the relegation system there

Answer #1

I think that a salary cap should exist. Because some salaries are outright obscene. Of course, a sports professional has to gain enough money in their active time to finance the rest of their life. As they don’t have the time to have another career. Not everyone can be a trainer after they quit the professional leagues. So they need to be able to retire at 32.

But when I hear about those enormous amounts, I get sick. Salaries around 40 million a year are exaggeration. That’s more than enough for a lifetime in only one year.

Also, rich clubs will be able to “buy” all the good players, while clubs with less wealth will have to hire the rest. That will lead to the rich clubs winning. Which will lead to the rich clubs getting richer and buying more good players. That’s not the mentality, sports should have,

Answer #2

football will never be a victim of american shite

Answer #3

yeah, i agree with what u r saying. i follow the EPL and La Liga and it’s always the same top 5 clubs every season. But the relegation system makes the bottom table interesting too. I hope Fifa would come up with a team salary cap so that bottom teams also have a chance.

Answer #4

All entertainers should be able to obtain whatever remuneration their talents can obtain from the paying public. If the players salaries were capped the obscenely rich club owners would simply get richerby pocketing the money saved for themselves. . I would rather see a hard working and supremely gifted athlete be handsomely rewarded for entertaining me ….. . ….. than some flabby oil rich billionaire, former Eastern block criminal, or manipulative American capitalist whose only talent was to rip off the public without even being able to entertaining them personally. .

Answer #5

Yeah, good point. Thanks

Answer #6

no not at all………it will not suite them……

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