How can I stop my stomach from rumbling?

When I get up early, I can’t eat right away, I have to wait hours before eating, and I find it embarassing that my stomach rumbles during school. I have to force down breakfast just to stop my stomach but it sometimes doesn’t work. I can’t just eat during class, and I know its only a noise, but its super embarassing. I need help! What should I do?

Answer #1

My stomach is horribe. It always chooses to growl when everyone is quiet. I do what ever I can even when the class is loud I push on my stomach so the rumble is muffled by everyones voices! I need help! it is the most embarrising thing that happens to me at school, and it happens every single day. buut has recenlty gotten worse over the last couple months.

Answer #2

I always get nthis its soo embarasiinngg and then this gilr always points it out in the same lesson every tuesday period 1 I dont eat much really in the morning but ifind drinking big mouthfulls of juice,squash or water and making thick fruit juices like smoothies fill you up and they are easy too eat in class because you just drink them but if that doesnt work I also find chewing gum causes them because you are swallowing just take deep breaths and make other sounds and slouch or something :) hope I helped a littlee bitt ? (Y)

Answer #3

Hello, just relax and say to urself (ITS NATUARAL your BELLY WILL RUMBLE BECAUSE your HUMAN. DONT WORRY ITS NORMALL) <3

Answer #4

I had this problem for a long time and still do, but nowadays I find that when it happens and I am around people to really help quieten it down I have to hold more air in my lungs when I breath, so take a breath and breath whilst you hold more air in, you kinda get used to it lol but when im on my own I never bother, just a tip hopefully one day they’ll find the real fix, hope it helps! -another rumbling soul

Answer #5

Hello. Im in year 7 and when im waiting for the next school day I start to panick and I feel like “I dont want to go school anymore” I think its just your food digesting in your stumoche & Its also nerves!! Just say to your self (Ok if my belly rumbles , its just natuarul . if your belly doesnt rumble your not human.) Soo what if its loudd its just a noisee. Dont woryy. Btw im still scared ahaha But just EGNORE IT <3

Answer #6

Wow, its funny but not funny that so many people have this same problem…and I thought I was a weird one. Mine also rumbles so loud my husband is always asking me if I am alright? he is always trying to make me eat, lol sometimes that makes it worse. although I reall never seem to be hungry at all. I have been to the doc. have had all kinds of test and the doc came back with H pylori, which is a bacteria of the stomach. so I did all the meds and still take an acid reducer and I still hace the rumbling & growling & girggling so bad sometimes my dog even gets up and leaves too funny! anyone find out why yet?? I am still seeing a doc for it!

Answer #7

I have this problem all the time aswell, I have tried breathing in deeply and trying to hold my breathe for a while and I keep doing this until it goes away and it seems to help (Y)

Answer #8

I’m so glad that I read this post because I’ve been suffering from this for years and thought I was the only one. When I’m at college I have to eat a snack every hour even if I’m not hungry, just as an attempt to quieten the rumbles. I dread exams or quiet classes because my stomach will start rumbling really loudly and everyone will know it’s me because it’s so quiet. I find myself fidgeting, scraping my chair, rustling my paper, anything to try to hide the sound of my stomach. When I’m at home I can go pretty all day without my stomach rumbling once, it only seems to happen around people. I also hate sleeping with someone in the same room as me, because my stomach rumbling is worse when I’m laying down. If there’s someone in the room and I lie down, my stomach will immediately start grumbling. It’s so embarrassing.

Although, in my English class this morning we had to do a timed essay so were in complete silence and for once my stomach didn’t rumble, but two other people in the class’ stomachs were rumbling so loudly. It made me feel much less alone with this problem!

Answer #9

omg ! it happens to me alll the time in school its not even funny :-( ! its only when the class is silent - its NEVER when im in a noisy class :-| ? I mean wtf tummy :-(!? its so embarrassing when people start lookn at me and laughing :$ ; one time I even sat and ate my sandwhiches in class just to stop it :L ! but I cnt do that all the time , so please say there’s a way to stop it :|YN ; im gonna try some of the tips on here (:(L) btwS? why does it never seem to happen to anyone else :^)

Answer #10

omg ! this happens to me alll the time in school its not even funny :-( ! andAND ; it only ever happens when the class is silent :-|? never when im in a noisy class :|? I mean wtf tummy :-( !? its so embarrassin when people start turnin round and laughin :$ - one time I even sat up the back and ate my sandwhiches just to stop it :L ! but I cnt do that all the time , so please say thers a way to stop it :-|YN ; im gonna try some of the tips on here (: (L) xxx btwS? why does it never seem to happen to anyone else :-(

Answer #11

it happenes to me all the time in the same almost all of the time, even when I eat it always happens the person sitting next to me always points it out and the teacher always manages to hear it. plus my class is alwaysss quite so everyone probally thinks I am a tramp, becuase it VERY LOUD. I slouch buts its worser.

Answer #12

I have a good one..I never ate before school and dinner was rare and school I ate cus I was forced to…but if you feel like your stomach is going to grumble suck in a big breath of worked for me…

Answer #13

Omg, same! I am doing exams and I’m not worrid bout the exams, I am worried that my tummy will rumble and every1 will hear!!! Its sooo annoyin because I cant concentrate because I am worryin that it will rumble :( I find that holding your tummy in really tightly helps and when it does rumble its only a really quiet one! Does anyone have like sumthink you can eat or do 2 stop it?

Answer #14

You need to just let that gas out like fart but then rub your feet on the ground and nobody will suspect it was you. Just blame it on the guy in the front row. He farts all the time anyway so just do it and you will feel better!!

Answer #15

I have the same problem… I usely paxk lik 4 or 5 crackers in my back pack. and eat them in first or 3rd period. My tummy s LOUD when it growls. lol

hope its much help..

Answer #16

Happens me a lot too… you’re best bet is to eat something with carbs or something fatty and that way it’ll stay away for a while until you actually want to eat

Answer #17

Go to sleep that always helps when I get it


Answer #18

drink a glass of milk with Fiber added

Answer #19

I have a problem like that… I’ll be in class and my stomach will start growling… And I like this guy and I’m afraid he’ll hear it… It gets really bad on days we have to be SUPER quiet… then I hold my stomach and only like seventy-five percent of the time it works… But I need help… It’s super embarassing… Esp. when it growls louder on some days worse than others… It has been happening almost every day this year… It has NEVER done this before… What’s wrong with me??? Does anyone have an answer??? PLease help me!!! I’ve tried lots to get it to stop growling… This is the first schoool year it’s done it… Does anyone have advice for my growling stomach??? because that would be super.

Answer #20

this is awesome to k im not alone. im 12 and all mi classes are pretty much silent…actually, completely silent. I can feel whn th gurglings are coming but theres nothing to do that helps. I even tried eating a small roll rite before mi class. I havent tried tums or olive oil yet but im going to tom. I hate it because its so loud and mi boyfriend is in every 1 of mi classes. and in th worst 1 he sits rite next to me. please help. 2 days ago I faked being sick ust so I didnt have to go to school. im miserable and I don’t know wht to do.

Answer #21

same ere e11i3. I cant do work because im worried about my stomach. im getting to the point now I need to do something. I’ve got 7 weeks off school so for 7 week im going to try and eat healthy and drink water and try peppermint tea. I might even take some tables to get rid of things in the stomach. I think its because we have acid in our stomach which we need to get rid of which might stop it. anyone else no what we can do?

Answer #22

my belly rumbles all the time. as soon as I wake up it rumbles. im getting really mad now because I worry so much about going to school because I have maths first thing and we have to sit in silence. im never hungry in a morning but I have to eat because it rumbles soo loud. it always rumbles at night when im laid in bed. but its got worse in the past week. it rumbles constantly all the time even when I’ve just ate something. I really need someone to help me get rid of itt. people say it this syndrome thing in your bowels but its reazlly getting on my nerves. I get so scared and I think about it all time. can someonee help me pleasee.

Answer #23

it hapens to me 24/7 but I seem like I’m the only 1 it happens to. I useally take a bottle on squash wiv me! and sometimes when I drank all my squash and its still rumbling I just have a cough spaz so no one can hear!

Answer #24

people say to just slouch a little bit, because it actually mufles hte sound a little bit, so know one could here. I hope it works for you. if it doesnt try to stick your stomach out as far as you can. I know it sounds weird, but it actually works. :]

Answer #25

I suffer from this aswell, try going to your doctor, hopefully there will be understanding and findt he cause. There are also things you can do to help,like peppermint tea or estoric peppermint capsules. These help calm the intestines, its also worth having a good look at your diet. try doing a food diary, maybe certain foods are causing it. With me I take a Prebiotic and takeestoric peppermint capsultes that seems to help. I alsojust like the person above eat some crackers. Goodluck

Answer #26

I pack tic tacs in my pockets!! it helps sooo much my stomah hardly growels anymore.

Answer #27

I didnt graduate high school because of this! :( it stopped in college though? you feel better and more relaxed try burping a helps

Answer #28

omg my stomach rumbles but only in school and most of my classes are mostly queit work time but when I think my stomach is going to rumble I start to breath deeper or shake my legs but it only makes it worse. mostly I ask the teacher if I can go and puke up, obviously its a lie but it stops me from making my self embarassed. im going 2 see a doctor about this hope it helps

Answer #29

hey there people.its nice to know there are people out there who have the same problem as mum’s a doc and she told me that its just a passing the meantime its important to avoid beans,limit your comsumption of pulses and avoid too much of sugar…also I’ve heard charcoal tabs are useful but you have to increase your vitamin intake because charcoal tends to absorb all the vitamins in the body.during exam time you can try anti spasmodics and anti cholinergics or antacids which will minimise the rumbling albeit for a short time. saumya

Answer #30

haha eat something

Answer #31

same ere e11i3. I cant do work because im worried about my stomach. im getting to the point now I need to do something. I’ve got 7 weeks off school so for 7 week im going to try and eat healthy and drink water and try peppermint tea. I might even take some tables to get rid of things in the stomach. I think its because we have acid in our stomach which we need to get rid of which might stop it. anyone else no what we can do?

Answer #32

I am 13 years old and I have had the same problem since I was 8, I finally found something that works. Get Culturelle and take a couple of Tums. Aslo try eating heatlhier, that doesnt mean become a vegitarian just eat more fruits and vegstables. Drinking things and keeping a little snack and eating more offten will help too. I am always embaressed by it and this seems to fix things. It’s called IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome), we have nothing to be ashamed of. We all have to stick togeather.

                              - Rumbling Soul
Answer #33

Yea so mine is like practically constant. It rumbles like almost always even after I eat and am full, I took some tums and that helped but also just anything with peppermint and honey works too but I don’t know I’m going to see my doctor. They can be so loud and are annoying.

Answer #34

I had the same problam. eat salt crakers with a bit of milk.

Answer #35

How to stop stomach rumbling during exams_ I suffer fro this problem for 9 years, and it is reallz devastating. Regards exams or other situation of quit room - my solution is wearing a diving suit. It really muffle the sounds of the stomach. Ofcourse, it is not so comfortable, but you maz be able to concentrate on the exam and not the stomach… Wear the diving suit under your cloth. This is usually two part- external suit and internal suit, to better muffle the sound. you can also insert a towel in betwen. It really works and help during exams!

Answer #36

same here but the thing is everyone in my class has it also! I drink shakes in the mornings, and I suck in my stomache when its about to rumble,I cough right when it happens,I go to the restroom, I ask for a tissue, after lunch I sneak a bag of chips and eat them seceretly, and it helps if you tell the person next to you are starving and your stomache is going to growl and you kinda force your stomache to do this so it doesnt actually happen.. I also break my pencial and sharpen it again.. or tap on the desk when your doing a test make it seem as your thinking or something,and if your close in that class and everyone knows you including the teacher make it obivous and smack your stomache and tell it to shut up in front of everyone as a joke… there are some ideas to do but dont worry everybody has this!

Answer #37

I have had stomach rumbling for over a year and I thought it was just me till I came on here and looked at the storys. I have been getting heart burn aswell lately so it must be acid in the stomach. It drives me mad as I feel bloated and my stomach is on all the time before and after eating food I dont eat much but it might be down to eating large portions and not eating healthy and I eat my food to fast. I am going to try a diet and eat more fruit and veg and drink more water to see if that works if not I will go see my doctor about it.

Answer #38

omg mine does it and it really gets to me! I dread going to school because im in yr 9 so I have my dinner at 12:20 not 11:35 anymore I am also dreading year 11 where you dont go to dinner until 1:30! I eat and eat and eat in a morning I get up at 7 and for 2 hours I just eat, I’ve tried porridge and everything and it doesnt work for me!!! I have double art before dinner tommorow and I am sat in the middle of 2 idiot boys! everyone in art it is silent too and I try my hardest not to think about it but I do! But I Do Eat Something At Break And That Tends To Help maybe try eating a lot the night before. if you feel like its going to rumble heres sum stuff you can do: Cough Loudly, ask the teacher if you can go to the toilet and then you cud eat something, press your stomach against the desk, fiddle a lot, make a loud noise, movement: if you move around a bit maybe go and sharpen your pencil it tends to help !:)

Answer #39

I went to my cousin’s funeral a few years back (it was in the morning and I’m like you, just can’t eat too early) and my stomach growled so loud that the people on both sides of me turned to look at me at the same time. I took a fit of laughter (silent) and couldnt stop for about 10 or fifteen minutes. I only hope everyone thought I was sobbing and not laughing. I was hunched over and laughing so hard the tears were streaming. No good to tell me it was rude, I know that, but you know what its like when you can’t stop. I was helpless. I was mortified.

Just be thankful you’re in school and not at a funeral.

Answer #40

The sound comes from pockets of air moving in the intestines. I raelly think the best thing is to look over your diet.

If I get it I’m normally leaning over books at school, but when I sit up straight it usually stops.

Answer #41

I am 11 years old and I have this same problem at school. For some people. If you are going to work or school and say you get up at 7:00 am well wake up like 30 minutes early to eat a good breakfast. Dont eat a tiny amount or else you could get hungry again. Eat a BIGG breakfast. By the time you get to work or school, your stomach rumbling should last you until your break, or lunch time. I have this same problem. It is normal to me, just do that process. You should be fine. (: Hope this helps! -Alexx

Answer #42

My tummy rumbles all the time.My doctor said drink more water.If your stomach makes a sound to the eqivalent to a cat meowing or if you feel hungry or bloated abnormaly,you may have IBS, Digestive Disease, Cariosio’s Disease, Crohn’s diease or stomach abnormality. If not eat a lot of fibre and drink a lot of water.

Answer #43

OMG I have the exact sme problem as all u I need a solution, because its starting to get too routinal!!! I eat andf eat and eat and it still rumbles. I;m the only one in my class who s tummy runmble is SO LOUD. it so embarassing, I dread exams and practise exams. I sit there holding my stomach and it really hurts because im tensing the muscles. fidgeting doesn’t work. nor does holding your breath!!! its ridiculous. I feel like the onkly one. how funny it is that loads of people have the same damn problem.

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