Sniffing my pillow :d hahah

Kay..I'm always smelling my pillow,my mom thinks thats weird because I like walk around the house with it sumtimes..I dunno I just like the smell.lmaoo she thinks I have a sniffing problem >_< is it really THAT weird?? I mean geez lol

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I don't think its weird either.

I sometimes smell my pillow and I love smelling the shampoo from my hair. I think you like to smell your pillow since maybe its the smell of your shampoo or maybe you spray some perfume or cologne on it. I don't think its a sniffing problem, your mom doesn't understand I guess.

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I've been smelling my pillow since I was a baby too, when it gets to dirty I throw it out and buy a new one, it takes 2 days of sniffing for it to start smelling the way I like it! I thought I was alone with this its so comforting to know other people do it too. I'm 24 now and still smell my pillow, I dont walk around with it anymore but I smell it to sleep and if im just relaxing or watching t.v. I have 2 kids (4yrs & 1yr) my 4 yr old has caught me doing it and he does it sometimes I think its rubbing off on them, soon we'll be a family of sniffers! LOL, p.s. my husband thinks its cute :)

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a sniffin problem? lol
no I do that alor too. I just like smell things to get us to em. I don't know why but its not really weird

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I feel better now haha She thought I was weird D: lol

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angelbby SOO DO I !!! :D haha srsly I'm always smelling my hair !!! lol

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*cough cough* nooo *cough cough* hehehe =P

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Not really, you just the smell of your shampoo!

As for me I like spraying cologne and smelling it...

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haha thats funny :p
sniffing problem ? if it was a sniffing problem...wouldnt you sniff other stuff too ?...unless you do sniff other stuff lol.
hmm ilike to sniff my hair sometimes lol
I've never sniffed my pillow tho...maybe ishould try it haha

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Hi, I've been smelling pillows since I was 1! I started off liking silk material and even smelt the lining on my dad's jacket. Now I carry my pillows (and any other pillows in the house) around the house smelling them..I suppose it gives me some sort of the way other kids suck their thumbs...we need pillows anonymous to help us kick this habbit dont you think?

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no its just a habbit you have like biting your nails or playing with your hair.

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Hey...I hope you're not calling me weird ;-P

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I've been smelling my pillow since I was a baby too!!! But the same one. It's comforting. And it replaced my thumb sucking. But my parents think I'm too old to be doing it (19). I REALLY THOUGHT I WAS ALONE! They said that I need to really break the habit before I turn 21! And if I go out in the living room to watch a movie its with me in my lap or whenever I go to sleep. I only take it outside with me when I'm spending the night withs someone, and sometimes I don't even do that b/c I'm afraid that I might accidently leave it there! =/

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Apparently you aren't alone. I have found numerous postings by people who derive comfort from sniffing pillows. Tell me, is it ALL of you pillows, or just one in particular?

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oh my goodness this is crazy.. ive been thinking my entire life i was a weirdo, i cant believe people do this too. iv been sniffing my pillow for as long as i can remember and its not because of my shampoo, i dont know why i do it. but i do the same thing after i wash my pillow case it takes me a couple days for the smell to be just right.. haha, thats crazy. :) and i still bring my pillow into the living room to watch tv or go on the computer and sniff it like i am right now, all my friends know but they all got used to it, :p

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