Who knows anything about snake bite piercings?

ok so I really want to get snake bites but I am really scared that it will erode my teeth. and I also have a huge fear of needles, though I can stand a lot of pain. And I know my mom will never let me get them. But if I do them myself or have a friend do them she won’t make me take them out, has anyone actuall SEEN someone get an infection by piercing it themselves? So, basically my 3 worries are will it erode my teeth, does it hurt (on a scale from 1 to 10 one being not at all 10 being horrible.) and has anyone seen an infection?

Answer #1

nah I got snake bites yesterday it doesnt hurt that much it just stings for about 1 second each piercing it hurts about 3/10 and aslong as you clean it every day with boling water and salt or a tcp it will stop it getting infected if I was you I would get mine done proffesianly (it will stop the risk of infection and plus if it goes wrong you can sue them JOKE) mine cost 40 pounds but it was well worth it Hope you get it done and like it


Answer #2

I have snake bites they dont hurt at all. It doesnt erode your teeth and I have the loops. You lip wont fall off. If you take care of them they wont get infected. all you have to do is spray them with salt water a few times a day. rinse your mouth with mouth wash after you eat anything. It’s not hard to take care of at all. But yea no pain and easy to take care of.

Answer #3

what if you have braces. because im dying to get them but my mom said not until I get my braces off. any advice? get them or wait?

Answer #4

Uh, what are snake bites? Are those the pierings in each cheek?

Answer #5

ugh… snake bite are when you get a little spike or ring on each side of your bottom lip. how could their lips fall off?! ouch!!

Answer #6

I real want snake bites an I’m trying to convince my gardian to let me get them done.. Anyone got good reasons y?? I Leary a lot bout snake bites from Reading this an if I get them done I will deff get hoops instead of studs to make sure it don’t press in my mouth an to m keep them clean whoop


Answer #7

snake bites are awesum…I got them done for my 18th…I just find that when I play with them they chip my teeth and when I first got it done, it started to irritate my gums…I suggest you get one at a time…its seriously not that bad

Answer #8

I got mine done yesterday my lip is so swollin but they are cute as ever I don’t know I think you shouldnt do them yourself and forget your mom you have one life you can die tommoro then you will wonder how would I have looked with my bites so I say go for it its you not her at the end of the day :)

Answer #9

okay, so these people are idiots. do not do it yourself. learned that the hard way. I advice you to get it professionally done. if your parents won’t let you then, oh well. wait til’ you turn 18. it’s not a big deal. I’ve had my lip pierced for almost 4 years and I’m a professional piercer. if your stubborn and you want to pierce your lip yourself then hear this; buy a 14g hallow needle and pierce it. make sure it’s aligned correctly. you don’t want to look fucking stupid. make sure the needle is sterilized and the proper jewelry piece of your choice. I recommend you start off with a horse shoe ring or a stud. because cbr’s (captive bead rings) are a little tough to get on and off. wait till your piercing is healed to wear captive bead rings.

I still recommend you get it done professionally. do not use a safety pin, sewing needle, etc. it’s the most stupid thing you could decide to do.

Answer #10

doesnt hurt at all really, I didnt use any type of pain releiver, just dont hesitate, put it thru straight and ull b fine..they hurt about a 3 without pain releivers, with um.. maybe a 1? I did my friends and he didnt know it was thru yet.. theyre great, they dont erode your teeht if you get the correct labret and there is minimal risk of infection. as the mouth creates bacteria to kill off infection (or you would like die by eating a party cooked steak lol) and it heals up nice and quick. I recomment DIY but thats just me, I love the feeling of needles. I personally didnt take care of mine at all and I didnt get infected, not smart dont do that im retarted. clean it out with before mentioned listerine or any other oral friendly bacterial sanitizer. if you need to talk about it add my msn? G3thid0ntdie@HOTMAIL.COM

If you use yahoo its Zorngot@Hotmail.com

please ask me about anything to do with piercings I’ve done several myself,

Answer #11

Don’t forget not everyones mouth is the same. Mine hurt, a lot. I just barely got them done. About 4 days ago? get hoops when you first get them done, your lip swells a lot… and mostly if you already have a large bottom lip, the backing of the stud pushes against the inside of your lip. And it won’t heal properly. And don’t be afraid to changed them when it does.

Answer #12

omg this is really helpful I was gonna get snake bites on my birthday in april but im getting braces in january so I wasnt sure if you could get them or not well now I know ill try and get the rubbery ones once I’ve had them peirced ^_^

Answer #13

If you get snakebites get hoops, studs suck. Snakebites dont hurt that bad tho. Just dont make him laugh, seriously

Answer #14

so I did mine myself with a safetly pin… not very smart. I was 14 at the time. I am now 18 and the damn thing wont close. get it done professionaly. they close up when you take them out.

__ besides that. they feel like a pinch. pain wise the worse thing to get pierced is your septum. yeah.

you have a possibility of anything you get pierced infected. it has nothing to do with how it’s pierced. you have to take care of them until they heal.

btw. it takes 4-6 weeks for them to heal.

Answer #15

I got snake bites 3 weeks ago, and I’d say it hurt about 3/10. Make sure that when you rinse your mouth out you use a non-alcohol mouth wash (also rinse after everything you put in your mouth thats not water), I use Biotene. Also make sure that you also wash them with soft soap and use a q-tip DO NOT PICK AT IT WITH YOUR FINGERS, I would make sure to wash it several times a day for the first week or so then you can go down to once a day. Another good trick to get it to heal faster is when you get it done ask your piercer to purchace a bottle of H2Ocean. Sailene is awesome!

Answer #16

I really want snake bites, but my mom is really agenst them. she is affaid of what other people will think. like my family on one side, is kinda of red-neck ish and I dont want them to be wierded out be me. they already hate me for being vegatarian. so yeahh, should I judt go for it?

Answer #17

I’ve had them for about 4 days.. my lip is still swollen but the pain is minimal.. I got studs in they first.. I dont recommend this cause it swells and presses the studs agaisnt the inside and the outside of your lip. I wonder how long before this swelling goes down.. its almost 4th day down and its still pretty swollen :(

Answer #18

I just got snakebites recently. As long as you take care of your teeth and make sure it doesn’t rub against them too much you should be fine. If you are really worried about it find acrylic ones. It’ll be easier on your teeth. Secondly you’ll get an adrenaline rush before you get it pierced so the first one will not hurt but the second one might. It’s not too bad though and I don’t have a high tolerance for pain. Thirdly your lip is extremely easy to get infected. So firstly I would not want a friend to do it because they could also get them uneven. It’s not as easy as it looks. It took a professional to get a second opinion to determine if mine were even. But if you decide to anyway just make sure you wash the outside of your lip with antibacterial soap (non scented) and use mouth wash 6-8 times a day for the inside of your mouth. I also recommend hoops not studs until it heals. DO NOT drink from a straw. And just use common sense.

Answer #19

awesome!! so jealous let me know how it turns out !!

Answer #20

Piercings. If you are wondering how bad it hurts, it all depends on your tolerance of pain. If you handle pain, then it will not be that bad, but if it is not the easiest thing for you, then maybe a lot. Second, yes if you are not careful with the jewlery that goes in, what kind you get or how you wrear it, it possibly can mess up your teath, but not erode them. Be careful with how you play with them, that kind of stuff. Infections are not good. I reccomend you don’t do it yourself. The piercer will give you a cleaning solution. Make sure you rinse your mouth with salt water, mouthwash, something to that effect. Be careful of the alcohol content. Another reson why you should not do it yourself, there Is a major vein in your lip., and if you hit that, it is not good. I watched my friend bleed for an hour or so, gushing blood, because she did not know what she was doing. Hope this helps.

Answer #21

well . I want snakebites. but my boyfriend is worried that it’ll feel weird when we makeout& like that stuff.

Answer #22

k. so.. if I were to get snake bites. ima guy. uhm. it really wouldn’t hurt? if. I used pain relievers? whats the best med for them?

Answer #23

nah its not that bad I did mine myself. just 1 thing. DO IT QUICK

Answer #24

Got My Snakebites done but not in the normal fashion I got my labrit done It hurts at a minimum no worse than a tattoo if you don’t know what they feel like is like if you were to put your tongue on a 9 volt battery…ibuprofen keeps swelling at a minimum I payed 60 for it prof. done get non alcoholic mouthwash and contact saline solution works the best for keeping it clean wash your face constantly for about a week after that you can go one or twice a day depending on your skin type…if you smoke wash mouth after every cigarette it seems like a task but its kind nice for your breath to smell like smoke lol.

Answer #25

hello, I just recently got my snakebites done and my friend did them. the scale of it hurting when getting it pierced is probably a 2. I barley even felt the needle at all. it hurts afterwards for about a week making it hard to eat. your lip swells up and it’s really sore. but the bactine always helps that! I have had em for 2 1/2 weeks and sometimes don’t even notice they are there because they don’t hurt anymore. they barley even scratch my teeth just depends on the type of ring your going to get. mine are sized 14’s. I clean them 5 times a day (usually), when I wake up, after I eat breakfast, after I eat lunch, after I eat dinner, and before I go to bed. I don’t think they will get infected as long as you keep them clean like I do! :D if you need anymore help you can email me: kayleeross2012@yahoo.com

Answer #26

They don’t hurt what so ever, 1

I pierced them myself with a saftey pin.. you’ll be fine for infection

and my teeth are fine.

Answer #27

it wont erode your teeth, it hurts like a 4 so I’ve been told. and yes people have been infected they like have to get their lips repaired cause their lips like fall off. DON”T DO IT YOURSELF

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