Snake bite piercings

Did getting your snake bites done hurt ? Boy or girl ? Do you think its hot on girls ? Like on a scale from 1 to 10 Where did you go ? Was it with the gun or ? How much did it cost ?

Thanks =]

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Oh seriously… people FAINTING from them? I highly doubt they’re THAT bad. Don’t scare the poor girl! I think those people just had low pain levels. You should be fine… if you want them, get them.

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No it dosnt hurt… I did one myself and that one did hurt,, Girl I would say DONT DO IT.. Your going to have scares on your face for the rest of your life, and ill tell you right now its very ugly. percinings itsself is 3, I dont find them nice anymore. My bathroom and a piercing shop No Gun with both. for one like 70… Btw, 2/3 people that go faint in the chair. friends a piercing person.. and the lady who did mine told me..and it will f*ck up your teeth.. My guns are all worn down.

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omg you guys are full of crap, I got my snake bite done, cost 100$ with both labret, got them pierced in less then 5 min god it didn’t hurt, if people says or think I’m a liar add me on msn I’ll send a pic (angelicshadow@live) so yeah hun, if you want them get them, it doesn’t hurt, and on a girl its really hot =), I went at a pro, and when he pierces you, he should be using needles, gun WILL hurt because of pressure, make sure she/he shows the needle being taken out of the sterile box or wtv it is in sealed and like I said before, cost me 100$ but I live in East of Canada, everything is pricier =3

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well… mattthew. your kinda an idiot. ill just probably mash your face in. so dont be all tough punk. aight?

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did getting your snake bites done hurt ?
depends on you pain tolerance, but generally, not that much they clamp your lip, stick a hollow NEEDLE through and then thread the jewelrey through the needle

BOY OR GIRL ? im a girl

do you think its hot on girls ?
yes and no, not on really young kids who dont know much about peircings though

like on a scale from 1 to 10? for me it was about a 1, I got them done a few years ago and I have a high pain tolerance

where did you go ? to a profesional

was it with the gun or ? no, you should never get anything peirced with the gun, especially something like your lip. people at the salon and mall who use it are inexpirienced and unqualified, the gun is disgusting and full of germs from othere peoples blood because they dont clean it. the people using it have no idea what there doing. peircers have been trying to get the peirce of crap banned, and using it is about as good as sticking a nail through your lip…because the gun isnt sharp…its blunt if you want a profesional peircing, they must yuse a surgical steel needle if they dont, walk straight out

how much did it cost ? lip peircings on average cost $50 each, give or take a few dont pay any less than $30 and any more than $60 so expect to pay around $100 for both

also be aware of some other things if your school has a dress code they wotn allow it you cant easily hide it from anyone if your under 16 youll need to bring a parent with you to consent to this if you want a job consider that most jobs find facial peircings unprofesional and if you decide to take it out later on youll be left withg a small pimple/freckle sized scar so theres a lot more to consider than just “ I want one it looks cool”

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I love the snake bite piercings on guys and girls. I have mine done and I think they look great. My fiance thinks they are really really sexy. I didn’t think it was painful at all. It cost me $80. It was $40 for each piercing. Don’t be afraid, it looks great! It may feel different for a little bit, but you’ll get use to it.

Answer #9

Don’t listen to the other 2. They’re full of it. If you want them, get them. It doesn’t matter if your a guy or a girl. The pain involved will depend on how much pain you personally can handle. Most of the time, they’re not near as painful as some people make them out to be. Get them done at a PROFESSIONAL place. As for cost, ask the piercer. It’ll probably be done with a needle. But don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of at all. The piercer will know what they’re doing. And don’t worry if it’ll look “hot” or not. Girls AND guys can get ANY piercing OR tattoo they please! It’s their body so it’s their choice. Don’t worry about what others will say. If you want them, get them. You can still get a job too so ignore anyone who says you can’t. If you need anything else or need to know any other info please funmail me and I’ll talk with you further.

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if you want them, get them. its your choice, dont listen to anyone for something that has to do with your body. If you do get them, go to a piercer. they normally run anywhere from 60 to 80 dollars from a clean, reputable piercer. The pain all depends on you. it definately hurts, but if you have any other piercings (other than your ears) it will probably be able the same, it is pretty mild. It will be done with a needle, one at a time, please dont try to do it by yourself, you’ll only cause yourself more pain than is necesscary. When you get them, make sure to keep them clean, you dont want them getting infected, thats anything but fun. They will swell up, and you’ll have a fat lip for a few days, but nothing completely ridiculous.

please realize that there is a chance that even an experienced piercer may hit a vein in your lip, but dont worry, it will only bruise and be gone within a week. you cannot bleed out by hitting a vein in your lip, and once they heal up, you’ll be left with your snakebites. I have had mine for a few years and I love them. they are well worth the few seconds of pain.

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Yeaah, I pierced mine myself and it didn’t hurt at all, and the pain is apparently even less if you get it done proffesionaly, wich I urge you to do as the risk of infection is a lot lower! the only reason I did mine msyelf was because of lack of money and the local piercing shop wanted £45! just for the one wich is a piss take if you ask me. Im thinking of getting snakebites myself but am worried that they will get in they way and just become a nuisance. And it really depends on the person wether they suit them or not I personally like them on girls aswell as guys. Dont ever get them done with the gun, its much more painfull as a blunt object is used always use a steriized needle! I was an arse and used a trawing pin wich I found out was to small so I have to strech it with a taper, and man was that a pain in the arse. I think it was well worth it in the end especially free of charge! I also have both ears pierced one is streched to a 12mm and the other 6mm (wich I also did myself). Peace out mother brothers X Add me on msn < please dont ask I was young and bored :)

Answer #13

Hey im a girl and I was thinking of getting them to like they look so cool! but my parents suck and I dont bother asking for something that they wont allow was thinking of getting them and hiding the wholes with makeup or sumtin..they would never notice..but I have a big mouth of a sister So I decided just to go to clares and get sum fake ones for school..they look real..but the you cant take them off aroun the people who saw you in them because then theyll laf at u.. it hurts depending on your pain level..most people dont cry its like getting your ears pearced(I’ve herd) its just a quick shock and pinch and then its over=]

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