is smoking weed good for your health?

Answer #1

it can be.

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dats wats up!!!:D

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I heard it can be good if you have asthma. I also heard from a mate (dont know if it’s true, just heard it from a mate) that weed without tobacco is harmless, but with tobacco is really addictive and can be bad for you. I guess it just depends. I think there is pro’s and cons of weed. I don’t think it’s bad for your health, but I don’t think it’s good for your health either. It’s just.. meh. But that doesn’t mean if you smoke loads and loads you’ll be very healthy. Too much of ANYTHING is bad for you.

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Answer #5

dats firme!!!! i love my weed :DD

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One of the saddest things in North America is the lack of clinical trials on marijuana use. Many other countries in the world have already performed such tests in order to destroy myths about this, which has been in use for thousands of years… mainly for medicinal purposes.

The data from previous studies, published in numerous books and scholarly journals, covered such matters as marijuana’s effects on the brain, lungs, immune and reproductive systems; its impact on personality, developmental and motivational states; and its addictive potential.

Although these studies did not answer all remaining questions about marijuana toxicity, they generally supported the idea that marijuana was a relatively safe – not totally free from potential harm, but unlikely to create serious harm for most individual users or society.

There is no existing evidence of anyone dying of marijuana OD. Tests performed on mice have shown that the ratio of cannabinoids (the chemicals in marijuana that make you high) necessary for OD to the amount necessary for intoxication is 40,000:1.

For comparison’s sake, that ratio for alcohol is generally between 4:1 and 10:1. Alcohol OD’s claim approximately 5,000 casualties yearly, but marijuana OD’s kill no one as far as any official reports.

Marijuana is psychoactive because it stimulates certain brain receptors, but it does not produce toxins that kill them (like alcohol), and it does not wear them out as other dr.ugs may. There is no evidence that marijuana use causes brain damage. Studies performed on actual human populations will confirm these results, even for chronic marijuana users (up to 18 joints per day) after many years of use.

In fact, following the publication of two 1977 JAMA studies, the American Medical Association (AMA) officially announced its support for the decriminalization of marijuana.

In reality, marijuana has the effect of slightly increasing alpha-wave activity in your brain. Alpha waves are generally associated with meditative and relaxed states, which are, in turn, often associated with human creativity.

Marijuana does impair short-term memory, but only during intoxication. Although the authoritative studies on marijuana use seem to agree that there is no residual impairment following intoxication, persistent impairment of short-term memory has been noted in chronic marijuana smokers, up to 6 and 12 weeks following abstinence.

Hope this answers you question :)

Answer #7

every day

Answer #8

yeah im not ganna read all dat!! 2 long! as long as it lifts me its all firme

Answer #9

lol basically it said it’s a safe and it can be good for your health…

Answer #10

No, if u smoke it all the time, it’s best to drink tons of water.

Answer #11

oh ok thnxs!!! i hate readin :p

Answer #12

why water when i can drink beer!!:D

Answer #13

Honestly it can help many people, I myself have epilepsy and it helps me a lot, My friends father has MS and it helps him incredibly, my other friend has tourettes syndrome and it helps him as well. When people start abusing it and using it just to get high it’s not good for you no. But when it genuinely can help you yes it’s much better then many of the other medications out there.

Answer #14

did you get this info from a website bc i want to convice my friend that weed doesnt damage your health….. i dont understand why they wont legalize weed though,, isnt the govt always looking for a way to get money??

Answer #15

Best answer. :)

Answer #16

finally sumone dast thinks like me!!!:))

Answer #17

I doubt it’s “good for your health”….it helps with pain…however so does coc.aine, her.oin, and dilaudid…none of which would be deemed “good for your health”. Anytime you’re sucking in smoke, you’re damaging your lungs. The worst part about cigarettes is NOT nicotine, it’s the daily intake of tons of smoke.

Answer #18

it makes me feel good so yes

Answer #19

I’m sorry but your 15 you hardly should be bragging about drinking and smoking weed.

Answer #20

hahaha u dnt noe nothin of me say dnt say anythin :p

Answer #21

First off learn to both spell and type, second off your 15 and bragging about drinking and smoking that doesn’t make you cool. You’ll realize this with age and maturity though.

Answer #22

hahaha i noe how to spell but i dnt feel like writin da whole words!!! when did i say i was cool!!!

Answer #23

Yes I got this info. from a website.

Answer #24

Saying how you smoke and drink and such is an obvious attempt to sound “cool” i’m telling you now when you get older your going to realize the toll it takes. I’ve done and been addicted to more dr()gs then i can name and really it’s not worth it. Getting sober is easy staying sober is HARD. Hopefully you never have to go through that but the fact your drinking and smoking at 15 is a bad foot to start off on.

Answer #25

Honestly I think weed should be legalized in the US so that the people that actually need it for health problems can easily get it, and so that people who just enjoy its effects can enjoy it without having the cops after them 24/7…I mean seriously its not like meth or anything…lol

Answer #26

Luckily it’s legal for medicinal purpose in many states now, Oregon being one of them.

Answer #27

i wonder if u can block ppl here dat r annoyin!!!???

Answer #28

Ha. Wow. Have fun when you end up in a gutter spare changing for food at 17.

Answer #29

well i wanna become a drug dealer for LA FAMILIA MICHOACANA… but yea i dnt do it dat often!!! nor i want to get addicted!! so yeah

Answer #30

No one WANTS to get addicted, no person does a drug and thinks oh i’m gonna end up throwing away my life for this. But it happens. Often.

Answer #31

r u a guy or girl anyway???

Answer #32

If you put your mouse over my picture it says female, and “hippiepeaceprincess” seems like a girl name in my opinion.

Answer #33

Uhm askmen is not a scholarly journal. The evidence for its benefits or risks are few (mostly because it is an illegal drg). I’m all for making it legal, but all drgs have an effect on the body. Marijuana does too. It may be less than alcohol or tobacco but so what. Being better than another dr*g doesnt make it good for your body.

Answer #34

You heard that inhaling smoke can be good for asthma? Seriously?

Answer #35

Well.. since you put it in that way… I guess not. Haha. I’ve never tried weed, but cigarette smoke makes my asthma even worse so… hm…

Answer #36

lol, that’s kinda where i was going with it. I cant smoke anything because of my asthma. I havent tried weed, but i doubt it would be any different.

Answer #37

Well i was just on google and it does help but only short term or makes you think it’s helping your breathing. hm. weird. ah well.

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It does have an effect on the body. It impairs short term memory loss (while intoxicated), and, like anything you smoke, is bad for your lungs. But it does help people, so in some cases yea, it is good for your body.

Answer #39

her.oin helps with pain. Just because something can help people doesnt make it good for the body.

Answer #40

an even better example is chemotherapy. you’re putting poison into your body. Is it helpful, yes. Is it good for the body, no…

Answer #41

I see your point.

Answer #42

Most medications in general aren’t good for you but they are benefitial.

Answer #43

But we’re not talking about using weed as a medication are we? We’re talking about using weed recreationally. And believe me, I have nothing against that. But lets not lie about dr*gs harming the body. We use it in spite of the harm.

Answer #44

yea…true :)

Answer #45

I’m not speaking against you, I was just saying another point to go along with your chemotherapy statement. And idk who made this question straight about recreational use. I dont smoke “recreationally” I legally smoke for epilepsy and it definitely is no where near as bad as the other medications i could be taking.

Answer #46

you’re no fun :P agreeing with me and all that!

Answer #47

Haha well sorry i’ll be more fun. NO your wrong, weed is fabulous for you causes no harm at all. In fact inhailing heated plant material is wonderful lung therapy!! (for saftey purpose i’m lying haha)

Answer #48

Lol, it’s way more fun to argue with people who dont have an argument and see them just sputter into silence ;)

Answer #49

sorry to be “no fun” again but i do agree with that as well ;p I love arguing with people who have no idea what there talking about, makes me feel all smart and such haha.

Answer #50

I think it probably can be for some people. But I think people like the individual who posted this question shouldn’t be smoking it. Obviously they aren’t going to be the best examples to try and prove to others that it could have health benefits.

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