Does smoking make you poop more?

When I was in Magaluf I smoked more than I usually do... But I found that I was pooing a lot... Why is that!?

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First up in Magaluf and England smoking was legal at 16. Until recently smoking in the UK has been bumped up to 18. But that doesn't stop me or my partner. And Jacko.. I don't dabble with drugs if you read my profile on FunAdvice!

I am locking this thread now because it has nothing to do with drugs.

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it was the water out there, water abroad is well known for upsetting the tummy.. could be water or ice cubes or even eating fruit/salad washed in tap water... smoking more won't make your bowels more active.

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no need to fear the good dr. jacko is here:
to answer youre question it all depends on what you smoke like meth and crack have been known to carry baby exlax which then yes it does make you poop more but cigars ciggaretts have alot of chemicals but none of them exlax ive of ish although it does help to push out youre poop when you smoke because it calms you down and smoking in a young age is fine ive been smoking since the age of ten and i dont plan to quit ill tell you how long i live later
the good dr.jacko

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Maybe you ate something that made you poop. Cigarettes don't usually do that. Might be the ambiance as well

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