How can I get smoke/soot stains out of carpet?

(The new house we are moving into has massive soot/smoke staining on the carpets upstairs as the people used the wood furnace incorrectly. I’ve tried spot cleaning the really bad areas and steam cleaning yet infront of the vents is still quite black. I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions of things I could try? Sadly, we can not afford to replace the carpeting right now)

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try Bi Carb Soda.

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Thank you very much! I will definitely give it a try!

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There is a way to do it. You first put baking soda on the area with soot, let it stand for 10 minutes than vacuum the area with the hose attachment. Apply a small amount of grease, tar and adhesive remover onto the stain. wait 10 to 15 minutes, than dab it with a towel. Use a small amount of cold water to treat the area, than use a fan or hair dryer to warm the area back up. Thats how of heard you can get rid of soot stains. But in all honesty, just get a new carpet. It would easier on the both of us.

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your welcome :)

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My buddy over here said replace it, and I have to agree with him, but that is probably not the answer you are looking for.

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Soot is a carbonized deposit. It can stain very quickly if liquefied through liquid chemical removal. So, do NOT use any type of liquid cleaner to try and get rid of the stains first. You want to remove as much smoke residue as you can using dry method.

Sprinkle a good amount of table salt on the entire area. Allow the salt to settle for at least 15 minutes then vacuum. If the stain is very dark and heavy…you should leave it for about 30 minutes to an hour before vacuuming.

Then, apply a spot remover. A stain remover that will remove grease and tar will work best on soot and smoke stains. Let it sit about 15 to 30 minutes, then blot the stained area with a clean white cloth. You may need more than one cloth, as you don’t want to keep blotting once the cloth gets dirty. Once you’ve blotted as much as you can, sponge cold water onto the stained area. Blot again, lifting as much soot as possible. Then, dry the area with a fan and by pressing the area with towels.

If the stain is still there, try using the spot remover product again. After doing all this, and you still have a stain, you should get a professional carpet cleaner to come in and see what they can do. If they can’t get the remaining stain out, the only thing you can do is get a new carpet.

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Guys this is to much work call in a crew to clean or replace the carpet.

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No problem. :] Chris, she asked “How can I get smoke/soot stains out of carpet?”…implying she would like to do it herself, which is fine. Maybe she doesn’t want to waste money on a cleaning crew when she could possibly solve the problem on her own. I think it’s good to try and solve things on your own, as long as when you realize you need help with it…you get help. :]

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Also, she said in her description…she cannot afford to replace the carpet right now.

Answer #12

Goto an automotive store, like AUTOZONE and ask for GOJO hand cleaner without pumice, there is regular “white” and there is “orange”, the orange smells great, apply this to the stained areas,rub it in, then rent a capet cleaner, this should remove it.

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