do you sleep with anything under your pillow to defend yourself in case someone breaks into your house?

i have a hammer, a lighter, and a mellon baller…my brother keeps a shoe horn under his pillow :P

Answer #1

No, I have my boyfriend with me to protect me…and besides, nobody has ever tried to break in our house for 17 years…so we aren’t that concerned about it…

Answer #2

Not under my pillow, but I do have a couple axes, a spear, a sword and a viking age shield in my room XP

Answer #3

lol…im parranoid about it :P

Answer #4

:O omg thats awsome! lol..if some one breaks in i can hit them over the head, burn them and scoop their eyes out with a mellon baller…i think i may need a better defense system :P

Answer #5

Haha, no. Well, I could hit them over the head with my laptop, sometimes I fall asleep with that.

Answer #6

yes only if nobodys in the bed with me i keep a broom next to my bed but it started cuz we got a mouse and i was afraid it would b in my room so i ept the broom there i used to keep a poket knife under my pillow but not anymore cuz im afraid ill get stabbed through the pillow so now i sleep with numbchucks under my pillow

Answer #7

Nope, I lock my door and windows and hope to god I magically turn into a ninja :)

Answer #8

lol…i fall asleep holding my laptop and my phone…and i apparently have a death grip on them because this morning my mom tried to see if she could get one of them out of my grip and i wouldnt let go and instead i kicked her :P

Answer #9

lol ya i sleep wit a knife under my pillow cuz my room is close 2 the back door and its creepy

Answer #10

lol…i really dont know why i keep a mellon baller under my pillow…i guess i could scoop out someones eye or something :P

Answer #11

i also sleep with my phone so i can call somone imediantly and macthes and a drill

Answer #12

lol 2 emily

Answer #13

I was wondering what your method was with those utensils XD

Answer #14

lol..yea i know that feeling…my room at my dads house is directly next to the back door and i keep a knife sharpener (it looks like a sword) under my pillow at his place because he always forgets to lock the doors :P

Answer #15

no i dont really sleep with anything under my pillow.. i usually end up grabbing all the pillows and hugging them, but i guess i can use a teddy as a nice object to throw at someone

Answer #16

lol :)

Answer #17


Answer #18

my cuzins n antie that stay with us always 4 get 2 lock the front and back door my room has these windows on my ceiling its freakn creepy n weird

Answer #19

lol…my big brother lives alone in toronto in a basement apartment and all he keeps under his pillow is a shoe horn…but then again he put bars over the glass door and all of the windows :P

Answer #20

WOW That has got to hurt!

Answer #21

i have two big windows in my room and my dad refuses to buy me curtains or blinds so i always feel like people are watching me :P

Answer #22

u have got to be kidding me o.o no curtains or blinds?? wow o.o i would feel awkward all day in that case

Answer #23

nope…my dads super cheap…i hide in my closet to get changed :P

Answer #24

i have windows on top my ceiling and it creepy it always feel like sum 1 is watching me

Answer #25

i hate getting the feeing that someone is watching you :P im like super paranoid about it

Answer #26


I have two extend-able batons, a chain whip, and a 13 inch (8 inch blade) tanto (a really big knife with an armor piercing tip) under my pillow.

Plus there are about 6 knives in the cabinet right by my bed that range from 4 inch blades to 8 inch blades. I also have one 4 inch blader on the underside of my bed.

I also have a legalized switchblade (called an open-assist) on the table about 3 feet from my bed.

I have a compound bow and a short bow hanging above my bed. I also have a bear trap hanging from the ceiling about 3 feet from my bed.

I also have 2 blowguns on another wall 6 feet from my bed. I have a few bamboo fighting leaning on the walls all around my room. I also have a pair of nunchaku (nunchuks) by my bed.

I have a 3 foot machete in the rafters above my bed and a 1 foot machete on the wall about 5 feet from my bed.

I also have 5 slingshots (one of which can kill up to 225 yards) on top of the support pole about 8 feet from my bed.

I have a choke chain on a magnet on the support pole also.

I have a few more things but I don’t feel like listing any more. Needless to say I am well protected and anyone breaking into my house is dead. Lol.

Answer #27

i get paranoid too actually.. they might find out i sleep with a teddy : (

Answer #28

O_o .. im glad i dont break into homes then from that whole list.. i dont want to get hit by a whip .. that might traumatize me for life.. and i guess that would kick out a certain roleplay in the future

Answer #29

When my uncle was alive, I was scared stiff of him: he was barking mad, and he made no secret of the fact that he hated me for all the technical qualifications I had gained, whilst he was nothing more than a shop assistant. I was scared he would turn up unannounced, late at night so I purchased a very large, heavy torch that would double as a cosh. This went to bed with me every night.

Answer #30

lol…im paranoid about some one trying to kill me:P

Answer #31

lol….that deffs tops my hammer, lighter and mellon baller :P

Answer #32

Hehe, I kind of want a hammer not… WAIT! I do have one in the lower part of my cabinet. My bed just prevents me from opening the bottom door so I couldn’t use it. XD

And my lighter is pretty close to my bed. Haha.

But yea, I wouldn’t want to break in to houses either. Just because I scare myself. Lol.

Answer #33

lol…my technique is if someone breaks in i hit them in the head with the hammer, burn them with my lighter and then scoop their eyes out with the mellon baller :P

Answer #34

im seriously lmao right now!!!

Answer #35

you dont even want to get me started on all my defense systems! sheez. i make a con look good! jk,jk lol.1. my dog, will alert me of intruders, so i can wake up. 2. i sleep with my phone and pc. 3. i have a HARD lamp i could crack a head with. 4.i can knock you out with a punch if i wanna. 5. i can cause very very very intense pain without using much force. and im only 13! heheheheh…………………………..

Answer #36

and recent personal studies show that tooth floss can be a very lethal weapon/tool

Answer #37

Every single person in my family excluding my mom is registered as a lethal weapon with the cops so if anyone breaks in my house they’re probably gonna be the one needing the protection lol

Answer #38

That’s a great idea!

Mine is just to chainwhip the around the neck pull them closer and stab them.

Unless they have a gun. Then I’d just chainwhip their arm and slash their wrist. Then when they inevitably drop the gun I pick it up and kill them with it.

Or I’d just let the bear trap do it’s work. and go back to sleep.

Answer #39

I sleep with my fist in a ball and my incredible wit next to me.

Answer #40

lol :P

Answer #41

I don’t necessarily have anything under my pillow, but I keep a sharp knife hidden between my mattress and box spring, I’ve only had to use it once, but nothing or anyone was harmed.

Answer #42

thats good, i think

Answer #43

that wit kicks my ass..

Answer #44

i sleep with my kukri…and if any one wonders what that is here is a pick mine has a blade that is about a foot long

Answer #45

yes, smelly socks

Answer #46

wow what if that stabbed u in ur sleep?

Answer #47

lol it wont its under my bed my bed is extremely low to the ground

Answer #48

not really but i have stuff to throw at them and when i scream i will wake everyone up and the person will cry cause their ears hurt now then i will kick/ punch them then get my strong brother on them

Answer #49

No…if anyone in this little village actually wanted to get into my house, they’d have to get through my St. Bernard mix first…..very protective doggy.

Answer #50

I sleep with one arm under my pillow, COS I KNOW KARATE!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #51

to late lol..u scream and BOOM ur died…from watching movies if someone would break in and u scream u will just make it worse.. i think everyone should carry something just incase

Answer #52

omg scary..

Answer #53

never say that angelee27 U always gotta be prepared..they broke my grandma window trying to climb there and shes been in there for 40 yrs without a hearing something..always prepare

Answer #54

Nothing under the pillow - I move it around to much in my sleep. But right next to the bed is decent sized knife & my katana. And I keep my 30-06 in the closest not far from my bed with 3 in the magazine.

Answer #55

I sleep with my phone! But if anybody tried to break into our house they’d have to go through our Rottweiler dog Molly. She can be mean to people that look bad! And then they would have to physically bend down, pick up my lazy fat cat,but if they tried to even pick her up she would scratch the p!ss out of them.

Answer #56


Answer #57

my dogs, and if thief came to my home i will say please dont hurt me,okay hurt me but dont use my computer,lol

Answer #58

I’d say don’t touch anything that is mine! Because I hate when people I don’t know touches my stuff and get’s there fingerprints all on it.

Answer #59

lol,imagine if the thief is pointing his gun on your head,will you still say the i will say the same,until my gf comes and teaches that thief a lesson.she is the rule maker,in her house and in MY house either. lol

Answer #60

I’d still say the same! I’d be like just wait till my Kaleb comes he is gonna kick your as$! Then whatever the thief said I’d just do the opposite. Or I would be like you know you look hungry and I’m hungry too. Let’s go eat something! Then when we were in the kitchen I would get a knife and stab him in the arm and call the police!

Answer #61

i have a lamp which i can smash round there head -_- and i have tennis racquets in my room which might come in usefull xD

Answer #62

oh,thief gotta be careful inm your home, just let us hope that never happen.

Answer #63

Gosh I know! I’d be more terrified! Hopefully a thief won’t go into anybody’s house

Answer #64

Awh, my mother has a pure bred St. Bernard, Sophie.

Answer #65

lol….lucky…my dog gets scared easily and would run and hide :P

Answer #66

omg lol that made me laugh so hard lol

Answer #67

A dildo :D Just kidding, I dont sleep with anything under my pillow, that’s a tad bit awkward.

Answer #68

hey a dildo can be a deadly weapon, havent you ever seen me, myself and irene

Answer #69

lol would your dog bite his butt off the kick him down xD

Answer #70

And pull his clothes off xD lol

Answer #71

well i would throw stuff at them first. i have stuff i could throw and it will really really hurt

Answer #72

hahaha a dildo is a weapon of mass destruction.

Answer #73

I don’t sleep with anything… I don’t think I would have it in me to stab someone… or hit them with a broom.. I wouldn’t care if they hurt me, just don’t take my tv, laptop, or my deer blanket from Iraq :P Oh! or my ridiculously large dvd collection. :D

Answer #74

haha oO k

Answer #75

I have mace and a machete in my room, I also previously was a professional fighter so i’m not to worried. If someone broke into my house they’d be in for a surprise haha. Some tiny chick running at them with mace and a machete hell i’d run :)

Answer #76


Answer #77


Answer #78

yeah safety is pretty much my concern i sleep wid a knife

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