Fun things to do at a sleepover?

im in 9th grade and I was wondering what were some fun things to do at a sleepoverr

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Makeovers, call or text your crushes, watch movies, just sit around and talk, bury a timecapsule (It was so much fun we were outside until like 2 in the morning laughing hysterically.) Have a dance party, have an '80s or '90s music night. There are so many things to do, so have fun! :)

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Not apropriate chocohilic !

Play the chocolate game where you have two dice and dress up stuff. Its still fun even when your older! Get some dvds out and do a movie night popcorn all that jazz.

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I would mess with the person that first falls asleep wake them up by splashing water but then again that may cause a fight between 9t graders. =D
sounds fun too me
mess with people.

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truth or dare for sure.



*that game, concentration, but not w. alcohol, if you lose, like tell secrets or crushes (or secret crushes)

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sneek out. and a a girl you all hate tp her house, put crayons on her driveway eggs and flower all over her yard and write in red lipstick that she's a wore.
alwayss fun :}

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I don't know wut is really funn but here is a way to keep you up when your eyes get heavy.
1. Put some ice water in a squirt bottle and spray your face then run around the house once and it cools you off.
2. Take a picture and put the flash on and you will be woken up by that bright flash.
Wutever you do its always fun to pull an all-nighter!

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that last on is a little crazyy I think. But you should definetely do some Prank CALLING because that is ALWAYS funn in my book. I always like to use bad voices or some wierd names or I am trying to look for someone like in a wierd voice ask for like NANCY or like SUSAN or FRANCIS some random names.
BUT you have to stay up its most fun when you try to fall asleep and the other does and your awake you definitly have to either tie their hands and feet or give them a "MAKEOVER" wutever is more funn

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makeovers,truth or dare,I have called my crushes before and they don't know who I am.

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um there are truth and dare just games you love to play like strip pocker

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truth or dare was always a fave of mine.

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Hey. I am in grade 9 too and when I have sleepovers with my friends we blast music put a camera some where up high and dance around and the out come is pretty funny! it is a blast when you post them on funadvice and see the ppls comments!! Or you could have a mni game of fear factor where you have to eat mixed fod that your friends make and vise versa! It is gross but really funny to see!

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