fun things to do at a 13yr old sleepover

ok I am 13 and I am having a sleepover 3 of my friends are coming so it will be four of us, I have a little brother who is 5 and he is a light sleeper he is the only problem..does anybody know any good ideas to paly or do.

Answer #1

I like 2 do this game WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!!

its when you blindfold a person and you go in to the fridge and mix 5 things into a little cup and make them eat it and make them guess whats in it. if they get it right, they get to choose who they do it to next. if they get it wrong. they have to take a tablespoon full of mutard or something like that. hope that helps. (:

Answer #2

you could start by when they come in.put a table by the door with a pen and note pad.write “my fave peeps”,you could even write a few famouse ones,or some cute guys from’ll make them feel could have your brother pretend to be a guard too,so he’ll be happy,and it’ll up the feeling.after that,you can go to the kitchen and make up some new food dishes.and if your brother is still up,he be the judge.then you could get dressed up and eat the dishes.(stack up with cake mix)then you go out for a walk(in some SWEET cloths)then watch some favorite movies(with some cute stars ; )then you could do each others makeup,while talking bout your favorite subjects.its kinda childish,but then you could do a fashion show,take pictures,then you could put them on myspace or somin.if there’s time,you just improvise for the rest of the night,you could ask your friends what they want to do to,then you all get to do something they want..have a good sleepover!

Answer #3

yh I got an amzing dog but I live near a pub and a saterday is really busy specially down my fields but I like the ideas I will keep them in mid

Answer #4

Prank calls, hide-in-go-seek outside in the dark, ect…just think of some awesome fun stuff on the spot if you hvae trouble.

Answer #5

movie day?!go to the cinema or bring your own dvds?! :) make up dances to any random songs?!disco?! prank calls?–I know a gud one–whenever someone answers asy—>do you have 4ft6 snake for sale so I can stick it in mi garden or does(pick a random name)cut your garden,if he/she doesnt den who does?!:D Try on different clothes and do a fashion show(<dats what we did at mi sleepover!) :) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :) :)

Answer #6

yh I can twake my dad up because he has to be up at 3:30 in the morning though

Answer #7

I reallii like that idea thanks I think we will do that lol

Answer #8

yh good idea lol I will use my frontroom lol

Answer #9

thanks peeps

Answer #10

One thing that I like to do at sleepovers is make food. Split up in to two teams and see who can make the best desert, dinner or whatever you want to make. Use foods from around the house and make creative dishes. For example, use leftover candy, ice cream cones and chocolate chips! You don’t have to folow a recipe or anything, just be creative and have fun; but remember, to make it good because you have to try your creation after your done.

Answer #11

I do a lot if funn things at my sleepoverrss!! likee vfor exampllee me and myy franns call peopllee alott! and like especially the guys we likee, or we blast the musicc reaally loudd then wheen your parents come pretend to sleep and who ever I the one sleeping over they snore really really loudd and you try not to laugh when your parents comee, or go on a social site, also me and my best friend forever (lol) everytime we have a sleepover (everyweekend) we eat midnight ice creamm which means make sure you have a few flavors of ice cream and like cheeries and whip cream and srinkles and chocolate chips and what ever other toppings you like and eat it at like 12 o’clock at nightt! its soo funn!

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