skinny but still fat..what am I gonna do :(

is it possible to be really fat but wiegh not so much. I am 14 and I weigh 105 pounds, I am 5.5. Most people tell me thats fairly slim. I just look so damn fat. I used to be fat and then after a lot of exercise and a huge cutdown on food I lost a lot of weight now my stomach is skinny but my chest is still big so when I wear clothes I look fat. some people call me anorexic and some are calling me fat. I don’t know what TO THINK ;(

im barely eating anything but I still look so fat . I dont htink im anorexic . is there anyway I can achieve a slim body. I wrk ut a decent amout and am fairly active. please tell me what I can do. help me im so confused. please don’t tell me im skinny cause I know by terms of my weight to my hieght I m but I do not look skinny.

Answer #1

Ok idc how you want to candy coat it but two things. Love how God made you ( I struggle too) & 2,seek HELP you are annorexic. if you are 105 and think youre fat ha…all I can say is even a 2 year old would think that is just insane so I reccomend just eating healthy,and doing cardio/toning so you fit better in your shirts and just MAINTAIN your weight do not loose anymore or more serious health conditions will develeope I just hope you handle this the right way bc I was OVERWEIGHT when I was 14 and 15 overweight meaning I was 5’4 and weighed 172 by the end of the next school year and beggining of jr year…I weighed 105,107 and thought I was gigantious and I look back and see pictures and I’m not much shorter than you only by an inch and I looked disgusting. just be healthy you can be 105 and look 105, just exercise but make sure your food intake equals that to which you burn and the key is eat the right things to get the right nutrients and take a daily vitamin. The right exercise will tone you up just right and youll look 105 and be 105…if thats what you want but not eating at all is just going to your body in starvation mode and will hurt you in the long run,it even causes rapid weight gain once the body recovers even if you werent that big before bc the body will grab onto whatever it gets trust me,go talk to a dr, please.I know what you’re thinking, and no youre not being cool. youll be 21 years old one day and look back like wow I was retarted. PROMISE. anyways im praying for you. this really alarms me bc 105 is just smalll, and can be a good weight IF you live healthy (which includes EATING) Godbless.

Answer #2

shut up I hate it how teenage girls think their fat if your stomach hangs over your pants your fat

Answer #3

no its your poor self esteem and lack of knowledge on what normal body image is that makes you think you look fat really its all in your head because your comparing yourself to fake and unrealistic images that the ,media portrays as normal this kind of thinking can be extreemly dangerouse to your health so it would be best that you see a dcotor and tell him about how you feel about your weight and theyll tell you why your normal and why you shouldnt worry about it

Answer #4

no im not on any meds

Answer #5

ok. are you on any medications?? jw. cause some meds can caue weight gain. and shorter people. can look lil bit more chubbyer and not weigh as much. im 5’ 8’ and went from bout 108lbs too 140lbs in like 3 months caused by a medacation im on.

Answer #6

your hella skinny! yourr so not fat I wish I can weight 105lbs, im jealous

Answer #7

I call my skinny guy friends fat as a joke. theyre joking. please dont listen to them. your fine! and your too underweight too.

Answer #8

Just stay in your Healthy weight range: Put your numbers in the first box and you’ll get a readout of your ideal weight, weight range, and BMI: and weight range automatically shows up in the third box:

Take care !!

Answer #9

ok, you need to listen to yourself… and I want you to try and make sense of this… how can you look fat when you’re skinny? you actually sound pretty underweight… so this could be either of two things… either you have a problem with your perception… you”re seeing yourself as fat when you’re not… or you are a miracle of nature and some how look bigger than your weighing scale tells you you are… you honestly sound like you have an eating disorder… you need to talk to someone…

Answer #10

Just eat really healthy.. make sure your eating enough, I mean if your not eating enough, your not going to grow as tall as you would off (although your a lot taller than me and im almost 16) also when you eat barely anything your body goes into starvation mode and stores everything you do eat which makes you gain weight! So just eat really healthy but get enough calories and your be fine!

Answer #11

don’t listen to c453y. That will just kill you. and no your not fat. if you work out a lot that’s probably muscle, not fat. lol and dont try 2 loose any more weight because your body needs some fat anyway.(why else would it keep it?) youre like, 5 pounds skinnier than me and I’m 13.

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