How can I get confidence to sing louder?

I love singing but I’m too dam shy. I need a way of showing that I can see without doing a solo cause I’ve never sung to anyone in my life…

Answer #1

what it will be it is that you have less confidance in your voice when really if you are good at what you do you should not be afraid to show it when you sing close your eyes and imagin there are people in the room and you will do fine then when you actually come round to singing in front of people just do the same thing and insted of holdin all that sound in let it all out dont be afraid to set free with your vocals. Between me and you i also love to sing and iam good at it but i speak through my nose so that is a down fall for me but iam not gunna quit i would love to be in your persition singing infront of people is not the problem you have it is having more confidence in your voice because all your emotions evolve round your voice and if you are scared and nervers you are bound to mess up so the best thing is to do is relax and enjoy the one thing you love doing overwise you will reuin your chances of becoming a singer everyone is nervers the first time but you will get over it all i am adving you to do is give it a shot it is not hard i sang infront of people for the first time the over week and i enjoyed it now i cant stop singing infront of people lol you will be amazed at what it will achieve so give it ago not for anyone else but for yourself hope you liked my advice!!

Answer #2

You have to get to a point where you love singing more than you fear the crowd. Then it will just happen. I have been a singer for years in bars and whatnot and had the same problem you have. It silenced me for 10 years before I got over it. Get yourself a karaoke machine and sing along to your favorite CD’s and karaoke songs. Do it in the privacy of your own home. Learn to project your voice and get loud and find your own voice. You have to sing your little heart out when no one is around and “break” your voice. It will gain you the confidence you need. Meanwhile, go to a voice lesson! Learning to sing in front of others is a one person at a time thing. Voice coaches are awesome at helping you with that.

I sing so loud so often in front of others now that people tell me to shut up. It’s hard to believe that years ago, I would be embarrassed for hours if anyone “caught” me singing.

Let the music out. As a drummer once told me when I was nervous at an audition, “If you’re bad, we’ll just laugh at you.” and they were still my friends and they still loved me. For me, I think getting good in the privacy of my own home, getting loud and confident was the key. Shy singers are quiet singers. Sing OUT LOUD! Good luck!

Answer #3

well. I usually, start out little by littie, I push myself over the edge. I go into my room, lock the door and sing my heart out, then I sing everywhere I walk in my house. become used to singing in your own home before going out in public, its just like you can’t swim across the atlantic ocean if you can’t swim in a swimming pool. do it in front of your mates, but do it when you don’t think their paying attention to you, that way you wont feel shy but they’ll still be hearing you. sign up for contests, do demo’s, do auditions and soon you’ll be having the confidence of a… a… GodKnowsWhat.

source-I used to be, but I did these exactly and now im in a band called ‘tainted faith’

Answer #4

I was the same way. Then I tried out for varsity show choir, and had to sing in front of a crowd of many aged people. This included the returning (amazing) members and a line of judges. I was shaking very badly. The pianist copied the wrong music of mine, so I was forced to sing half my song a capella. This experience has helped me soooo much!! Now I go to bars and sing karaoke willingly and love it. They actually stopped talking, listened to me, and complimented me after.

What sikashimmer said is what I could suggest to you. Your close friends and family will help support you a lot!! And NEVER think of the negatives when you sing. I stay positive and picture the audience as my wall or mirror I sing to at home. Good luck!!

Answer #5

my name is tyeara and i want to become a singer oneday to so what i use to help me is to pretend that you are in the shower and you can close your eyes

Answer #6

sing in front of friends and family they will support you and they will give you the confidence you need don’t worry they may critise but they are only trying to help you.remember to keep your head up, smile and don’t give up good luck

Answer #7

What I did, I would play a song and sing on the top of my lungs. Even if you think you sound bad, you will get better. I did.

Answer #8

when ur home alone, BELT IT OUT! record urself singing loudly. see how u sound great. eventually show a rent, sib, or friend, by singing louder while there around or in a car. b4 u kno it, ull be singing like a broadway starr!

Answer #9

This may sound bad, but honestly, a crowd of people who don’t know a thing about singing will be impressed by anything. So you have to go out there knowing that they can’t do what you can do. It’s all about confidence.

Answer #10

you know what… I used to just practice & practice & practice that will boost up your confidence! then when you are ready to sing in front of a crowd imagine them all wearing underwear that always helped me Lol. hope I helped =)

Answer #11

Practice in front of anyone you can. Your family your friends etc. The more you get in front of people the more you’ll be used to it, then you’ll actually like the attention!

Answer #12

hey i was that nervous once and hell of a lot shy i was 12 and on mi camp we had a talent quest thingy i had to sing in front of 300 other kids and teachers.. lol but i not how nerve racking it can be but u never no wat will happen if u dnt do wat u love so build up that courage in ur heart and sing ur heart out chicki ull be just fine!

Answer #13

I was like that too. I had a party and I had to sing infront of them. The ohter day I did sing star and I liked a guy in there but he deosn;t know that and he was standing rihgt next to me and could hear me. It was hard at frist put I liked it…a lot and it was fun, So just calm down and have fun

Answer #14

Just close your eyes and pretend like your in the shower and no body can hear you. Im in a screamo band and that was realy hard my first time. because screaming I have to well ya know scream. and I didnt know what people would think of my voice. so thats what I did and it realy worked. As you progress it gets waaayyy easyer.

Answer #15

just don’t think about the fact that your singing to other people. If that doesn’t work I’ve heard that picturing your audience naked works! :) Sing infront of the mirror and get used to your voice. Once you’re confident about your voice you realise just how good you are. I have a friend, Mia who is an absolutly amazing singer, but she doesn’t realise this, so she doesn’t show it, that swhat makes her so special. Good luck!

Annii x x

Answer #16

Well, this is what I think when I’m singing in front of someone. If I’m good then why would they make fun of me? And if I were to sing in front of a crowd, I say to myself. I don’t even know them, so what can they possibly say that would hurt me? It’s like speaking in front of someone but with rhythm and backround music. Not to mention the staring eyes… But don’t think of that.

Answer #17

if it really helps just close your eyes…but you have to be calm first…then start singing as if no ones there…and when you finish the song yu wont even realize the song finished…and everyone would love you singing..but you have to believe in yourself trust you heart…when you singing…you have to mean it…when your singing you want other people to feel what you feel when you singing…you have to trust yourself first.

Answer #18


Answer #19

Just picture your self all by yourself.Then you will sing loud in frount of everybody.LOVE,KAITLIN

Answer #20

I sing in the shower. I can be as loud as I want esp when no ones home =]

Answer #21

try to sing infront of your family, friends and try to do a lot of actives at school start by maybe choir

Answer #22

Just take deep breaths and come from you diafram and your stomach.

Answer #23

try recording yourself, if you sound good them perform infrount of a family member, they will tell you the truth if you can sing or not. then if you have a bit more confidance, try singing in frount of a friend. If they say you can sing then, you can sing. Hopefully you’ll have a bit more confidance.

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