What would you consider to be a "sin"?

Not relating to going to hell or anything. What are some characteristics of a person that you think are negative? Like, I would consider relying on others and not being independant to be a “sin”. I don’t agree with pride being a sin.

Answer #1

“relying on others and not being independant” - if you take it for advantage and never give back and show some thanks then yes, I’d see that as a sin.

If the person is perfectly normal and sane, I’d say a person who doesn’t know their limits and has no morals can be seen as a sinful one. They’d just constantly push the limits of the law and take advantage of people without feeling no guilt what so ever.

Answer #2

I think pride is a sin, because most of the time, pride has the tendensy to make people think they are more speacial then the rest. And every man and woman was made equal…so I guess in that sense, pride is considered a deadly sin :P

Answer #3

In the strictest sense sin is going the laws or will of God. I don’t believe in God therefore I don’t believe in sin. Believers are very elastic in what they consider sin. The Bible describes Pride, envy, and selfishness as sin but pride to many is a virtue and envy and selfishness are encouraged in capitalism. If by “sin” you mean crimes against society rather than against an assumed deity than the question becomes meaningful. As I see it we all owe a debt to society. We are born into and live at the expense of other people. There is a finite amount of food, water, land, and security and 2/3’s of mankind lives in hunger squalor and hopelessness. Being part of the lucky 1/3 means that we are literally living at the expense of other people. The obligation I feel to society is that in exchange for having a good life that I should try to make the world a little better place than it would have been if I was never born. Taking so much with no effort or intention of giving anything back would be my definition of sin.

Answer #4

Every man and women was not created equally. Im not equal to a person with downsyndrome. Pride is important, everyone should be able to feel proud about themselves and other people as well.

Answer #5

Thank you, this was an aswer I was looking for. I myself dont believe in god, I just wanted to here what people’s ideas of “actual sins” and not crap that “god” wouldn’t like. :)

Answer #6

Personally, I believe one of the greatest sins is stupidity against the human race, & ignorance to the greater good of man kind(an the planet)

Answer #7

relying on others is not necessarily a sin. its just frowned upon. wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony all sins. There is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself for accomplishing your goals. but u should thank and praise God for it. he is the one who gives us our goals. We give God the glory. “Sinful pride is an inordinate love of the self: super-confidence and distorted self-esteem that ignores one’s shortcomings” “Pride is a sin when it becomes arrogance, conceit and vanity.”…

Answer #8

Stupidity is the only thing I think of as a ‘sin’. I literally want to go around and just shoot all the people who either ARE stupid, or think it’s cute to go around and act it.

Answer #9

I disagree with pride being a sin. How can we raise kids teaching them to give everything a go, be the best that they can be, and then turn around and tell them it’s a sin to be proud of themselves? I also don’t agree with jealousy being a sin. It’s natural to feel jealous sometimes. We shouldn’t be punished for feelings and emotions. It’s all about how you act on those feelings and emotions. If somebody got given a beautiful new necklace, you may be jealous which is okay. The sin part comes when you purposefully sabotage it/ tell everyone it’s fake/ hide it so the person thinks they’ve lost it etc etc.

Although I’m not religious, I think the commandments (bar the religious ones) are a good set of rules to live by, and I’d say that a sin would be breaking one of those rules such as stealing, committing adultery, kiIIing somebody etc.

Answer #10

She wasn’t asking what the bible said sins were. Read the question. She was asking what YOU consider a sin, not in a religious way but as in a bad thing to do.

Answer #11

And I don’t see why we should thank ‘god’ for our OWN accomplishments. We did it, not him.

Answer #12

To me it would be murder

Answer #13


Answer #14

I was obviously not on top of my game when I made this post. Hahaha. Hear*

Answer #15

As always, I love you Connor.

Answer #16

Well pride can vary in degrees. The pride God considers a sin is when they put themselves and abilities over him and think they are better than everyone else…. like pride overkill. However, everyone has pride, but not in the blinding manner. I take pride in my abilities at my job and that I can do them better than 98% of the people there. However, I know there is always someone better so I don’t let it go to my head. And we were made equal in that no one’s life is more sacred than anothers. My life is special, but so is that person’s with downsyndrome.

Answer #17

You may think you’re not religious, but if you consider “relying on others and not being independent” to be sinful, then you clearly believe in “Original Sin,” since we are all born in a state of total dependency and reliance on others.

Answer #18

Sin, like god, is a man-made concept. To me, something is either right, or wrong. But even that is open to interpretation, and is different for everyone. There are somethings that are considered wrong by all of society, and those are the things codified into law. Like theft and murder. Others differ from person to person. Like homosexuality or drug use. To me something only becomes wrong for all of society when it violates the rights of someone else. Since homosexuality does not violate anyone’s rights so it should not be considered wrong. And anyone who does consider it wrong, is just being judgmental…

Answer #19

well that is wat I consider a sin and i think thats good morals to follow. they are bad things to do in my eyes as well. Like killing and the 10 commandments. Pretty good things to follow. cant really get much worse than that. And if ur religious like me then i do praise God for my accomplishments. he is after all who gave me life. To me anyway. Jeeze. Why cant i put in a comment that i believe in as well even if it is Gods belifs to without getting attacked for it. People are to sensitive.

Answer #20

When you’re an infant and don’t even really understand youre alive, you kind of have no choise. Aha, but I never thought of that.

Answer #21

I disagree with the downsyndrome thing, but thamk you. :)

Answer #22

Haha your welcome,… But out of curiosity…. How do you grade ones life above someone else’s?

Answer #23

Define equal satanheadbangstometal. Regardless of religious belief, every person starts out equally worthy. Someone with downs might have limited abilities, but we as a society should not judge the worth of someone based solely on their abilities. I have known some truly beautiful people with downs. And I have known many more truly ugly people with much higher abilities.

Answer #24

I agree with you Jimahl.

Answer #25

You barely even answered the question.

Answer #26

I base people’s worth on their abilities, intelligence, and a tiny bit on their ways of thinking and their personality. So I don’t base people “solely” on their abilities, but for the most part, I pretty much do. I like the way you think, Jimahl, but I don’t share the same point of view, I wish I did, but I don’t. I have an evil hatred for people with disabilities and I say “ebil” because I know it’s f*cked up in a sense, but I can’t help it, nor do I want to. Thanks for everything. :)

Answer #27

base people’s worth…“evil” -.-

Answer #28

Jimahl?…. have we some what sort of agreed again? and Thanks, you kinda put it a bit better. As for Satanheadbangsstometal (dang that’s long to type out)… well at least you admit that your view is your own and it sounds like you had a bad run in with a special person. Anyways, I do hope your opinion changes though.

Answer #29

I tried. Sorry you don’t like my answer…

Answer #30

That infantile dependency doesn’t get turned off suddenly, like a switch, at a certain age. We grow out of it gradually over the course of our maturation. My view: Healthy maturation leads to an awareness of our interdependency. Maturation distorted by some personal and/or societal pathology can leave us either overly dependent or saddled with a delusional “need” for independence.

Answer #31

I wouldnt call that need “delusional”.

Answer #32

Thanks Bryson. I appreciate that. Satanheadbangsstometal, I have a really hard time understanding how you can hate someone for something they have no control over. That is no different than saying you hate minorities, or women, or people with green eyes. You are right, that is EXTREMELY f**cked up.

Answer #33

Ahaha, I don’t really have any power over it, I just really, really do not like them, I could care less if they can control it or not, obviously no one wishes to have any sort of syndrome. I just dont like them, I feel like there’s no reason for them to be alive and I feel badly for their parents for having to put up with that. I’ve never had a bad run in with a special person, as it were, but when I see them, I just think wow, some person or persons has to deal with that burden and that must really suck. I cant explain it, but I can say for sure that my opinion on that will never change and that’s fine by me.

Answer #34

So you just think they are like a limp horse and need to be put down. That view is entirely messed up. Almost sick even

Answer #35

Yes, actually. I think they should make it legal for the parents to choose to not keep them and have them put down.

Answer #36

D@mn that’s twisted

Answer #37

That is beyond sick. I suggest you go down to a local group home or school for mental handicapped people, and get to know a few. I have found most down’s syndrome people to be very loving and kind. When my wife and I first got married we worked 1 weekend a month at a group home for the mentally retarded. It was very rewarding. You should try it. Maybe you will learn some compassion.

Answer #38

I wouldnt learn compassion, I’d just feel more hatred for them. :D But good for you, now everyone on the internet knows what a nice guy you are.

Answer #39

This has nothing to do with me. And being only 17, I doubt you really know what you would feel, especially since you obviously have never have had any experience dealing with them. You are being extremely immature and oppositional. I hope when you grow up you learn to be a little more tolerant of others, because intolerance goes both ways, and with your attitude you will find plenty of intolerance directed at you…

Answer #40

I know who I am and what I believe, my age has nothing to do with it. I know “little kids” think they know everything when really, they don’t know sh1t, but I an aware that I dont know everything, one thing I do know for sure is myself and my feelings. I couldnt care less about people’s opinions of me.Ive had plenty of experience with them, I don’t like them and they’re very useless people in my eyes. I know myself and my feelings and I stand by my views, strongly so you can take that bullsh1t and shove it. :) Alrighty? Terrific. Being 51 doesnt exactly mean you know what you’re talking about either, but at least you’ve found yourself a way to feel useful, kudos to you.

Answer #41

Every 17 year old thinks they know everything they need to know. But they never do. I know, I have been there already. Being 51 does mean I have more experience and knowledge, especially about this subject. Do you really think “useless people” should be allowed to be put down? If so, you must be a fan of Hitlers… What if you get into an accident and become disabled and someone deems you useless? What about old people, aren’t they useless too? What about physically disabled people? You really need to re-think this. Your ideas are beyond extreme.

Answer #42

Obviously your eyesight has gone a bit and your ability to comprehend things has gone too, I’ve said all I needed to in my last post. Re-read it a few times, maybe you’ll get it.

Answer #43

Ok since we are putting labels on people based on their usefulness…. what about if they become the worst person alive? Does morality count for something? And jimahl’s eye are fine. You may have said all you needed to say about the disabled, but he turned it and applied it to you. Would you feel like you need to be disposed of like a burden if you become disabled? Basically would you point the sword at yourself if you become you enemy

Answer #44

God forgive

Answer #45

“God” doesn’t exsist.

Answer #46

obviously not in ur world. U make all athiest look bad.

Answer #47

I hope one day somethin changes ur outlook on life. Thats all i can say.

Answer #48

I don’t label myself an athiest so therefore I dont make them look bad, youre really funny, though. A lot of your answers to people’s questions involving “God” are hilarious. My outlook on life is perfect, I love everything about myself and my beliefs and none of that will ever change. :)

Answer #49

sure yea its real perfect. since u believe that all disabled people should be put down like dogs. Yea thats perfect. Ur freakin sick. have fun with that.

Answer #50

I didn’t say all disabled people, you guys really need to stop putting words in people’s mouths, I was talking about people with downsyndrome. Haha. If someone gives birth to a kid with downsyndrome they should be able to put them down “like a dog” as you say. It wouldnt bother me none. And youre some form of sick too, thinking that God created you and thanking him for your accomplishments, which I doubt there are any. Thing thing about you people is that you believe God is responsible for everything and that everyone should follow what he says and that if you dont follow what he says, oh, well, he’ll forgive you if you ask for it. Tell me, how many times have you been to church, have you ever even read the bible, and were you married when you lost your virginty and had your daughter? If you were not married, which I strongy doubt you were, how did you ask for forgiveness? Did you just look up at the clouds and say your sorry?

Answer #51

Downsydrome is disabled duh..Its not that simple. Its not just oh well he will forgive u. to do that is a sin. U have to really mean it and try. I go to church every sunday thank u. but that doesnt matter. u dont have to go to church. And nobody is perfect and God realizes this. It impossible for us to be perfect so we are gonna sin. What really matters is believing and sticking up for that belief no matter wat. follow him and love him. There is one unforgivable sin and its blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. ignoring the holy spirit and its attempt to lead u along the right path.

Answer #52

Dang this has gotten a little out of hand…. We weren’t really putting words in your mouth, really we are beating up the statement that if you are useless then you shouldn’t live. People with downs is your example. As for God, we view God as a father. That even though we do wrong, won’t a father still love their child regardless of being pregnant outside of marriage. He will always take his children back. It’s the responsibility of the father to love his children. And what’s so weird to think about God making us? I mean science hasn’t proven what created it. Science can’t prove God nor an it disprove God….. so until then, believing in God isn’t weird in the least.

Answer #53

Comparing belief in god (which i do not) with killing someone just because they have downs syndrome is pure idiocy. You really need to give up on this discussion. No one is agreeing with you.

Answer #54

Angel, you’re a lot more stupid than I had originally thought. I was talking ONLY about downsyndrome not ALL disabilities. I feel bad for your daughter, I really do. Jimahl, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I dont give a sh1t if anyone is agreeing with me, and actually, someone does, they’re just choosing not to post. :) There was no comparing of killing people with downsyndrome and beliveing in God, what-so-ever, I said she was some form of sick for believing in God. Alright? Again, take some time to process what youre reading.

Answer #55

I’m in no wants of starting a fight… but Connor, your beliefs are your beliefs - and heck I respect that. BUT THERE IS NO NEED FOR YOU BASHING OTHERS!! Angel was just expressing her feelings towards the question, honestly… I don’t see any right or wrong in her answer! This question is based on opinion - key words “WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER”.

And to answer your question of “I don’t see why we should thank ‘God’ for our OWN accomplishments.” Well, Connor, WE believers of God, believe in a higher power who created us (and why can’t that higher power be God?)… and without being created in the first place how’d we make our accomplishments? Thus we thank God for helping us be able to do things.

Answer #56

Like i said God forgive. I feel bad for ur mother. What does my daughter have to do with all this? Dont talk sh!t bout my daughter or me bein a mother. Imma damn good mother,. Better than u will ever be. Why dont u take some time and process what ur sayin. Im done ur rediculas.

Answer #57

Thank u Bryson. I had a baby b4 marriage. And He still loves me. What a great God. I really do appriciate u Bryson. U always make me smile. God bless u.

Answer #58

Satan, I have noticed you don’t care what people think, and that is sometimes good thing. But in this instance, you are not just giving an opinion, you are suggesting a form of genocide. And you should care that people don’t think of you that way. It is a real shame you don’t care. That kind of attitude will not get you very far in life. I hope when you grow up (and you have a lot of that still to do) you will learn what compassion is. And you are are right, you did not compare believing in god with killing people with Downs. But to call someone sick for believing in god after the absolutely disgusting and revolting things you have said is way way beyond normal.

Answer #59

All you are doing is talking sh!t to make up for your poor and selfish attitude. so you can atempt to make others look like the sick one. when in reality u look rediculous, insane and pathetic. What a way to live your life. hard headed and stubborn good luck gettin anywhere with that. jimahl you and me had are differences but u are clearly a good person with a good heart (as i can see) and just because u dont believe in God doesnt make u bad or hatefull. U kinda remind me of my dad. He is a lot like u. Not religious either. also very smart. I wish u well

Answer #60

Depends. You’re right that there’s nothing delusional about needing, at certain points and in certain ways, to be less dependent - like when a child is ready to walk without someone holding its hand, or a young adult is ready to leave home and support themselves. But the idea that one ought to be, or could be, entirely independent of others, that’s a delusion. Think about it next time you need a hug, or a plumber, or some advice from your friends here, or a bit of information that you don’t know yet, or a new toy, or some food or clothing or shelter that you don’t have to grow yourself or make from raw natural materials, or emergency medical care, or a reasonably safe means of transportation, or someone to accept and appreciate your love.

Answer #61

The question is in who’s eyes? For one person homosexuality is wrong, and for the next person it is not….I live my life trying not to sin according to what I know God/ YHWH thinks is sin. I do this because I follow Him and I am in a covenant with Him. So for Me it is important to understand and live by HIS morals, not mine. According to His word Sin is defined by His Laws and Right rulings… and the motivation of your heart.

Answer #62


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