Sims 2 custom content downloading?

Is there a program to download custom content that actually works? I have Q-Express, but it has some weird error message about dividing by zero or something. And I also tried Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer (something like that) but that one just doesn’t do anything. HELP PLEASE, I NEED MY CUSTOM CONTENT!!! And if it matters at all, I have Vista (?).

Answer #1

click on the files you have downloaded. (they should be placed in your ea games download file.) then double click the icons, a box should appear saying install file. click okay, allow for it to install. then it should tell you whether it was successful or not.

hope that helps.

Answer #2

if you go to and sign up for a free membership they have the option to download the file to your computer or you can download the file as a pack file, and all you have to do if you download the file as a packfile is double click on it and it will put your custom content in the correct folder it needs to be in, if that doesn’t work make sure when you open your game and the custom content window pops up the “Enable Custom Content” is checked. If its not you need to click it, close the game and when you open it again all your downloaded items should be available to purchase…

Answer #3

Are you saying once you download it won’t show in the game? I want to make sure I am understanding correctly. If that’s the case I love the MAID heres the link read the directions for it and it goes pretty well.Many thanks to the creator of that program. it saved me hours of grief. Good Luck

Answer #4

actually, I have no problem finding awesome stuff to download. I just can’t get it onto my game. but thanks, I’ll check out that site for help! :)

Answer #5

Okay well I’m not sure if this is exactly what you mean. But when I want new items and houses and stuff like that, I go to You then go to the exchange, there are houses, sims, cars, and all kinds of items. You can download them, they save to your computer, and when you play, you just go to the buy mode and they are there, and for the houses you get, they are where houses are normally. There are a lot of cool stuff there, you should really check it out, I hope this helped.

Answer #6

I just tried the sims MAID and it does not work for me, I cant put no files on the “Lawn”..

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