Silent Hill 5 (Homecoming) good or bad?

Whats your favorite Silent Hill game and why. Also do you think the 5th(Homecoming) game will be any good since the Americans are making it and not the Japanese? Finally what is your favorite Silent Hill original soundtrack?

Answer #1

Come on man! 2nd one was the best and yes the japanese do have more skill when it comes to horror and to me the 2nd & the 4th games soundtrack are the best.

Answer #2

Ha ,ha I agree…that cat thing was eerie as hell…and yes those games are suppose to scare you pale. I think they do to an extent but NOTHING like the first one though. Thanks for answering =)

Answer #3

homecoming was a very well put together game the game play was fluent and not too confusing, I guess thats what sets it aside from other SH games, is that it actually made sense in the story line perspective. but it was still a really good sotryline. I’ve played all of the silent hill games and got most the endings and what I dont understand is all the critisism about homecoming. You know its very good game and also a very good SILENT HILL game. Nothings changed beside the fighting system you people. and yes I do realize that its a hard fighting system BUT it obviously mustnt be that bad considering I’ve beat it on all endings and in two of the hard, within a month. once you know the environment its cake walk from there and thats how every single silent hill game is. OH and one more thing. everyone always giving credit to sh2 lol yea it was good and EASY! as hell 1:48 is my best time come on!!! and this is the best game of the sh series. w/e fan boys. remember that part where you needed those juice cans to knock down the carbage in the clothing chuit. lol juice cans? the puzzles in homecoming are really good and theres noting wrong with calling this game part of the silent hill series. oh yea and personally I think the 4th one had the best story line of all time, 2 had the most confusing, 1 had the most plain and dull story line, 3 sure it was pretty good, 5 very well put together and much thought put into the story, and 4’s story was just a master piece!

Answer #4

I like the third,because its the best! Japanese I think. About soundtracks I can say that all nice

Answer #5

In my opinion, I think the very first one is a classic. It was the only one that successfully gave me the creeps (that’s what makes a good scary game!). I never understood what the kitten and the locker was about, and I probably never will. In the other ones I played, for some reason, every time I died it made me laugh. I think it was the way the character died, but I was hysterical some of those times. Call me morbid if you must, but weren’t those games made to scare/thrill you?

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