What are some good PS2 games?

waht are some good games for ps2… just got one.

Answer #1

dynasty warriors…(sword war) all 5 of them final fantasys(strageity) medal of honor front line(action) resident evil 4

Answer #2

Here’s the greatest games on the PS2 for every catagory:

Soul Calibur 3 & Mortal Kombat~ Fighting Resident Evil 4~ Action/Horror Final Fantasy 10~ Strategy/RPG NFS Most Wanted & Midnight Club 3~ Racing Tetris Worlds~ Puzzle

Answer #3

busnellal627 has very gud taste in games!! but i rekon that other gud games r tomy hawk skateboarding games i haave like all of them even the PSOne 1s!! sum others r the sims games nd my nephew seems 2 think harry potter is a gud game!!

Answer #4

RPGs - Marrowwind, Legend of Dragoon (My fave), final fantasy (Any of them, they all good), God of War (Rpg?), Onimusha(Any of them), Castlevainia - Curse of Darkness.

Fighting - Soul Calibur 3

Sports - (I pretty much hate sports… So can’t help ya there), Fast and the Furious

Strategy - Medal of Honor

Answer #5

That would depend on the type of games you are interested in…

Racing - Midnight Club III Fighting - Tekken Tag (its my fav out of the series), or Mortal Kombat Sholin Monks Sports - Fight Night Round 3, NBA Live, NBA Streets, any Madden RPG - God of War I & II, Kingdom Hearts I & II, Prince of Persia Strategy - Socom 3: U.S. Navy Seals or Medal of Honor

Answer #6

Jak 3 / fun action game with a wise cracking sidekick & set in a mix of science fiction & fantasy other world.

Sly 2 & Sly 3 - fun game, action animated characters that steal stuff from bad guys & are on the run from the cops. Cartoon esque animation is very cute & fun (my kids like this one).

Star Wars lego games - if you like star wars, they are fun, the animation & graphics are good, and the playability is excellent.

Answer #7

Legend Of Dragoon was on PSX

Answer #8

Brothers In Arms

Answer #9
  1. warriors 2.grand theft auto 3.god of war1and2 4.naruto
Answer #10

medal of honor ,,,

Answer #11

You know…

You probably ought to specify what types of games you like; Sports, RPG, FPS, platform, fighter, strategy, etc.

Answer #12


Answer #13

Gootta B “God of War” “Resident Evil 4” “Gun”

Answer #14

god of war

Answer #15

Resident evil 4, Silent Hill, Tomb Raider

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