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I know that you can't give a 6 month old cough and cold medicine. But, is there anything I can do for her? She was in the hospital the last couple of days b/c she has rsv. But, she is coughing like crazy and I feel so bad for her.. What can I do??

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Maybe try rocking her to sleep... Run a vaporizer or humidifier, preferably in a small closed room. The best thing you can do to help baby's illness end quickly is to nurse often that way she gets lots of the antibodies that your body is making to help her fight off the illness. This site might help also..
It sucks when they are sick but you just have to wait until it passes... I hope she feels better soon good luck!

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Poor little munchkin. Your babies pediatrician can prescribe her Rondec. It's an antihistamine that is safe for infants. Put on a humidifier in her room.

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poor little mite. is it a cold or croup? turning your shower on hot and standing in the bathroom while the steam is around is good if you dont have a steamer.

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She won't nap due to the coughing..

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I do not know give her a nap

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he is c at n all day

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he is c at n all day

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