My Baby is sick, please advise what I should do?

my baby has diarrhea he goes every two to three hours he dont realy seem to be sick hes very happy but it keeps leaking threw his diaper cas its so watery< he just has a case of diarehha does any one have a sugetion what he might have? and how you can cure his diarehha?

Answer #1

You are going to have to take him straight to the emergency room. He may be dehidrated. Its not worth the risk if he is. He will go downhill very quickly. He will need to have a bag put over his doodle to see if he has any output there if you cant tell with his nappys being covered in poop. Please dont hesitate to get him to the doctors if I was near you I would give you a ride but im obviously to far away. Surelly somone you know cares enough about your bub to take you in to a hospital.

Answer #2

Ok it is very important that you answer some questions for me. Is the baby drinking anything? Has the baby got sunken eyes dark under eyes? What colour are the stools? Is the baby still having wet nappys (wees)

you can not leave a baby for that long with diahrea as they dehydrate so quickly. They can look fine but they wont be. If you gently pinch your babys skin on his hand does it stay up or does it quickly go back to shape. If it stays pinched you have a very very sick baby and need to get it to the hospital taxi or whatever. If you dont you are neglecting the baby. If something serious happend you will be to blame. Im not trying to sound nasty but not having a car is not really an exuse to not go to the doctors.

Answer #3

Thats great. Diarhea is something that is not to be messed about with in infants. We were all just concerned as the messages going back and forwards were confusing. Hope he stays well and get some gripe water for the windy/gas problem it works really well.

Answer #4

I wouldnt wait until Tuesday. I would ring the doctor, the hospital or health centre TODAY!

Hopefully the condition is not serious but you really should not wait until Tuesday to get advice.

Please pick up the phone now!

Answer #5

my baby is 3 months and bout a week he seems happy and not sick we dont have a car so we have to wait till tuesday when we have a ride what contains pedialyte or ricelyte

Answer #6

How old is your baby?

If he is losing a lot of fluid through diarrhea, please phone a doctor for advice as soon as possible as your baby can quickly become dehydrated.

Especially if he is not drinking enough to replace the fluid he is losing.

Answer #7

How old is your baby?

If he is losing a lot of fluid through diarrhea, please phone a doctor for advice as soon as possible as your baby can quickly become dehydrated.

Especially if he is not drinking enough to replace the fluid he is losing.

You may find the following useful:

Diarrhea and babies

Most diarrhea in children is short-lived, caused by a virus, and goes away on its own. Infants and young children (under age 3) can dehydrate quickly, so they should be watched very carefully.

Notify your pediatrician (doctor) of the problem at the onset of diarrhea in a newborn (under 3 months old) or if diarrhea persists in older infants and children for 2 days or longer.

Make sure the child gets plenty of liquids. Often, your pediatrician will recommend fluids that contain electrolytes such as Pedialyte or Ricelyte. Follow the doctor’s instructions.

If you are nursing, the doctor will probably recommend that you continue nursing, possibly in addition to giving extra fluids. See also: diet for diarrhea.

Talk to your pediatrician right away if there are signs of dehydration. If the infant develops signs of moderate or severe dehydration, he or she should be seen at once.

Signs of mild dehydration: Dry eyes and crying with few tears or no tears Slightly dry mouth Fewer wet diapers than usual Less active than usual or irritable

Signs of moderate dehydration: Sunken appearing eyes Sluggish or lethargic Skin feels dry and not springy

Signs of severe dehydration: In infants, sunken fontanelle (the soft spot on top of the head) No urine output in 6 hours When skin is pinched between fingers, it fails to spring back to its original shape Very lethargic or possibly unconscious

Answer #8

I think pedialyte or ricelyte are only given out by the doctor.

This is for dehydration and this is why it is so important that you phone someone for advice now.

Dehydration can KILL a young baby but hopefully, yours is not so serious.

However, you can never know as you are not an expert.

Please get advice now!

Answer #9

How long has he had this?

Answer #10

give her lots of medcine

Answer #11

baby is drinking similac the eyes dont seem sunken the stools are watery but yellowish and I cant tell if hes peeing much cas he poops bout every diaper

Answer #12

today hes actualy a lot better his poop is actualy way more solid

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