How can I shut noisy students in class room without offending them?

Answer #1

You can sit quietly and wait…..and tell them if they don’t keep quiet you won’t be giving lessons, but that they will be writing a test on the work because it is important that they do get to know it. If they don’t listen, give them a test the next day and make it count. Also you shouldn’t be scared of offending students. Most of them are a bunch of rude spoilt children these days in my opinion.

Answer #2

Oh and just adding, if you make a threat, stick to it. Otherwise they’ll run right over you the next time.

Answer #3

Thank you so much Irene. It does sound a way out to me.

Answer #4

You’re welcome.

Answer #5

i like it when my teachers just put it blunt and say shut up

Answer #6

Now that’s nice…

Answer #7

I’d have to say that it depends on how old your students are. If you’ve got kids that are young, incentives usually work wonders (ex: free erasers, stickers, or pencils to kids that behave for a whole month).My one teacher used to do that, lol. He used to put all of those things together in a bucket, then let us take one thing by putting our hand in and grabbing something random.

If it’s an older bunch, consequences for bad behaviour usually works out well. You could give extra homework, detention for those who are constantly not listening, pop quizzes the next day, etc. You could also try rewarding them with a 5 minute talk break after each 30 minutes of quiet work time instead? This way you’re not being too hard on them.

If you do the break thing, you could try saying something like: Let’s focus on our work, guys. Break time is soon.

Using wording along those lines is polite, yet still gets the point across.

Answer #8

You shouldn’t worry about offending them, as they are offending you by disrespecting you in your classroom. Though if you stop talking and sit quietly and still, they will soon get the message and stop talking.

Answer #9

It may not be nice but i hate it when my teachers just sit there and wait, no one gets the point but when a teacher just says shut up every on the most part shuts up

Answer #10

once I said: this is my class room and i am the one who is in charge. Those who wants to stay just sit and shut, those who do not, just bet out. HHMMM… no one got out. but I felt guilty after that… lol…

Answer #11

When my students get out of hand, they get 2 verbal warnings and then I take action on the third instance of misbehavior. On the third time I tell them they’ll have to learn the material themselves by reading the textbook and completing the reviews at the end of the chapters (and I grade the chapter reviews to make sure they complete it), then give them a test on what they’re supposed to be learning.

I also give my students incentives. They’re allowed to listen to music during class work time (not during lecture time, obviously) and they can have gum or small snacks. When they misbehave I take away those comforts. It sounds like nothing initially, but students value being treated as people and therefore take pride in having these freedoms, so it really irritates them or speaks to them when they’re taken away.

Generally I find that it’s one or two individuals that are at the core of the problem, though. If you can identify which students are encouraging disruptive behavior in your class you can always isolate them by putting them out in the hallway or sending them to the administrator.

Answer #12

If they’re being noisy and rude in class why not offend them? Who cares if you make a few enemies, kids that are being noisy and not listening and doing your work are not the kind of people you want for friends anyway. I remember back in my first year of college I had a physics class, my buddy, who is a bigger guy got annoyed with these kids, stood up in the middle of class and yelled at them telling them to shut the f**k up or get out of the class room, the kids never disturbed the class again and the teacher thanked him.

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Answer #14

punch them in the face. oh wait, without affending them? well, im a student, but im quiet ^-^ so mabey i can help. my teacher usually raises her voice, and threatens to give pop quiz and end whatever fun stuff we are doing. they also yell for at least 2 minutes. tell us its crap, and we need to be more mature. (im a freshman in high school)

Answer #15

Honestly you have to be strict on them , students seem to take advantage of nice teachers so I think you should be straight forward when a student is being disrespectful or giving you a hard time. Your there to teach , your not there to babysit immature kids so if they give you any trouble or cause any disruptions in the class then ask them kindly to knock it off or youll do something drastic , dont even waiste a breath yelling GIVE THEM A WARNING but if they still continue then that`s when you can give them punishment.

Answer #16

Thank you so much for the advice, but punching on the face hhmmm…. I shall try with the smallest one lmao… just joking!

Answer #17

lol! ya alot of the time if the students in class are noisey, the teacher will tell us to shut up. when they do that, i dont feal offended, and i dont think the other students do, so dont be scared to tell the to shut up.

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