Symptoms of lip piercing infection?

my lip starts to get big?




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Well it depends on if you did it yourself or not, but the swelling that your experiencing is completely normal.

You should definitely not take out the piercing. The swelling should go down in about 3 days, so don't worry about it.

Lip rings take on average 3+ months to heal. and it's not advised that you change or take it out for at least 2 months.

Also taking it out will higher your risk of infection.

Puss is also completely normal (if you have any or get some) the body makes puss to help fight off infection.

Symptoms of an infected lip would be:

the swelling hasn't gone down after a week
it hurts a lot, even when you just slightly move it
change in color around the ring
...there's a lot of symptoms, and it depends on the person as well.

and more questions, just ask!

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I got my lip piercing done manually and I have to take if off everytime I eat or go out with my dad because my dad doesnt let me have one , I dont know what to do because supposably is normal for the whole to be swollen , which scares me , because I dont know if I should just keep it or take it off ? ...

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Okay so I did my pierciing myself. and it bled a tiny bit... but after about 4 hours the indside of my lip was brusied around the area prettty bad, in fact it was getting worse and worse by the hour. my lip is swelled up pretty good, the flat part on the inside is swelled around... I want to know if its just bruised or should I take it out.
I did snake bites and the other side is FINE.. not even swollen or anything...

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Some of the simtoms are stuff running out of it but if you are worried about taking out your lip piercing then you can always go to the doctor and tell them about your lip and if your lip gets an infection then go to the doctor ASAP!

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I've had loads of peicings but I had my bottom lip done and it was swollen so bad to the point the other side of my lipn cudnt tuh the botom lip that was only after a day the paiun was horendous soni tuk it out but its still swollen and painful what do I do? xx

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I did my lip pearcing my self and my lip got really big after a day so I got scared and took it out and it still hurts a lil bit and I have lump on the inside of my lip what should I do?

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heyah, I did my own lip and I think its got infected.
serioully what shall I do? x

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I also did my lip pirecing my self. and its SUPPOSED to swell up. it swells up even if you get it done prefessionally. your not supposed to take it out for at least 2 months. if the hole closed up then just let it heal and clean it often. if the hole is still there then put the (CLEAN) stud/ring back in and rinse with salt water twice a day and keep the jewelery clean.

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I have a lip piercing I got professionally done about 3-4 days ago and it has some puss and redness around the ring but the swelling is going down and it looks good ,I have been using peroxide!!ONLY ON THE JEWLERY!! ***DO NOT LET THE PEROXIDE TOUCH THE SKIN*** and I have been cleaning it with sea salt and warm water and also listerine mixed wiht water to dilute it , because it tends to be strong , I have a tiny ulcer inside my lip around the ring but that is going down since I put peroxide directly on it but other than the ulcer do not use the peroxide and make sure you rinse after the peroxide or listerine.. good luck with our piercings I used to have my cheeks pierced as well ...
xoxo pinkquin

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Yea, I got snake bite professionally done, and I got a bruise, too. It happens, they even said it happens. Use ice for about 2 weeks as much as you can. Just an ice cube on the bruised and swollen areas. Use salt water and a paper towel on the pierced area, and tada. Give it two weeks for bruising and swelling to be getting better. It happens.

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