Should teens who murder be executed?

I had to a research in English on a topic. This isnt cheating trust me. Its just I want to know if you think its wrong or not. Ok, the topic is Should teens who murder be executed? I want to see everybody opinions on this.

Answer #1

First there is a LOT of difference between 13 and 18…yet they are both teenagers…Actually, I think no…21 would be a decent cut off.

For all the “two wrongs don’t make a right”…Anybody follow Joseph Duncan’s escades since 1980??? He’s the one that killed a family (mother, boyfriend, 13 year old boy) in Coeur d’Alene, Id…kidnapped the two younger children, Shasta, age 8, and Dylan Groene, aged 9…raped and molested them for 7 weeks, and finally killed Dylan in front of his little sister…He had nearly 25 years of molesting, raping…and killing children (they also connected him with the death of a 10 year old in California)…How many wrongs DO make a right??? Why should we buy this animal 3 hots and cot till he dies of old age? If you don’t believe in the death penality…then turn him loose in the general population…let him “feel” the helplessness the children he harmed, felt…(or would that just be tooo cruel?)


Answer #2

Eye for an eye.

Answer #3

Still didn’t answer the question.

What other reason can you give that justifies state-sponsored murder, other than vengence?

Answer #4

Turning him loose in the general population…THAT would be vengence…Putting him “to sleep” because he’s too sick to live…would be a humane way for him to leave this world.


Answer #5

I have this same topic to do for my essay.But I don’t think teens should be executed because they aren’e even fully grown yet and are still so immature. I think that they should be taken to juvi and then jail when they’re old enough, but not killed.and like ty said, they might have something wrong with them and it may not be entirely their fault.I just don’t think their lives should be cut short because of it.

Answer #6

The insignificant numbers of wrongful convictions (for whatever reason), compared to the overwhelming majority of correct ones, is irrelevant. It has happened, and will happen again. Even one wrongful execution is enough to say the death penalty is not worth it. At least to this pro-life liberal.

“why keep him around?”

Because we are not him. Why kill him? Can you give me any other reason other than vengence?

Answer #7

“How many wrongs DO make a right??? Why should we buy this animal 3 hots and cot till he dies of old age?”

I’ve never understood this “I don’t want to spend taxes on this animal’s prison costs” arguement from the pro-death folks. I have no problems spending tax money for such a purpose. Prison is not a vacation, despite what hard-on-crime conservatives would have us believe. It’s a miserable life. But it’s not final. The death penalty is.

Answer #8

Jimahl is correct. No one should be executed.

Answer #9

No one should be executed…

Answer #10

In my opinion, I really don’t think they should. They are really just kids, but closer to being an adult. If they do murder somebody, they should at least sentence him/her to life in prison, not the death penalty.

Answer #11

OMG you guys are softies they should use hammurabis code of laws an eye for an eye if you kill a man you should be killed especially if you rape a child you should be raped and then you killed torturesly very slowly and then burned so no one may remember you lol

Answer #12

It would be interesting to see, how many people on death row would be willing to forego some of their high cost appeals for free DNA analisys by independent labs (where physical evidence would apply), to exonerate them. I think the “takers” would be minimal…however, WHY that isn’t an option for those who very well be innocent? It should be an option for anyone it applies to, and not the chosen few who manage outside support.

Tho I think it’s only a small minority of prosecutors or cops that trump up charges …it does seem that once someone is convicted, egos get in the way, and no matter how blatent the new evidence is, the courts don’t like reversing themselves. Public image?? I don’t know…

There are some extremely BAD people out there…sick, sick puppies…(Duncan is just one…& simply the latest in our area)…why keep him around?? He eats other people’s children…be done with him.

Answer #13

Are you suggesting that we impose an irreversable sentence on people without making absolutely sure they are guilty

Gawd no…If a person is charged with murder, with only circumstancial evidence, capital punishment would have to be put aside… However, if there is physical evidence…DNA…a body…witnesses, a confession…etc., Plus…age, motive, mental health, the “serialness” of the crimes…should be taken into consideration, before a death sentence be handed out. If I could have it my way…there’d be less people on death row, and more doing life…but those who were on death row, convicted with physical evidence, and or confession…wouldn’t languish for decades.

I agree, some drugs ought to be legalized if only to free up the overflow within the prison system…(I must be archaic…sentences for possession of drugs were pretty light (if there was any at all) back in the “old” days. :) Punishment for a paper of dope, or a bag of weed would be confiscation…


Answer #14

the primary goal must be to protect society by removing dangerous people from it

Unfortuately, our justice system didn’t deem him as a “keeper”…He was diagnosed as a VIOLENT sexual preditor in 1980 for raping a youngster at gunpoint, yet he was released…arrested again, in 2004 for molesting a 6 year old boy…and released again…The murders all took place between the times he was first released and the second time he was released…

Frankly, I like the idea of turning him loose in the general population…that would be satisfying…He got life in Id, but now faces the death penality in California…so he’ll probably live a long life, and die old age anyway, protected and isolated by the same system that should have served us… As for the high cost of execution…the 20 or 25 years sitting and waiting thru the manditory legalities, is where they come from… There is NO doubt that this man committed his crimes against children…this isn’t a “who done it” thing…even HE says he deserves the death penality…so give him his wish…


Answer #15

yes when teens murder and they go to jail for it then the state has to pay for there time in jail and then what if they let that person out and they kill again.

Answer #16

You might want to look into teens and impulsivity and brain structure, here I found a link about it, hopefully it will help… so if they have an immature brain structure that leads to impulsivity and therefore risky behavior, it’s not completely their fault, you cant blame them like you do adults…


Answer #17

It costs more of our tax money to prosecute a death penalty case than it does to keep them in prison for life. So it isn’t about money. It is all about revenge. Listen to phrannie. She is outraged that this guy will still get to live, and that is a normal reaction to such henious crimes. But that cannot be how our justice system works. It can not operate well if vengence is the motive. It can only work if there is some level of objectivity, and the primary goal must be to protect society by removing dangerous people from it.

Answer #18

You can not point to one single case and say that that shoulld be the basis for criminal justice. And I never said that we don’t need reform in the justice and penal systems. One thing we should do is legalize drugs to free up a lot of needed resources to properly handle the real criminals. Overcrowding in prisons is a directly result of archiac drug enforcement policies.

“the 20 or 25 years sitting and waiting thru the manditory legalities, is where they come from… “

Are you suggesting that we impose an irreversable sentence on people without making absolutely sure they are guilty, or deserving of the ultimate punishment? Should we just do away with appeals?

Answer #19

“However, if there is physical evidence…DNA…a body…witnesses, a confession…etc., “

There have been cases where physical pointed to the wrong person, and there is always the possibility of evidence being trumped up, or planted. There is no doubts that many innocent people have been executed. That alone should be enough to ban its practice.

Prannie, the death penalty isn’t a detterent, and it doesn’t save money, so what purpose does the it serve other than vengence?

Answer #20

I don’t think they should be executed, they should prob be sent to juvi and then jail when they are adults… but I dont think any-one should be executed.

Answer #21

NO. Nobody should be executed. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and if someone kills someone else you are not fixing the problem by taking another life.

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