Should Real Christians could celebrate Halloween?

Hey,there …A Question for all Christians out there…I have seen so much ‘so called’ Christians that celebrate Halloween (or how was it’s original name ALL HALLOWS ‘EVE)..and I know all it’s history & is really a Pagan celebration…so they used to celebrate that day as the day that the dead walk the Earth on this night cause they are on a better world but other things they used (the Celtic tribes) is to perform Magic rituals cause that is the perfect night for that cause ‘the veil of the other world is thiner this night’ The original festival is the Samhaim (later called Halloween) on the 1st day of November. They are different beliefs or celebrations but all are not Christians as they predate Christianity..but is widely celebrated by now most by believers in Paganism and the day that in all the world they practice their ‘arts’ I had some friends that did that but with al that bagage…Some ‘Chistians’ (for me not real ones) celebrate the Halloween Christianized (but for me is the same) for Children to go out disguised looking for candies. Do you think that Real Christians should celebrate it?

Answer #1

Our church keeps it safe and focuses on the right reason, Jesus - they have ‘junk in the truck’ - say a Bible verse and they pick out the candy for their bag out of the trunks of cars in our lot - safe / Christ-centered.

Answer #2

For those who don’t believe this you can check a scientific investigation of that.

There is NO scientific investigation that supports the claim of Jesus being sent by God, to quote ‘…give His life as the last sacrifice carrrying the burden of all our sins to the cross.’’

The only thing you’ll get from scientific research would be, ‘’Jesus was crucified.’’ or ‘’The evidence indicates that Jesus MAY HAVE in fact been crucified.’’ None of which can verify that he was sent ‘’by God’’ to ‘’carry the burden of all our sins.’’

There are people who believe EVERYTHING in the Bible is 100% true, with NO errors… well, they’re wrong. Some of the scriptures can be linked to historical events. But that doesn’t mean they’re ALL linked. There are people who believe that NOTHING in the Bible is true… they’re equally wrong.

The Bible is very similar to Homer’s Illiad… a book containing a mixture of some accurate historical events, some heavily embellished historical events, and a LOT of total fantasy.

Answer #3

First , thanks for all the answers.Second, as I know that they are people that don’t believe in Jesus is ok because they have their own opinion & their own believes…but I believe in Jesus(God) and not ashamed of it. About the year of the birth of the Apostles Luke, Matthew & John chronicled the differents details of the season & the census, looking the details of the History of King Herod…and with data of the climate of the region thanks to Israeli Metheorologist. The best guess they have is Sept 29, 5B.C.

Is true that the Bible never mentions it..but it DOES mention a lot of details tha if studied can help. The December 25 date ..” In 525 ,Pope John I comissioned the scholar Dyonisius to establish a feast calendar for the Church…Dyonisius also estimated the year of Christ birth based upon the founding of the city of Rome. Unfortunately because of insuficient historical data(at the time) He arrived a few years later than the actual event.” Not until the year 336 do we have a mention of Christ birth..the first 200 years of Christian history there’s no mention of it because they gave more importance to the death of remarkable persons than their birth.

“In Rome the Dec 25 date was populirazed by Pope Liberius in 354 & became a rule in 435 when the first Christ mass was officiated by Pope Sixtus III.” And is true that to make it easier to facilitate acceptance of the Christian faith it was superimpose on the pagan celebration of THE SOL INVICTUS(a.k.a Mithras)

Jesus wasn’t a person to cause chaos, He came to make the People that God choose as His people to see and comprenhend that they weren’t behaving as they should and as they boasted that they were special , but loved more riches than behave as the scriptures said: Helping the needy..or the poor, for example, having fornication (illicit sex) & more( as the Bible says). Jesus came specialy for the poor..the one that was trample on by the rich & powerful…look all the miracles. He came to unite or reconciliate Men/Women with God. To give His life as the last sacrifice carrrying the burden of all our sins to the cross. For those who don’t believe this you can check a scientific investigation of that. There’s one but I can’t remember right now the name..a friend showed it to me some time ago.

Is worth remember someone like Him ..who came to make us remember that we are important to God…cause He hasn’t abandoned us. And on the Temple when He began a riot tumbling down the merchandisers tables and letting free all the animals..and when He used a rope as a whip…He whiped but He never hurt anyone…he could have done it to scare the merchants. But He was right., the Temple is the house of God, not a farm or a market. People had lost there what ws the meaning of the Temple.

Someone like Him is important to remember being on September 29, or Dec 25, ot whatever date His birth was. But what we can’t do now is change the actual date set by the Church already. Like it or not it will continue to be December 25; & please try to respect one another here (I know this is a public forum) but isn’t right to be insulting one another. I respect all your different opinions but you need to respect each others opinions,too…I don’t intend to change people’s beliefs or opinions , only share & see their different points of view. As I have mine , you have yours.

Thank You And God Bless you all.

Answer #4

By taking and sharing in this holiday as a Christian, it sends mixed messages to those people who aren’t Christians. If we proclaim Godliness and then try to morph Halloween into some form of God honouring holiday as so not to exclude the children from a bit of fun, we become hypocrites. Should we as Christians partake of this holiday? No, definately not. No matter what kind of friendly spin gets put on it the fact is that Christians should not participate. As far as Christmas goes, it has been ruined, and has lost its intent. Celebrating the birth of our Lord is one of the year’s highlights and it doesn’t matter about the day so much as why He came in the first place. People get so hung up on the pagentry and hoopla that Jesus gets all but forgotten. By CHRISTIANS!! For me Christmas, winter solstace etc. is a special time that I and my family commemorate God’s gift of His Son for us. It’s not the tree, the gifts, family, friends, or anything else but about Jesus.

Answer #5

I prefer a harvest festival.

Answer #6

Christmas will continue because on that day (if before that day was the festivity of the Sol Invictus)we remember it now the day of Jesus on December 24-25, or May ..or whatever day may will be there to remember it. And I captainassassin tell you, go to :”God reality or myth” question in this site & read my answer why I believe in God…you will find it interesting. When I was a kid my parents (my whole family) used to celebrate Christmas as the day of the birth of Jesus (or of Baby Jesus) & the present given was to remember Him …as on January 6 we celebrate (as on all Latin America and in other Spanish speaking Countries) The wise Kings or Three Kings day (the Three Kings that visied Jesus as a Baby with Presents of Gold,frankinsence & Myrrh. Here in Puerto Rico don’t like Santa Claus too much as a lot of families remembers it as the Nativity of Jesus, because Santa isn’t from our Countrie’s folklore…we are more with our folklore (that was bringed by the 1st Spaniards Conquistadores).

Answer #7

If the Easter legend that some are saying is the Easter Bunny

Uhhh no… we’re talking about Christianity overlapping Pagan holidays, with the intent of the Pagan holiday being completely forgotten. Which didn’t work.

[At the time Christmas was created in AD 320, Mithraism was very popular. The early Christian church had gotten tired of their futile efforts to stop people celebrating the solstice and the birthday of Mithras, the Persian sun god. Mithras’ birthday was December 25. So the pope at the time decided to make Jesus’ official birthday coincide with Mithras’ birthday. No one knows what time of year Jesus was actually born but there is evidence to suggest that it was in midsummer.

The name “Easter” is merely the slightly changed English spelling of the name of the ancient Assyrian goddess Ishtar, pronounced by the Assyrians exactly as we pronounce “Easter.” The Babylonian name of this goddess was Astarte, consort of Baal, the Sun god, whose worship is denounced by The Almighty in the Bible as the most abominable of all pagan idolatry.

Look up the word “Easter” in Webster’s dictionary. You will find: “AS. (Anglo-Saxon), from name of an old Teuton goddess of spring”.]

Answer #8

I am A Christan but I believe that Christmas, Easter, Holoween, Birthdays, and any other holiday thing is pagan. The only thing a Christan should celebrate is the memorial. Jesus Christ shared wine and mat’zah with disciples before being killed by the Romans, and raising up after three days.

Answer #9

What’s so outrageous about the comparison? They have approximately equal amounts of evidence pointing to their veracity. Though the bible has a lot more nonsense in it and isn’t nearly as interesting a story, on the whole.

Answer #10

Don’t forget, America has lost sight of the true meaning of halloween, too:

Answer #11

No matter what kind of friendly spin gets put on it the fact is that Christians should not participate. As far as Christmas goes, it has been ruined, and has lost its intent.

So, you take a Pagan holiday, throw a Christian sheet over it; and when people prefer the Pagan rituals, over the Christian ones… the hoiday has LOST ITS INTENT?

Answer #12

But Jesus is from our (Puertorrican folklore)thanks for the Spaniard Roman Catholic tradition :) and in the”folklore “ in our hearts…Puerto Rico is REALLY religious and believers in Jesus.

Answer #13

Santa isn’t from our Countrie’s folklore

…but …neither is Jesus.

Answer #14

About not to celebrate festivities not from God

Ouch… Christmas is really going to suck, then…

Answer #15

Samhain was never actually “Christianized”. Rome decided to start celebrating All Saints Day on November 1st for economic reasons, and Irish Christians simply followed suit. Since more people in Ireland were converting to Christianity, celebration of Samhain declined.

So if it makes you feel better, celebrate All Saints Day, rather than Halloween.

Answer #16

Was because that peope that wanted to do what they wanted & to think on their own wants than to do or think on God’s message…that’s why so much division(resuming it)But the message survives meanwhile still exist good People who believe with sincerity.

Answer #17

That depends on your definition of ‘real Christian’ …since there are so many different versions of the Bible, and so many different denominations, all of which will ultimately disagree on SOMETHING.

I find it ironic, that a religion based on a singularity, is so divided and scattered.

Answer #18

Yep…and I should add: “..and searching for God and wanting to study His words with a humble heart and with His (God’s) wisdom.”

Yep. That is:)

Answer #19

No pagans see easter as the spring equnoxs. this tradition has gone much further back than the 1600. the same with christman as the winter soltace. if you lok at it the way your saying, most of your christians shouldn’t be celebrated either.

Answer #20

I believe you have a legitimate question…but one that goes over all our heads… maybe you should ask someone who knows more about it and has reasons for what they believe…because the answers given so for are too shallow for what you are looking for. correct me if I am wrong.

Answer #21

most christan Holadays were dirived from pagans. dont worry about it celebrate it<or don’t < the way you want

Answer #22

I agree with lanternoflight. I too am a christian and I celebrate halloween every year and will continue to celebrate it no matter what anyone says. it’s just a fun holiday for people to get free candy. it’s nothing to think about

Answer #23

I’m a Christian, and my church does this “Trunk or Treat” special on Halloween. we just celebrate in a different way; we actually use the term, “Fall Festival”. my family’s church and my church are all celebrating Halloween; not with the ghoulish stuff. it’s just a different way of celebrating.

Answer #24

Christmas and Easter are also pagan holidays. It’s just that Halloween hasn’t been christian-ised.

Seriously, what do you think will happen to you if you do enjoy Halloween?

Answer #25

Halloween is nothing more than a holiday to dress up and get free candy. It didnt start out that way, but that is what it is now. I am a Christian, my family is Christian, and we celebrate Halloween every year. I dont see anything wrong with it.

Answer #26

I can’t believe it…Comparing The Bible to Homer’s Illiad? …Whatever. That’s your opinion. But the Illiad can’t help people with Spiritual Counsel and renew your Faith when on tests of Faith. When you have deep troubles that nothing can be of any help, you open the Bible and there’s a passage that can give you confort, peace and many times the answer to your troubles. When you ask God from the deep of your Heart and Soul. The Illiad is an interesting piece of literature but not is as the Bible.

God Bless you, friend.

Answer #27

I need to correct something here , as I am on a celphone is difficult to write in these keyboard..on my answer above on the sentence “…loved more the riches than behave as the scriptures said: Helpnig the needy,or the poor for example” (here should said after that)” …But they behave so wrong, having fornication(ilicit sex),& more (the Bible says).”


Answer #28

-I prefer a harvest festival. -


to gasmonobt

If you want to preach how Yule lost it’s Christian value then perhaps you should look up how it lost it’s pagan value first, or how the Christians took it from the Pagans. No one is stealing your holidays, we’re just reclaiming them, so shut your trap & stop b*tching, I’ve heard enough of that. It was never about Jesus, Jesus was born on the 4th of a month that began with J, I believe it was June. In short, yeah, Yule has lost it’s value thanks to yo Christians. It’s about celebrating family & friendship, not some self righteous man that was crucified for causing riots & chaos!

& well said captain

Answer #29

I really had been on a lot of different denominations, but at last I found one that is sincere & behave like they should do living with example the message they on Bible study I asked them this question about Halloween , all said in unison “NO! NO Christian should celebrate it like we neither do it!” & as on the Bible says about it on Galathians 5:20, Isaiah 5:20 or Jeremiah 10:1-2. About not to celebrate festivities not from God & to not to listen when “Things that were evil will be good & good things are becoming evil “not to imitate them. But they are sincere …and that surprised me.

Answer #30

WOW Amblessed, JUNK IN THE TRUNK??? LET’S ALL GO TO AMBLESSED’S CHURCH AND GET SOME JUNK IN THE TRUNK!!! Lyrics: Uh oh, let it pop, ladies drop it like it’s hot Hell yeah, that’s the spot, now bring it back to the top Stop! Woah, now back it up, now back it up Let it rise then watch it dump, shaking your “JUNK IN THE TRUNK” And - I - like - the way you move it smoothly Now why - don’t - you move that booty - to - me I’m tryna come up with some thoughts of attack, until I heard somebody yellin’ out “Savage where the chorus at?!”

Answer #31

You always with your sarcastic answers…but on that one your right..too bad that’s the way the Catholic Church did…but no. But I’m Orthodox Protestant(but Christian no matter what). I don’t like a lot of things the Catholic Church did. But ..You know something funny? An hour ago I asked a friend the same question I asked in this topic & He answered : “ A real Christian knowing all that..shouldn’t celebrate Halloween.” And He isn’t Christian or a Churchgoer…that can put a lot of Christian to shame:)

Answer #32

I don’t pertucularly like the term “Real Christians” –Don’t judge.

My son came home and said someone told him it was the “devil’s day”. We explained that there are some people who use the day as an excuse to do bad things. Halloween is what you make of it. But at our house we do not give the devil his day or any other sort of respect. That Halloween is a day of fun kids dress up and get candy. In fact piece for piece, it is probably the most giving day of the year. God is Love. And to give is to show love. (For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son…)

Answer #33

Christmas and Easter also originate in pagan holidays, FYI.

Answer #34

& well said might I add to dzorro

Answer #35

Well… you’ve got a LOT of Christians that need that memo… it needs a little rephrasing, though.

Answer #36

So… that’s your definition?

Answer #37

Xmas and Easter are Pagan holidays too… so don’t overthink it…

Answer #38

“Halloween is nothing more than a holiday to dress up and get free candy.”

Disagreed, I don’t feel like retyping this so I’ll cut & paste from my question Samhain is the original name for Halloween, not All Hallows Eve & Not All saints Day. In ancient times(& still carried over till today in some cases) the barriers between the living & non living world(or/& spirit & human, demon & human, the underworld & this world) were at their thinnest. Pumpkins were carved to scare malevolent spirits. Bonfires were lit to keep evil spirits at bay & to warm the good spirits before their journey to the underworld(since plants were rooted underground the ancients believed al life came from the underworld. When the plants withered, died, & went underground, they believed that the spirits were descending back to the underworld). They would also dress as skeletons, vampires, & other such whimsical creatures to either blend in with or scare away the spirits. Herbs were gathered around this time to decorate the house & used as decorations in the festivities of Samhain as well as to cast certain spells. During Samhain it was thought to be Pan’s(God/Spirit of the forest) birthday & the Goddess’ decent to the underworld(most commonly worship is the deity Diana). The ancients would hold certain gatherings to bid farewell to the warmth & honor the Goddess. They performed rituals to ensure that the warmth would be back the next year as well. Also(& most commonly known) it was witches’ new year.

Moving on to the question, I really don’t care what they do. But if they’re going to preach against it &/or witches I they shouldn’t celebrate it. Like the churches that will tell people how to rebel against Samhain(Halloween) & that they should not celebrate it will sell pumpkins for that holiday to make money. I don’t think people should do that. It’s quite hypocritical & I despise hypacrites. Hell, if christains are going to rebel against witches they shouldn’t celebrate any of the holidays. Jesus was born o nJune on the 4thm not christmas, Easter is a fertility holiday, originaly Ostria. But hey.

Answer #39

That was the point I was making. The time of year is not what was important. The month that scholars think Jesus was born is August. Also, and again I say, Christians have lost the significance of Jesus’ birth and concentrate more on the giving of gifts and celebrating Yule. I am quite well aware of the Pagan rituals of Yule and the celebration of winter solstice. You are right in one thing and that is that many Christians have lost their focus of what the birth of Christ means. It bothers me more and as each year passes at the number of people that, as proclaiming Christians, have less and less focus on Christ. Not at just this time of year but all year round. As far as stealing holidays goes. Keep’em. I have no need for Pagan rituals or celebrations. When I die I only have myself to answer for and no one else. I don’t think the blame can be put on me for the choices made by other people about when the celebration of Christ’s birth is. That’s not fair and it wasn’t my choice. I choose to celebrate Jesus everyday not just on special occasions and weekends or out of distress when I need help. He is a part of my everyday life. You choose not to. That’s fine. You’re choice. I respect that. There are few people who will stand on their own two feet and let their voice be heard. That’s what’s great about free speech. Hey Capt. The Christian sheet comment. Was that a ghost joke??

Answer #40

If the Easter legend that some are saying is the Easter Bunny ..of course is a Myth that came from Germany on the region of Alsace, first on record in the 1600’s ..about the edible bunnies made as pastries from the 1800’s and came to America by German settlers(same with the Easter eggs). But the real Easter came from the Last Supper Jesuschrist performed on the Hebrew Passover Celebration…from the day from His Ressurrection ‘til the Ascencion day. But what I mean with the question is that If we Christians believe in the Bible as the word of God & on Jesus as the way & the light…no other path to reach God…we couldn’t need to be completely true with our Faith? As no pagan festivity or Celebration (or with pagan bagage) shouldn’t be celebrating as that of Halloween. Since a child we didn’t celebrated Halloween because we knew from were it came & when I came to High School I haven’t interest on celebrating it neither ..only when as a child on Elemental School we celebrated it ..but not after Elemental School when I began to read & learn from where it came.

Answer #41

It’s just a fun day to get candy and dress up, if you want to make it all godly (like most christian’s do) go on ahead… God loves you, he doesn’t care if you celebrate halloween :)

Answer #42

amblessed: How would one engage in ‘unsafe’ halloween, and what would the risks be? Can I get demonically posessed?

Answer #43

where do you think the harvest festival came from? Answer PAGANS

Answer #44

That’s a double-standard.

Answer #45

Halloween is just for fun. I am a Christan and I celebrate, heck I go all out! All this stuff about it being evil is just nonsence, Halloween was origanally a celebration of the falls crops, what’s so evil about that? So go ahead, have fun, and keep believing.

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