Should I Strip to pay for a 4 year college?

First of all, it’s a public college so I assume they couldn’t kick me out but… Yeah. My parents laughed when I asked if they would cosign for a bank loan necessary for me to continue my education. I work part-time at my local supermarket, and have for the past 3 years. However, even if I up it to full-time this summer it won’t be enough for my college. Also, I live in Ohio. So, anyone know if this might be a realistic idea? Also, what are the requirements/preferences in any Ohio… I’m 5’7-5’8” and weigh about 135lbs. My tummy isn’t quite flat but I’m more then willing to do whatever I can, and I have natural C-cups if that means anything… Please lemme know if I have a chance because otherwise I’m going to have to drop out for at least a year.

Answer #1

Before you start stripping why not try getting smaller scholarships? There are tons of websites you can visit that have small scholarships that anyone can apply for. I used when I went to college and it helped a lot. You make an account and answer questions based on your interests and what your going to school for and it compiles a list of scholarships that you can apply for based off those interests. Some of them are really big scholarships and grants and then some of them are just little one time winner activities. For instance, I went to school for music and theatre so one of the scholarships I did was to make a video of a short skit that I wrote and directed. Then I posted my video on youtube and whoever get the most votes (between me and the other people applying) wins the scholarships. Or they have essays and other typical scholarships too. So you can see some of them are super easy and they just send you a check if you get it. You can look into selling Avon or Mary Kay too. I sold Avon when I was in high school and college and it was easy because it pretty much sells itself. Once a month I used to make little sample bags with a catalog and a sample of something with a business card and a flyer that told a little bit about me and why I was selling Avon (because all the money I earned paid for all my theatre chorus competitions) I would take the bags and hang them on doors in the surrounding neighborhoods (especially the rich-y neighborhoods!) It hardly takes any time and tons of businesses will let you leave your card and a stack of catalogs so all you really have to do is sit back and wait for people to call :) Plus you can keep selling it as long as you want so even after your out of college you can keep selling on the side and you can getting really neat promotions and prizes for staying with the company. (It looks good on a resume too if your working in anything involving sales, human resources, or customer service) There are so many ways to make money that dont require selling your body because even if you arent selling yourself as a prostitute your still selling yourself as a live piece of porn and no woman deserves that.

So I suppose with all that being said my answer to your question is, No you should not strip to pay for college.


Answer #2

haha thats what im doing to pay for collage… just stick to stripping tho, a lot of girls start off as strippers and then end up doing mor illgal things. and dont go work at some trashy joint like the g-spot. belive it or not there are classy strip joints… lol oxymoron

Answer #3

You dont need a bank loan, there are other federal loans you can get. Why dont you go to financial aid and find out what your options are. I’m sure you could strip, but uhm why not try everything else first?

Answer #4

I agree with dede.

as long as you do it legal I don’t see why not. you shouldn’t care what peoples think of you. it a job ain’t it? nothing wrong with it. as long as your 100% sure you want to do it. then go for it :)

Answer #5

all I can say is everybody needs money, mc.donalds, burger king and forever 21 type of jobs arnt. 4 every body, so if you have to strip to keep cloths on your back, and money 4 your school, be safe, get mthly. test. and keep it clean good luck.

Answer #6

to be honest I AM BRUTAL BUT HONEST.. there is more jobs then stripping..seriously?? u’ll regret it when your more MATURE AND mom was stripper and till this dday shes wished she didn’t exist! people don’t take you serious if they found out your body is just an object I FIND IT A DISGRACE TO ALL WOMEN..I am ashamed my mom was a stripper..every high school I went to I was known as this “hey, your the hot babe stripper daughter, whoaho my dad slapped that bi* as for fun” damn it life got worse THINK about your FUTURE (kids) NO OFFENSE girls that prefer nudity is a disgrace..a womens private should remain private ..there a reason why they call then PRIVATES NOT PUBLIC..

Answer #7

I understand where you are coming from. You need to think about the future too, like what will your future kids think of this? or your future husband?

I mean, this is the real world, so its not a big deal. But I wouldn’t go around telling people. Keep it to yourself. And never, ever go further than you have to. Stripping is okay, but prostitution is terrible for your self-worth.

Good luck.

Answer #8

probably not

Answer #9

Just be careful, I worked as a bouncer in a strip club for over 10 years, all too many girls fell in love with the “easy” money they earned and it became difficult if not impossible to leave the business for a more mainstream lifestyle. Save your money and get out as soon as your goals are reached!!

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