Should I strip on the weekends to pay for college?

While talking to my friends, they mentioned that some girls (and by that I mean 18 to 21 year olds) actually stay in big cities to work as erotic/go-go dancers and make about 5 grand a night to help pay for college. and this little comment have made me wonder if its true? I would do it, but would be scared of my reputation as a decent college student (no offense to exotic dancers) I respect what they do. But ofcourse I dont plan of doing that for more than a weekend or so. I want to finish school, but its soo hard to pay for college. Is it true that I can win that disputable amount of money a night in a big city pub? I am 19, junior in college, 5’7, slim and slender, hispanic and I have a pretty face, should I???

Answer #1

If you are going to strip at least practice so you dont look like a fool when you start. I see a lot of strippers that have been doing it for a while and to me they still look dumb on stage.

BUT on stage you should be strictly advertising for a lapdance. If I see a chick on stage who actually has a nice body then I will probably get a dance from her. ALSO YOU HAVE TO HUSTLE, there have been plenty of times that I wanted a dance from a chick but she would rather go to some corner and stand around instead of going around to see if someone wants a lapdance. YOu also have the strippers who just go hang out with friends who dont even want dances and she is missing a lot of money making opportunities.

Another tip is sometimes you have to pressure guys into buying lapdances because SOME guys will get a dance just because you asked them. You will never know unless you go out there but DONT sound too desperate, just be sexy and seem ready to give the person a dance right this second. You HAVE to be a good actor if you are stripping. Pretend to be happy to meet everyone.

Besides that I can just say good luck making your decision. You are definitely not going to get rich stripping but you could possibly make a lot of extra EASY money by just walking around naked or sitting on some guys lap. Come one how easy is that. BUT just dont get trapped into a dead end job because you cant strip forever. IF you decide to do it, use the money for what you say you are using it for, COLLEGE.

Answer #2

Since no one here actually seems to know anything about the strip club industry, I’d like to add my $.02.

First off, 5 grand a night is a fantasy except for the biggest names in the business, and even that is rare. At most clubs girls will average about $200-$500 a night, but one must take into account that is ONLY for the girls that “hustle” laps or private dances. You see, many of the girls coming into the strip club business, figure they can make “mad” money just for dancing nude for a bit, but the reality is much more insidious.

Once a girl starts dancing they quickly realize that the real money is not made on stage. Just think about it; Most guys tip one dollar bills and most guys have a limited amount of money to spend to just look at a naked girl. So, they want the most for that dollar. Thus competitiveness pressures girls into being more sexually explicit on stage to earn that measly dollar from the greasy, pervert sitting at the stage. After all, why would a guy give his dollar to the girl who simply gyrates on stage nude for three songs when the next girl up will put her legs on his shoulders and gyrate her genitals in his face?

Not only that, but the simple logistics encourage girls to get even more sexually explicit in the private dances. For instance, let’s say there are 20 guys sitting at the stage during a dancer’s set, and we’ll generously assume that they ALL tip $1. (which rarely happens… you’ll have some that tip more, but some who won’t tip at all that set) So, that’s $20 for a 3 song set and you’ve exposed yourself to twenty guys. However, when you get off stage, you have the guys have the option to buy a “private” or lap dance with you. These are almost always at least $20 and are from 1 to 3 songs long. Thus you can make the same amount of money from one guy in the same amount you spend on stage in front of 20. Not only that, but if you “hustle” private dances you can make money during the time you’d normally be just waiting to go back on stage. The catch is, just like on the stage, there is ALWAYS a girl that is willing to go just a little bit farther to get that customer. So while you just air dance over the customer, she’s grinding against their crotch or rubbing her breasts against his face. Who do you think he’s going to buy a lap dance with the next time???

There are some girls who draw their own limits, and won’t cross them no matter how much money they could be making, but the pressure is intense. Those type of girls often still have customers that specifically ask for them, but its usually because of some kind of emotional attachment and that in and of itself brings other risks and problems.

In the end, if you want to strip, go ahead, but be aware before hand that it is NEVER simply just a matter of dancing around nude and being showered in cash.

Answer #3

Personally I dont think you can make that kind of money in one night. There is also a chance you can get into some kind of debts with these places as they have a way to make you stay with them for longer than you wished for I.e. contracts, emotional blackmail etc… I’ll tell you one thing, it is a rough world out there and you have to be thick skinned to do such things. As for myself, the best way to gauge if I should do something or not is done usally by following my instincts, if you cant hear them then the next best thing to go by is your upbringing. Was it conservative or liberal. My reason for saying this is because if you do something that is a complete opposite to your upbringing it will bring up a lot of fear & conflict internally which will only cause you more pain in the future. And lastly, you must know that there is a chance you get so attracted to the easy money that you get used to the lifestyle which then keeps you in this job.

Answer #4

hell ya. if you know how to movew youer body the right what then you’ll make tons of cash

Answer #5

I wouldn’t do it if I were you. College-age kids always do the darndest thing thinking, “You only live once.” Ten years later, whatever it is they did haunt them back. Say you have a child, and she asks you if it is true you were a stripper once.

Find another way to make money. In my world being a stripper is as pathetic as being a beggar or a lawyer. I’d rather be poor than to have to stoop to that level.

Answer #6

I don’t know if you should work as a stripper but I have a few things to toss out.

Don’t worry about what other people think. If someone else disapproves of your life choices it is there problem not yours.

You don’t have to tell everyone you meet that you work or once worked as a stripper. Unless it comes out in conversation most of my non-professional acquaitenances don’t know what I do for a living.

$5,000/night sounds a little optimistic. I suppose if you had a particularily affluent clientele it is possible. I’d guess that any women who make this much stripping probably did it for a while and built a loyal following rather than just trying it for a weekend. One thing I learned in life is if something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Whatever you decide to do good luck!

Answer #7

It shouldn’t matter what other people say or think it should only matter what you think…Are you ok with it…if you are then go for it…strippers get a decent amount of money for doing what they do… you shouldn’t relie on what other people think because you will never get any where because every one wants something different…and if it means that much to you ask your friends what they would think…then just go from there

Answer #8

If you are confident enough and don’t think that it will make you feel bad about yourself, go for it! College is way expensive and if it will help you, do it! If I wasn’t married and was a little more coordinated, heck,I might even give it a shot! Just don’t ever become famous or anything, cause if people took pics of you, they could be incriminating and scandalous!!!

Answer #9

Strippers make mad money.

Answer #10


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