Should I move schools?!

Ok so I’m 17 now and when I started secondary school (high school) I was made to go to the local school by my parents (because my mom went there and it was taught through Irish, my native language! xD I’m from Ireland btw!) I always wanted to go to this school in town (I live in the countryside and the school is only 40 minutes away on the bus!) and in my local school I was severely bullied by a girl who pretended to be my friend in 1st year and have been stuck in the same class as her for the past few years and had to put up with her crap. (Even though I came forward about the bullying, not much was done about it except bring her parents in, even though I had proof of horrible stuff she wrote about me in a homework diary of mine she stole and passed around to everyone!)

I have never tried to be in the “in” crowd so have many haters in that group. The vice principal has really hated me with a passion from the start and seeks every oppurtunity she can to harass me and get me into trouble. The principal doesn’t like me much either. It’s not like I’m a bad kid. I’ve never been one of the trouble makers in class,never been suspended or expelled,get good enough grades,help out and only get detention about 2-3 times a year MAX! They really play favourites. When I tell my friends who go to school in town about how the vice principle treats me, they can’t believe that she is so personal and that we don’t have a counselor in the school! Also I lost my best friend of 2 years this year because she changed and that made the year horrible because we were in the same small class and she turned so many people against me and a lot of mutual friends favoured her over me. She said sorry before we got our summer holidays but we aren’t friends and the damage is done.

I have just finished Transition Year (a sort of year out academically in the school) and I start in the Senior Cycle (my final 2 years) this September. All year I have been banging on about how I want to move to the new school next year to get away from all th e crap from the old place and the people and they kept saying no! But now suddenly they are letting me go and I’m scared! It is finally a reality and I’m not sure what to do! Sure the new school is so much better than my current school and I really want to make a fresh start and make new friends (most of my best friends are from town and I have 3 friends in that new school) but I nearly cry when I think about leaving the good memories and the comfort behind as well as my boyfriend who I love spending my lunches with!!:) (And sure I have a few childhood friends and 2 best friends in my current school but they aren’t in my year or class!!)
Lunchtime is pretty much the only time of the day that I’m happy and I can’t stay just for that plus me and my boyfriend aren’t gonna be together always and I need to think about me. But then again if it wasn’t for the school, I would never have met him and got to know him. As much as I hate that school, I nearly cry when I think that we’ll never be able to enjoy lunchtimes together again and that I’ll only be able to see him every second weekend. We have a very strong relationship but I’m scared that being in different schools and not seeing each other so much will pull us apart!! If it wasn’t for him I would definitely be leaving the school, he has been my rock throughout this!

I have to make my decision by tomorrow because that’s when my Dad has to hand in the form or not. Of course I’m scared that people might not like me and I won’t know the fake girls and btches straight away like I know them so well in my old school and I’m scared I’ll make a bad first impression and that I’ll get tricked by the btches again!! :( I won’t be able to get a comforting hug from my boyfriend when the going gets tough until the weekend etc. I’ve spoken to my boyfriend about all this because he moved schools in primary and he said it was the worst thing ever and doesn’t think it’s worth it for my last 2 years but he moved to a different area and had to live far away from his friends and Dad so that’s different because I’m only moving schools!! Another thing I’m worried about is my time keeping! I usually get up at 8 for a lift or bus to school at 9 but I’ll have to get up at 7 for the new school and get the 8 bus into town!! I’ve done this successfully before for work experience etc. before at different times of the year and but only for a week at a time so I’m just worried I won’t be able to get up like that every day for school!!


Answer #1

Hmm, that sounds like you’ve made a pretty good pros and cons list there, but they both seem to even each other out! When I first started reading it I first thought that it was obvious you should move but then the more I read the more I realised your dilema!! Can you see you and your boyfriend sticking together for a long time? because if you cant, maybe he shouldnt be keeping you from making new friends? But then perhaps, for 2 years you could ‘put up with it’ as long as you’re not going to lose your boyfriend. Are you able to see him after school times or is really only every other weekend you can see him? It’s all so difficult isnt it!! Sorry you’re in this situation!! I hope you end up happy whatever happens xox

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