Should I go to sporting event?

I’m Becky, nearly 15. I enjoy sports and I am fairly gd at running long distances. I’ve been signed up to run tomorrow at a stadium. Thing is…I’ve never got invovled in any sports after school ever! I don’t know anyone whose going and the girls and boys that are going are all really sporty and popular and I am totally left out! I look geeky I my p.e kit which I have to wear tomorrow. I have no one to sit with on the coach. Their all better runners than me and this is an important event for the school and we are competing against other schools! I’ve really thrown myself in at the deep end. I don’t want to sit on the coach on my own. I don’t want boys to laugh at me in my p.e kit and I don’t want to lose against everyone because it would be so embarrssing! + my ex-boyfriends is going and we don’t talk anymore and it would so embarrissing to lose in front of him! Is it worth me even going do you think?? What would you do in my situation?

Answer #1

Once you have to try or start racing, and this is a good occasion for that. You have to try it and learn that what is missing (and what is given) for a successful participation and with this experience you may build up the next, and next occasions that way that is good and comfortable for you. In other words: go, run and learn what and how to do, and what to change, etc. Write me (or us) about your result or impressions.

Answer #2

You should go if thats what you want to do. But, I’m not so sure you would have much fun If you continue to worry about looking geeky and being embarassed! If ou do go, you should go because you want to have fun, thats what its all about. People lose all the time, I’m positive that mostly everyone going has lost beforre. So don’t worry about it just have as good a time that you can!


Answer #3

Becky, lol, you need to go. It will do good thngs for your confidence!! I read what you wrote and couldn’t see one good reason… everything has to do with your lack of confidence… what you have to wear, no friends, you can’t run as fast…

Change the way you’re thinking, and put your school pride before your fear :) Sit on the bus with a book, or find someone else who is alone and looking a bit shy, and try and make THEM feel more comfortable. Turn the tables :)

What if, just what if, you ended up having a really good time? It’s worth the chance.

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