Why is the baseball all-star game going to move out of Arizona?

I get it, the racist laws, etc…but, it’s a sporting event. Do you think they’re really going to move the all-star baseball game as a result in protest?

If so…it’s going to cost the state a lot of money. What do you think?

Answer #1

The event has not yet been moved out of Arizona, but there have been many protests to move it, including the support of a New York senator.

Yes I do think they should (and will) move the game because of protest, especially for baseball. Baseball consists of a large Hispanic population (30% of the league).

This isn’t the first time a sporting event has been pulled out of Arizona, the 1993 Super Bowl was to be in Arizona (the state’s first bowl), but the state had been having recent issues with Martin Luther King Day, voting it not to be a holiday in the state, and one the reasons for moving was the large amount of African-Americans playing in the NFL at the time.

It will cost the state a lot of money, and their new law already is with multiple companies moving their headquarter out of the state, in an economic boycott of the state. Frankly the government should have seen this coming.

Answer #2

well baseball is not going to stand up for themselves. they let the government rule how the game is aka letting political figures influence it. so that being said yeah the game wont be in arizona.

Side part tho…Congrats to Arizona for passing that great law!!!

Answer #3

Agree though I think they will end up keeping it there, since baseball rarely makes changes, and everything that hasn’t gone by the book with the All Star game in the last decade has been bad.

As far as the law, those who actually read the law will see that it’s not racist or heinous, they just do the law enforcement officers a terrible disserve by assuming they will take it to the extreme, and yes, break it. It’s certainly not unconstititional in its current state, so it’s funny how people 2000 miles away talk like experts on what a state can or cannot do. Let the state exercise its rights to address problems that only those actually in the state can be fully aware of.

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