should I break them up?

My best friend is a guy, and we’ve been really close for about 6 years. We grew up together and were always inseperable. I’m used to being the main girl in his life, but now he’s got this new girlfriend that I really hate. She’s cheated on him about 4 times in the past, and totally broke his heart, and I’m always the one that he comes to for help when she’s busy trying to ruin his life. Lately, he claims that things have been better with them, but I really dont understand why he’s still giving this girl a chance. I totally hate her for what she’s done to him, and I wouldn’t put it past her to break his heart again. Now that he’s with this girl, I never get to see him anymore. I’ve seen him about 3 times in the past 3 months, and that’s wayyy weird for us. The only way I can get things back to normal with us is if this girl gets out of the picture. Lets face it, she sucks anyway. My question is, should I try to break them up? I know that I could totally do it and get away with it without a problem.. but at the same time, I’m hesitant to interfere with my friend’s relationship, even though this girl is a total slut and will only hurt him. What do you suggest? I need guys and girls opinions <3

Answer #1

I don’t think its a good idea to break them up yourself. Friends don’t do that to each other. Put yourself in his position, you are into a guy that doesn’t treat you as he should, and your friend sees this and breaks you two up, how would that make you feel? When you talk to him about the subject I wouldn’t bring up how you don’t like the girl, because then your only reason for them to seperate is because you don’t like her. I would talk to him about how she has cheated on him, and girls who cheat will continue to cheat, because once they know you are going to come back to them they always have that option if they get the oppurtunity to hook up with another guy they will. Its a fact, this girl isn’t honest. Also mention that because you are in the relationship its hard for you to see all of this. I remember when I was in a relationship similar to this, I couldn’t see past her faults and the cheating, I felt as if it would be to complicated for me to find another girl etc… there are many reason why you don’t want to break up with a person like this, maybe because you don’t want to be alone, believe it or not there is a phobia for this its called Autophobia. You really just should continue to get onto him about this relationship, if he doesn’t listen to you then there really isn’t much else you can except be there for him, and he will eventually understand whats going on.

good luck


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I know where you are coming from, and the truth is I have been in the same situation kinda, where the girl is taking advantage of my kindness and ends up cheating on me a few times. The problem is when you are in the relationship you can’t see past the problems, you know they are hurting you but since you are in the relationship your vision is cloudy. The only way he is going to see this is by some outside force explaing to him, that you know what you need to see whats happening here, she is messing up your life and you keep letting her do this, and its not your fault because you are in the relationship and you just can’t see it. Also a lot of times guys think they can’t find another girl for a while, and that has some effect on the situation. I don’t think you should try and break them up without him knowing, that could back fire on you, and its not something a true friend would do or should do. You could do a few things though. Tell him what I told you above, because i’m not even there in your situation and I know whats happening, the girl will screw him again its just a matter of time and how. Another thing you could do is give him an ultamatum, this probably isnt the best soultion, but it may come down to it. You could be like you know ill always be here for you in times of need, but I’m kind of tired of you letting this chick hurt you everytime, and then you run to me for help. You need to do something about it, because she is going to ruin your heart… With all that said just keep onto him about it, because this girl is going to drag him down hill, she is already keeping him away from his friends (you) and thats not a good sign… she has control.

Good luck and post/msg if you need more help on the subject!


Answer #3

thats a hard one.. are you sure u dont like him more than a friend? well i personally have no tolerance for cheaters and it must kill watching someone you care for so much getting hurt. if u do break them up though u have to consider the consequences.. what if he blames you for ruining things. or what if she has changed and hes really happy. and you have to remember that sooner or later you guys will get caught up in relationships and drift a part a little.. although 3 times in 3 months is a little far. have you tried talking to him. maybe hes just really scared he wont find anyone else.. try talking to him more and spending more time with him and tell him how you dont like that your drifting apart and you dont want him to get hurt.. if you find out shes still being a bitch then break them up, as long as ur willing to face the consequences. your just looking out for him right.. but just make sure your focusing on him being happy and arent doing this out of anger or jealousy.

Answer #4

But think of it this way gothik… If your girl didn’t treat you 100% the way she should, and one of your friends broke you two up, but you still loved your girlfriend alot even though she had faults and you couldnt see past those faults… how would you feel about your friend now? Your probably would now have a big problem with that friend who broke you up, becase you didn’t think those problems your girl had were serious, and you were looking the other way…

You must look at everything in the other person’s point of view…


Answer #5

My advice you may read in just a sec may seem mean, but it can help…

I would break them up, if you KNOW he deserves better, then screw her over like she did to him, and eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, that’s the way I look at it, screw her, and ask him out if you want him. Ask him continueously about the last time he talked to her or seen her, if you’ve got your own plan then screw her over with him, if she can cheat on him and live with the guilt then she can be a slut for the life, I hate girls like this, I don’t give a rats ass who or what she has done. (Like I said, eye for an eye, life sucks, but it can be wonderful, explian that to him if you break him up with her, and then let him know that his life would be a billion times better with you in his pictures, instead of “the hoe”. If this girl tries to fight back to keep this guy, just remember, she’s a slut, she only plays the games where the random guy says “Score!” she does the “Paris Hilton Play Offs” is what I call it, and it basically goes like this… “Score when ya feel like it.” So, she’s a slut, he’s golden boy, your a golden girl, she’s a rotten apple he decided was good, and your at the top of the apple tree thinking “Wtf dude?” If you’ve known him for ever 4 years, you should have asked him out, that is, if you liked him. However, you need to find out how he feels about her, does he REALLY love her, even if she cheated on him, if she’d rather sleep with a scumbag rather than a loving honest bf, then if he hesitates, he doesn’t truely love her… When a guy KNOWS he’s in love, it shows, because we are basically blind, just like he is, at least from your story. Forgiving her is like a pimp saying “It’s ok if you don’t give me my money hoe, you go buy some nice shoes.” So, like I said, my advice seems bad, but it will help.

Answer #6

break them up!! sure, he’ll get for abouta time but then you two will be back the way you were

              I HATE CHEATERS
Answer #7

You guys are all awesome with advice! Thanks so much!! I wanted to give a little more info just in case it helped anyone with giving more advice…

The reason I’m hesitant to break them up is because I only want him to be happy… he’s my best friend and if he wants to be with this girl, then so be it. But at the same time, I’ve explained to him why I dont like her, and how it hurts me that we don’t see each other as much. I miss him, and I love him to death, and I dont want to break them up because I want him for myself romantically or anything. He’s just my best friend and I love him beyond belief and hate seeing him hurt so I want to put an end to it. Is that wrong??

Thanks!! <3

Answer #8

You 2 grew up together and were always inseperable. It is very nice, all men do dream about such a friendship. You are used to being the main girl in his life, but now he’s got this new gf that I really hate. OK, you hate this new g/f, but you must let this boy learning the life from his own successes or unsuccesses with girls. You cannot be and must not want to be his mother by always protecting him. Maybe you 2 are created for each other, yes, but even then this boy and ALSO YOU have to try the life by making g/fs or b/fs other then each other. After several successful and unseccessful relationships you may find each other as the best one.

Answer #9

first you should eat some coco puffs then ask the questions:)I know im freaky;)

Answer #10

Jason ur HOT!

Answer #11

ps. why isnt he hooking up with you?? cause your beautiful! :)

Answer #12

Tell that Girl bye bye..break em up..shes hanging him

Answer #13

This chick will never change. Once she knows she can cheat and he will come back to her, its all down hill from there.

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