travel sickness

do you think travel sickness/ motion sickness is in the mind? I used to suffer from it when I was young, but no more but according to my friend he has it really badly. But a miracle must of happened. (either that, he doesn’t really get travel sick).

we went on a school trip to the beth shalom holocaust centre which is 3 and a half hours away by coach. but I felt a bit sick on arrival. But the way back was longer but some how we all kept entertained and none of my friends including me, felt at all yucky. and on the way back, my friend who gets it badly didn’t have any tablets for the looong journey back but was fine and interacting in our sugar rushes. (mainly me having sugar rushes).

and I asked my friend when he got back, he told me he was absolutely fine! plus my other mate was in a god condition.

so do you think it is al in the mind? my friends were distracted from their travel sickness with no tablets or anything!

Answer #1

No, acually it has to do with balance and your ears mainly.

My younger brother and I both had ear problems when we were younger and used to get bad motion sickness. My mother has an ear condition that literally throws her off balance and causes her to have severe attacts of vomiting etc.

Some of it is in your mind, but a lot of younger children tend to develop motion sickness because of balance and year problems.

Answer #2

I think it is an actual MEDICAL CONDITION, it is just how you react to motion, and as your body matures over time- it is something you would grow out of - or get used too.

Answer #3

its definately not all in the mind. Its what happens with the information from your visual system is different to that from your vestibular system. Pretty much, when you’re travelling, there are different ways your brains recognises this. The first in due to visual cues. The other is related to the movement of fluid in your ears (the vestibular system) and when the information from both of these things does not match up (ie. your vestibular systems indicates you are moving but you cant see that you are for some reason) it results in motion sickness.

And believe me, you do not always get over it as you age, I have been waiting for this now for 21 years! For me I think it is a problem with my ears, it helps when I get my ears syringed regularly.

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