Should I apologize?

My best friend who I am no longer friends with since last month is a hoe. And she is also a tad bit conceited which annoys me. And YES I do tell her.

We stopped being friends ever since this one day she came to school and started putting her business on blast about how she’s pregnant and she don’t know which one’s the dad LIKE IT’S SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF. I told her quit telling people. She got quiet. Then in class, the teacher was popping popcorn and set it on the table for us and she got the nerves to say “MERRIE, TRY SOME.”

I’m like, “WHY?” She said, “Because I don’t want to eat it if it’s nasty…”

I said “NO BYTCH. Who the fucc do I look like testing food for you? You want some, then go for it. I ain’t doing shyt.”

And she started laughing like I was playing or something when I was dead serious and looked hella stern. I guess it’s because I usually don’t talk to her that way. And when I came home I was still hella irritated and her boyfriend that I hooked her up with because he would never have a chance with her in a million years if I hadn’t told him word for word what to say and what to do. & I did that because even though I hate him, I’ve seen how he treats his past girlfriend (good) and my friend needed someone like that in her life.

Anyways, he asked me why I was irritated through text and I told him why and how my best friend annoyed me. And he wants to be a little pusssy and go show her the text when it’s nothing she haven’t already heard from me. But when he does that, it of course makes her feel like I’m talking shyt to everybody and that’s not the case at all.

Boyfriend got what he deserved. My boyfriend came to her house and beat his asss a couple days ago in front of her for being a little bytch about it and backstabbed me. He still haven’t been at school because of all the marks on his face. So that problem is solved.

But the problem with my best friend and I still remains and I’m really wondering if I should apologize or what should I say. I don’t feel like I did anything wrong but I don’t want us to not be friends either because we’ve been through so much. We used to live together and everything.

Answer #1

ok you should apologize because she is acting that way because she is crying out for help she is probably scared to death inside… I have a sister like her named Breanna she is conceited and does more stuff than she should with guys at 13 years old… okay I’ve always forgiven her because I help her through everything tell your friend your sorry and help her raise her kid for god sakes!! Hope I helped!!

Answer #2

& my boyfriend will not apologize. Neither do I think he should. Because in the streets, it’s what you get for running your mouth. Violence may not be the answer to some, but ever since that happened, everything has been great. People know their place now.

Answer #3

In this case I think there are several apologies to be made. Your boyfriend and her boyfriend need to talk because resorting to violence in response to an issue like this is plain wrong. I do agree that in this case your friend is not scared and she was bragging. This kind of thing is annoying, but exploding and talking to others about it isn’t the right way to go about things. When you have a problem with someone, you have to talk to them about it and if you don’t you run the risk of being labelled a back-stabber (which I can tell is not true) and the issue simply becomes deeper and more difficult to resolve peacefully/ immediately.

My recommendation is that you, her and your boyfriends get together and resolve your differences. Ask everyone to meet up in a safe and secure environment and agree to talk things over. Her boyfriend might not want to and that would be understandable given the nature of what your boyfriend’s actions were. Give everyone the option of coming together to talk things over so that things don’t escalate.

If you cannot organise this and/ or the relevant people don’t wish to attend, you may wish to try resolving things on a personal/ one-on-one level. What happened is not your fault entirely and I think everyone involved owes someone an apology. Talk to your boyfriend and have him apologise for what he did (his actions were intolerable) and ask your ex-best friend if she would like to go somewhere with you and talk. If you think the friendship is worth saving, let her know and don’t give up until you know that she has. Hope that helps :)!

Answer #4

Whether or not you feel as if violence was the answer here does not make it so. You do not know what future consequences may reveal themselves. He should apologise and although your friend’s boyfriend was wrong too, his was the lesser of the two wrongs. Essentially you all owe each other apologies, but I think you should all talk things over with each other. If you got closure out of what action has been taken, then you can leave it at that.

Unfortunately, when you tell somebody something without having them promise that their mouths will stay shut, you do run the risk of them telling other people. When you are speaking to someone about their partner, that risk is even greater. If nobody is willing to apologise, my advice shifts to that you should be more aware of things like this. If you have a problem with somebody, their boyfriend is not the one who needs to hear about it first (his girlfriend would probably tell him anyway). Simply be mindful of what you say to certain people. If I were in your position I’d have known instinctively that she would be told this by her boyfriend. Although it is obvious that you were not back-stabbing, it is plain to see how things could be interpreted that way.

So to reiterate, if nobody wishes to apologise, then I can really suggest nothing. Apologising isn’t belittling! It takes a strong and mature person to apologise and tell somebody that a mistake was made. If that person does not apologise for any part they played in the wrong-doing, then it is he/ she who is the smaller person. However, I will say that word does spread and if you tell people things like this, you do run the risk of having others find out about it.

Hope everything gets resolved (if all is not already well) :)…

Answer #5

I get you but it’s not just that one event that stopped the whole friendship. It’s that event that got me finally fed up.

You know like when you’re already mad but when the same thing happens AGAIN, it just triggers it?

Answer #6

I did tell her about it. She kept thinking I’m playing because she’s in denial that I could possibly be mean to her. I’m not a backstabber. There are no cosequences if I say anything to her face so I certainly have done that.

Answer #7

she is not keeping it and if she’s scared she wouldn’t brag about it. and this isn’t her first time or 2nd or 3rd… —> time getting pregnant and she’s not keeping it. I believe she got an abortion already

Answer #8

well 2 tel you das truth you shudnt have gt all mad like that bt I probably wud have dne da same thing 2 …so just call her and yall sud tlk a friendship shudnt b wasted on sumthn stupid

Answer #9

ok you should apologize because she is acting that way becuase she is crying out for help she is probably scared to death inside… I have a sister like her named Bre she is conceited and does more stuff than she should with guys at 13 years old… ok I’ve always forgivin her because I help her through everything tell your friend your sorry and help her raise her kid for god sakes!! Hope I helped!!

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