If you had one more chance to relive your highschool years, what would you do?

I myself have regret ditching class so much….if i can rewind time….i would study hard and be one of the top 5 smartest students in my school….

what would you do?

Answer #1

Never would I relive high school!

Answer #2

I would have tried harder to be nice to people, I’ll admit I picked on some people I shouldn’t have picked on, I would have tried harder to be nice to people, I was young and a bit immature, I did pick on some people I shouldn’t have, bullying was not the answer nor will it ever be

Answer #3

I would have stayed in school, instead of dropping out and having to go back years later.

Answer #4

Me neither!

Answer #5

I would never relive highschool lol that was hell. But I guess if I had to I would show more respect to my teachers because they tried really hard to give me second chances to hand in assignments and do homework and such and I kind of just blew them off.

Answer #6

Well honestly I wud have stayed my age much longer, I grew up kinda fast and didn’t get to do things kids my age were doin :-( didn’t even do prom or nothing, I was busy workin and tryin to b an adult, cuz my mother sure didn’t know how to

Answer #7

I woud push myself in classes and stop trying to be what other people wantd me to be i would just be myself properly

Answer #8

I’d go to a karate club and learn karate. To scare off the bullies.

And I would not giving a damn about what people think about me. I’d go in my own style and never try to live up to the standards of “cool” and “popular” kids who I don’t even like. And I’d join the choir bacause I love singing. I only didn’t join because choir-kids were the butt of many schoolyard jokes and I was afraid of that.

Yeah. I’d join the choir and a karate club. And I’d learn to play the harp. Because harps are wonderful. And I wouldn’t give a damn if other kids thought that harps are lame.

I had good grades back then, and I’d try to keep it that way.

And I would drag my (older) brother away from the b*stards who sold him drügs. Because he ruined his life with weed.

Answer #9

I would have applied for community college and left school 2 years early, thus sparing myself 2 years of hell and pointlessness (the only problem is that I would have just turned 15 and I doubt my parents would have allowed it).

Answer #10

I would of applied myself!! I regret not doing the best I could of done. Also would of tried being less timid.

Answer #11

I have mixed feelings about high school. I really liked the school part of high school. I enjoyed most of my classes and loved my extra-curricular activities. On the other hand I was a social pariah; even most of the unpopular kids wouldn’t hang with me. Wasn’t entirely their fault; I wasn’t big on social skills; I used to say the only time I opened my mouth was to change feet. Just having the social skills I have now would make high school a lot better. I also should have dated a lot more. I was in high school before AIDS and when genital herpes was unheard of. Back then anything you were likely to pick up could be cured with antibiotics and sex couldn’t kill you.

Answer #12

I would have tried to make more friends.

Answer #13

I would take a science lab course (if they offered one besides biology, which I wouldn’t take because it required us to do vivisection on frogs). I would do more theater, and maybe some music (singing and learning/playing an instrument) if they had any besides marching band and a “G!d Bless America” type of choir. I would finish learning to drive and get a license (which I’ve never done). I would try to find out if I could use school as an institutional support for any of the kinds of learning that I actually cared about, instead of treating it as a 100% time-wasting distraction from real learning.

I would keep some copies of the radical “underground” student newspaper I founded with a few friends. I would keep copies of all my poetry, art work, passionate anti-war editorials, and other writings.

I would smoke a lot less marijuana. I would try, sometimes, to cut my parents some slack. I would try to develop some kind of inner life that would help me find a deeper me than the me who I thought I was and hated being.

I would say no to the two girls who asked me, an hour after I met them, to hitchhike with them from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to New York City the next day. I would try to spend less time losing myself into private romantic/sexual fantasies, and less time trying to find girls to live out those fantasies with. I would try to date a little bit, and to have real relationships.

The only time I ever asked anyone on a date in high school, it was my hot-as-hell home-room teacher (and good friend), Barbara Churchill, who looked like one of us (but better) and said yes, she would go to the school dance with me! I would definitely take her up on that, and bask in everyone’s jealousy (!) instead of chickening out, acting like the conversation never happened, and never mentioning it again.

I would talk with my several adult and teacher friends less about how authoritarian and doctrinaire and stupid school was, and seek more advice from them about my life and plans. I would look inside and outside of school for adult mentors (and maybe peers) who would challenge me to push myself, to find and stretch the limits of my capacities.

Answer #14

Wow. That’s a lot. Seems like you’ve been a rather …. unconventional…. kid. :-)

Answer #15

I dont really have any regrets from high school. I had a great time and I was really upset when it was all over. If I could do it again I would want to be dux, which Im sure I could have managed if I put a bit more effort into study!

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