Should I get a shellac french manicure for my brother's wedding or just cheap french manicures you can get at the drugstore?

Answer #1

That really depends on what you want. Do you have the money to spend? Personally, I never saw the big deal with going to get my nails done, it always seemed like a waste of money to me, but that might be because I’m always broke :P. But that’s just my opinion.

Answer #2

Well … when’s the next time he’s getting married? The way I see it, when you have the chance to shine, be spectacular.

Answer #3

he’s getting married the second weekend of september, and that’s the way i see it too, thanks!

Answer #4

To be honest, i never saw the big deal with getting nails done either, i always just throw some nail polish on them and call it good. but for my brothers wedding i have a lot of jobs to do that include talking with all of the guests and i want to look nice. so i think i will spend the little extra money and get them done just so i can look nice. thanks for your opinion though. :)

Answer #5

you really need someone to answer that for you its not that serious do what you want to do -_-

Answer #6

i asked this to get people’s opinions on it whether they think shellac nails or the cheap stuff is appropriate and i asked this to get others’ “reviews” on the shellac nails seeing as i have never had them before. i will do what i want i just wanted some advice, seeing as the website is called funADVICE. so if you didn’t like my question you didn’t have to answer it. My god!

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